Wine source repository – Regressions (total 166)

108 bisected regressions

20Alexandre Julliard
13Henri Verbeet
6Piotr Caban
5Matteo Bruni
5Zhiyi Zhang
4Andrew Eikum
4Huw Davies
4Jacek Caban
4Nikolay Sivov
4Rémi Bernon
4Zebediah Figura
3Erich E. Hoover
2Andrew Wesie
2Dmitry Timoshkov
2Józef Kucia
2Micah N Gorrell
2Rob Shearman
1Akihiro Sagawa
1Alexander E. Patrakov
1Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes
1Alistair Leslie-Hughes
1Andrew Nguyen
1Byeongsik Jeon
1Chip Davis
1Daniel Lehman
1Eric Pouech
1Erich Hoover
1Georg Lehmann
1Hans Leidekker
1Jactry Zeng
1Jay Yang
1Jörg Höhle
1Ken Thomases
1Michael Muller
1Michael Müller
1Pierre Schweitzer
1Qian Hong
1Sebastian Lackner
1Vitaliy Margolen

58 regressions without commit id

50733MUSICUS!: ending videos play are extremely choppy
50632Neverwinter (Steam): Broken graphics (texturing)
50547Games based on Fallout 2 engine freeze during gameplay
50519Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 crash on Wine 6.0
50475ENM (Externes Notenmodul / external mark module) crashes on opening
50438Wine 3.12 32 bit and greater cannot install dotnet 3.5 with winetricks, fails with "Error 25541 Failed to open XML file C:\windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\CONFIG\web_mediumtrust config. system error: -2147024786"
50396Sacred Gold: wrong z-order or something else
50315Silent Hill 2 failed to install -installshield extraction error
50199Keyboard failure for cursor keys under vDosPlus since Ubuntu 18
50093Lara Croft and the guardian of light have very low performance without neckloop even at lowest resolution (Suspected regression)
50086user32:monitor tests timeout
50043Kholat from GOG does not launch anymore
49995Evernote 6.24 stopped displaying notes after upgrade to Wine 5.19
49919Logos 8 Bible Software crashes when entering text in passage guide search field
49882Overdrive audio book app will not start
49827sDate stopped working after Wine 3.x
49703Ghost Recon fails to start
49615Device read errors logged in dmesg when running wine commands with empty CD/DVD drive, since 5.5
49476Overwatch doesn't start with Wine version set to Windows 7
49423Added input lag in World of Warcraft and other games
49077Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 is unresponsive and crashes after a minute after update to Wine 5.7 (Mesa 20.0.x / Nouveau)
48877Melodyne crashes when using the Pitch tool
48811StarCraft II fails to load in staging
48682CUEcards Windows MDAC component is not recognized although installed
48676CD not auto-detected in Exact Audio Copy v1.3 since Wine 4.21 anymore
48565When entering fullscreen at lower resolution than the desktop, scrollable virtual desktop is accessible
48375DVD and Bluray drives no longer detected automatically
47965Head Over Heels crashes
47920Visio 2013 failed to complete installation
47743Witcher Script Merger doesn't work on 4.15
47742Nexus mod manager crashes
47396The Lord of the Rings Online Mouse Pointer falls back to System-Pointer since wine 4.9
47105FrostyModManager can't launch games
46777Two Worlds 2 crashes on start
46636Old Avira AntiVir installer is not rendered properly
46598Pressure sensitivity (zbrush) not working after wine update
46538Unreal Tournament (UT99): mouse clicks in main menu work only once
46523GTA / Grand Theft Auto IV ( crashes under wine 4.0, works OK under 3.0.4
46455Desktop syncing app for Remarkable devices crashes on startup
45527QQ installs complete with erros,and crashing on starts.
45244MapleStory: screen freezes with certain audio files
44863Performance regression in Prince of Persia 3D
443173.0-rc5 removes elements displayed in version 2.18, displays hidden instead.
44230SlingPlayer 1.5 crashes during configuration
43355Age of Empires 2 HD (Steam) locks up on joining multiplayer in lobby
42882HDX server software: rs232 port access not working
41930Civilization III Complete shows black terrain (Wine compiled with OSMesa support)
41339Minor regression: Wine loads with "/wine/dlls/ntdll/loader.c: loader_section" errors when creating a new prefix or running an application
40666Cossacks - European Wars: Fails to launch after intro video
39753LOTRO freezes after about 5 minutes
38708wine 1.7.* won't grab keyboard
37255Proteus 8 Access violation in module 'VGDVC.DLL'
35943DVDShrink downloader crashes in ieframe
34143Milkdrop 2 visual plug in doesn't work in WinAMP (requires native D3DCompiler_47.dll d3dx9_36.dll d3dx9_42.dll)
33296Delayed key response for a multiple games (NFS: Most Wanted (2005), NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010), Project Cars)
31665Femap unexpected crash on rebuild database (or any command that involves it i.e. import)
31245xrandr12 warcraft 3 regression
25495Homeworld 2: Shadows and High-Quality Hyperspace Effect are disabled