Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectReviewerSignTestbotJob ID
193284NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 4/4] wined3d: Fully move the depth buffer enable state to wined3d_depth_stencil_state.
193283NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 3/4] d3d11: Use wined3d depth/stencil state objects.
193282NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 2/4] wined3d: Introduce a depth/stencil state object.
193281NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 1/4] wined3d: Factor out wined3d_state_uses_depth_buffer().OK79249
193280NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 3/5] kernelbase: Pass the token to NtCreateUserProcess().Failed79246
193279NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 5/5] server: Check duplicated handle access against the calling thread token and target process token.
193278NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 1/5] advapi32/tests: Add basic tests for CreateProcessAsUser().OK79244
193277NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 4/5] server: Implement support for creating a process with a specified token.
193276NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 2/5] ntdll: Pass the token to NtCreateUserProcess().Failed79245
193275NewPengpeng Dong[PATCH] conhost: Validate screen_buffer->width param in fill_output.OK79242
193268AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH 3/3] msvcrt: Implement _mbbtype_l().Piotr CabanOK79235
193267AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH 2/3] msvcrt: Implement _mbscmp_l().Piotr CabanOK79234
193266AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH 1/3] msvcrt: Implement _mbsnextc_l().Piotr CabanOK79233
193255AssignedAnton Baskanov[PATCH 5/5] amstream: Implement IDirectDrawStreamSample::Update.Zebediah FiguraOK79229
193254AssignedAnton Baskanov[PATCH 4/5] amstream: Implement AMDirectDrawStream::Receive.Zebediah FiguraOK79228
193253AssignedAnton Baskanov[PATCH 3/5] amstream: Implement AMDirectDrawStream::EndOfStream.Zebediah Figura✓✓OK79227
193252AssignedAnton Baskanov[PATCH 2/5] amstream: Implement AMDirectDrawStream::SetState.Zebediah Figura✓✓OK79226
193251AssignedAnton Baskanov[PATCH 1/5] amstream: Call ::SetFormat in AMDirectDrawStream::CreateSample.Zebediah FiguraOK79225
193248NewDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH v2] wevtsvc: Add EventLog service stub.Failed79224
193247NewNikolay Sivov[PATCH] widl: Add null source pointer check for typelib writer.OK79222
193243NewZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d v3 2/2] vkd3d-utils: Introduce D3DCreateBlob().
193242NewZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d v3 1/2] vkd3d: Move the ID3DBlob implementation to vkd3d-common.
193241AssignedPiotr Caban[PATCH] gdi32: Share font_gamma_ramp structure between all DCs.Huw DaviesOK79221
193240NewBiswapriyo Nath[PATCH v2 3/5] include/ddraw.h: Add missing dwFlags of DD_BLTDATA struct.
193238CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/2] widl: Allow [hidden] attribute on enum members.OK79220
193237CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/2] widl: Enable [hidden] attribute for enums.OK79219
193234CommittedGijs Vermeulen[PATCH v2] mshtml: Implement IOleObject::[Get|Set]Extent.Jacek Caban✓✓Failed79217
193232NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 12/12] iphlpapi/tests: Add tests for IcmpSendEcho2 with APCs.OK79216
193231NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 11/12] iphlpapi: Implement asynchronous APC for IcmpSendEcho2(Ex).OK79215
193230NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 10/12] iphlpapi/tests: Add tests for IcmpSendEcho2 with asynchronous events.OK79214
193229NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 09/12] iphlpapi: Implement asynchronous events for IcmpSendEcho2(Ex).OK79213
193228NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 08/12] iphlpapi: Store an IO_STATUS_BLOCK at the end of the reply buffer if there's enough space available.OK79212
193227NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 07/12] iphlpapi: Make sure there's no gap between the ICMP_ECHO_REPLY array and the data.OK79211
193226NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 06/12] iphlpapi: Fix adjusting data pointer after an ICMP reply.OK79210
