Wine source repository – Regressions (total 245)

169 bisected regressions

31Alexandre Julliard
24Zebediah Figura
13Rémi Bernon
10Jacek Caban
9Henri Verbeet
6Matteo Bruni
5Andrew Eikum
5Zhiyi Zhang
4Eric Pouech
4Francois Gouget
4Hans Leidekker
4Nikolay Sivov
3Erich E. Hoover
3Huw Davies
3Paul Gofman
2Andrew Wesie
2Daniel Lehman
2Dmitry Timoshkov
2Michael Müller
2Piotr Caban
2Rob Shearman
2Vitaliy Margolen
1Alexander E. Patrakov
1Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes
1Alfred Agrell
1Alistair Leslie-Hughes
1Anton Baskanov
1Bartosz Kosiorek
1Bernhard Kölbl
1Chip Davis
1Erich Hoover
1Etaash Mathamsetty
1Fabian Maurer
1Gabriel Ivăncescu
1Georg Lehmann
1Giovanni Mascellani
1Jactry Zeng
1Jan Sikorski
1Jinoh Kang
1Józef Kucia
1Jörg Höhle
1Ken Thomases
1Micah N Gorrell
1Michael Muller
1Qian Hong
1Sebastian Lackner
1Shaun Ren
1Stefan Dösinger
1Tim Clem

76 regressions without commit id

55703Drag and drop of files doesn't work in unknown application
55633Wine fails to load the user driver when using NVidia Optimus
55608NAM won't open on new update
55606Finale 27 printing - incorrect linecap
55593F.E.A.R crashes with "Out of memory" error when starting a new game
55582Civilization 2 crashes when setting up new game
55513Paint.NET 3.5.11 runs unstable on Wine 8.9 devel (and later) because of a bug in Mono
55497regression wine >= 7: page fault on read access to 0x00000000 in "TKKG 1" (EN: Jennifer is Missing, DE: Katjas Geheimnis - Tivoli)
554093dmark2001se DOT3 mapping test caused crash on mesa git (23.3+)
55408Adobe premiere 6.5 About window missing scrolling text
55296Design Doll shows 3D Model only
55030Nelogica Profitchart freezes and Crash since wine-7.12 [bisect included]
55005Program Treecomp - some widgets are not drawn
54999Process Explorer from Sysinternals shows a blank window
54987Waves Central does not launch
54925World of Warcraft WotLK Classic crashes on receiving inputs very frequently
54878WinSCP doesn't list files when Windows version is set to 10
54833Heroes of Might and Magic 5 crash on starting some builtin maps, since wine 7.13
54769major regression in dnSpy startup time
54646Entering the minus symbol displays parentheses
54616Memory Access Violation in Libaes.dll, Texecom Wintex
54603Printfil 5.29 fails to start and shows DISP_E_MEMBERNOTFOUND error when Windows version is set to 10
54520Direct Parallel Port Access Removed
54436wine-8.0 regression (E_OUTOFMEMORY): Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Kane's Wrath
54426Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and 7.0 main window hangs and always stayed on top
54401PhotoFiltre not printing
54375Free-iptv crashes
54285Problem with FreeBSDs base sound system (OSS)
54270[Overwatch 2] Random crashing
54115wine client error:68: write: Bad file descriptor
54102GPU Caps Viewer does not report any CUDA devices starting with version 7.21
53910windows get moved around when dpms blankout happens
53865MobaXTerm local and remote terminals are blank
53793ClrMAME crash when accessing multiple files using an huge memory allocation
53693La-Mulana immediately goes into excessive CPU usage freeze and makes wm do the same upon killing
53453Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars - fails to start (splash screen not even shown)
53380After 7.13 update, components in pop-up windows, sliders and buttons, do not work. ThumbsPlus 10 Pro
53319robot battle game extremely slow after wine version 7.11 and above
53057Tilde key is converted to "vkey 0xDE scan 63" instead of "vkey 0xDC scan 29"
52942Display error on macOS
52775Start native linux apps from a wine app
52710Line wrapping with newlines in command line tool output (ISCC.exe)
52595GUIDE 7.0 shows black screen on start
52500error with winediag (nodrv_CreateWindow)
52491SpaceDesk fails to connect to server
52425TheBat! E-Mail client fault with WINE 7.0
52376RPGMaker game Sinshiya Nightmare has sound underruns
52064Solidworks 2008 crashes on startup
52056TrackMania 2020: Crash on or soon after launch in versions newer than wine-staging 5.22
51373Super Seducer videos don't play
51036Ableton Live 11 crashes on start
50998Failed to open error Word 2007 (c0000135)
50547Games based on Fallout 2 engine freeze during gameplay
50475ENM (Externes Notenmodul / external mark module) crashes on opening
49882Overdrive audio book app will not start
49827Short date is not printed correctly in MYOB 19
49703Ghost Recon fails to start
49476Overwatch doesn't start with Wine version set to Windows 7
49423Added input lag in World of Warcraft and other games
48877Melodyne crashes when using the Pitch tool
48565When entering fullscreen at lower resolution than the desktop, scrollable virtual desktop is accessible
47743Witcher Script Merger doesn't work on 4.15
47742Nexus mod manager crashes
47396The Lord of the Rings Online Mouse Pointer falls back to System-Pointer since wine 4.9
47105FrostyModManager can't launch games
46777Two Worlds 2 crashes on start
46598Pressure sensitivity (zbrush) not working after wine update
46523GTA / Grand Theft Auto IV ( crashes under wine 4.0, works OK under 3.0.4
46455Desktop syncing app for Remarkable devices crashes on startup
45244MapleStory: screen freezes with certain audio files
44230SlingPlayer 1.5 crashes during configuration
43355Age of Empires 2 HD (Steam) locks up on joining multiplayer in lobby
42882HDX server software: rs232 port access not working
38708wine 1.7.* won't grab keyboard
31665Femap unexpected crash on rebuild database (or any command that involves it i.e. import)
31245xrandr12 warcraft 3 regression