193225NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 05/12] iphlpapi: Implement IcmpSendEcho and IcmpSendEcho2 via IcmpSendEcho2Ex.OK79209
193224NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 04/12] iphlpapi: Move the ICMP reply retrieval to a helper function.OK79207
193223NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 03/12] iphlpapi/tests: Trace the ICMP reply only with debug level > 1.OK79206
193221NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 02/12] iphlpapi/tests: Close the ICMP handle when done.OK79205
193222NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 01/12] include/icmpapi: Add missing function declarations.OK79204
193220NewHenri Verbeet[PATCH 2/2] wined3d: Implement shader_spirv_compile_vk().OK79201
193219NewHenri Verbeet[PATCH 1/2] wined3d: Do not accumulate ended queries in wined3d_query_vk_poll().OK79200
193216CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH] conhost: Validate width param in write_output.✓✓OK79198
193214NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v4 7/7] wmphoto: Implement WmpDecoder using jxrlib.OK79197
193213NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v4 6/7] wmphoto: Implement WmpDecoder stub when jxrlib is found.OK79196
193212NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v4 5/7] configure: Introduce new jxrlib dependency.✓✓OK79195
193211NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v4 4/7] wmphoto: Implement class factory for WmpDecoder.✓✓OK79194
193210NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v4 3/7] windowscodecs: Support JXR/WMP detection and formats.✓✓OK79193
193209NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v4 2/7] windowscodecs/tests: Add a simple JXR/WMP test case.✓✓OK79192
193208NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v4 1/7] wmphoto: Don't build with msvcrt.✓✓OK79191
193207CommittedHans Leidekker[PATCH] crypt32: Add support for CRYPT_MACHINE_KEYSET in PFXImportCertStore.OK79186
193201NewHaoyang Chen[PATCH] comctl32: If there is no scroll bar, no need to scroll.OK79184
193198NewIsabella Bosia[PATCH vkd3d 3/3] vkd3d-compiler: Add d3d-asm target type.Failed79183
193197NewIsabella Bosia[PATCH vkd3d 2/3] vkd3d-shader: Implement target type d3d asm.
193196NewIsabella Bosia[PATCH vkd3d 1/3] vkd3d-shader: Add shader_dump_to_buffer helper function.
193194NewLouis Lenders[PATCH] ntdll: Bump Win 10 version to 17763.Failed79182
193193NewAlex Henrie[PATCH v3] winspool: Add sRGB color profileOK79181
193191CommittedHaidong Yu[PATCH v2] conhost: Input should be restored and input_thread handle should be closed before return.✓✓OK79180
193190SupersededPengpeng Dong[PATCH v2] conhost: Add the case where the divisor is 0.OK79179
193188AssignedDaniel Lehman[PATCH 2/2] msxml3: Handle namespaces in removeNamedItem.Nikolay SivovOK79177
193187AssignedDaniel Lehman[PATCH 1/2] msxml3/tests: Add some removeNamedItem tests.Nikolay SivovOK79176
193185SupersededZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d v2 3/3] vkd3d-utils: Introduce D3DCreateBlob().
193184SupersededZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d v2 2/3] vkd3d: Move hresult_from_vkd3d_result to vkd3d-common.
193183SupersededZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d v2 1/3] vkd3d: Move the ID3DBlob implementation to vkd3d-shader.
193182CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH 4/4] kernelbase: Implement CreateRestrictedToken().Failed79175
193181CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH 3/4] ntdll: Implement NtFilterToken.Failed79174
193180CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH 2/4] advapi32/tests: Add more tests for CreateRestrictedToken().OK79173
193179CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH 1/4] advapi32/tests: Test which tokens DuplicateHandle() validates access against.OK79172
193175SupersededZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 3/3] vkd3d-utils: Introduce D3DCreateBlob().
193172SupersededZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 2/3] vkd3d: Move hresult_from_vkd3d_result to vkd3d-common.
193171SupersededZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 1/3] vkd3d: Move the ID3DBlob implementation to vkd3d-shader.
193169CommittedRobert Wilhelm[PATCH V2] vbscript: fix vanishing statements.Jacek Caban✓✓Failed79162
193168SupersededRobert Wilhelm[PATCH] vbscript: fix vanishing statements.X
193165AssignedGijs Vermeulen[PATCH v2] d3dx9: No need to fail if we don't support vertices reordering in D3DXMESHOPT_ATTRSORTMatteo BruniFailed79161
193163SupersededGijs Vermeulen[PATCH] d3dx9_36: No need to fail if we don't support vertices reordering in D3DXMESHOPT_ATTRSORTMatteo BruniFailed79160
193161AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH 3/3] wined3d: Track SRV to RTV aliasing on sub resource level.Henri VerbeetFailed79159
193160AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH 2/3] wined3d: Don't check for readonly depth / stencil in context_preload_texture().Henri VerbeetOK79158
193159AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH 1/3] wined3d: Track resource binding as render target.Henri VerbeetOK79157
193157CommittedMichael Stefaniuc[PATCH] advapi32: Remove superfluous cast to selfFailed79156
193156CommittedMichael Stefaniuc[PATCH] xactengine3_7: Remove superfluous cast to selfOK79155
193154SupersededGijs Vermeulen[PATCH] mshtml: Implement IOleObject::[Get|Set]Extent.Jacek CabanFailed79150
193152NewGijs Vermeulen[PATCH] dwmapi: Implement DwmIsCompositionEnabled.Failed79149
193142SupersededDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH] wevtsvc: Add EventLog service stub.Failed79148
193141CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 7/7] kernelbase: Move Beep.Failed79147
193140CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 6/7] kernel32: Move Beep implementation to conhost.Failed79146
193150CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH v2 5/7] kernelbase: Move ReadConsoleInput.
193139SupersededJacek Caban[PATCH 5/7] kernelbase: Move ReadConsoleInput.Failed79145
193138CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 4/7] server: Remove support for creating bare consoles.Failed79144
193137CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 3/7] configure: Remove curses checks.Failed79143
193136CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 2/7] wineconsole: Remove curses backend.Failed79142
193135CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 1/7] conhost: Fix a leak in create_screen_buffer.Failed79141
193134NewGeorg Lehmann[PATCH v2 4/4] winevulkan: Implement VK_EXT_debug_utils.OK79140
193133NewGeorg Lehmann[PATCH v2 3/4] winevulkan: Store a mapping from native handles to wrappers.OK79139
193132CommittedGeorg Lehmann[PATCH v2 2/4] winevulkan: Forward declare required structs for function pointer.✓✓OK79138
193131CommittedGeorg Lehmann[PATCH v2 1/4] winevulkan: Add is_alias for VkFunctionPointer.✓✓OK79137
193126NewPiotr Caban[PATCH v2 2/2] setupapi: Copy all files specified in manifest on wine dll install.Failed79136
193125NewPiotr Caban[PATCH v2 1/2] setupapi: Remove unused end parameter from next_xml_attr internal function.Failed79135
193124SupersededGeorg Lehmann[PATCH 4/4] winevulkan: Implement VK_EXT_debug_utils.OK79134
193123SupersededGeorg Lehmann[PATCH 3/4] winevulkan: Store a mapping from native handles to wrappers.OK79133
193122SupersededGeorg Lehmann[PATCH 2/4] winevulkan: Forward declare required structs for function pointer.OK79132
193121SupersededGeorg Lehmann[PATCH 1/4] winevulkan: Add is_alias for VkFunctionPointer.OK79131
193120CommittedGijs Vermeulen[PATCH v2] msvcirt: Implement ofstream class.Piotr Caban✓✓Failed79130
193112SupersededPiotr Caban[PATCH 2/2] setupapi: Copy all files specified in manifest on wine dll install.Failed79129
193111AssignedArkadiusz Hiler[PATCH v2] gdi32: Limit GetGlyphOutlineW(uChar) to a WORD.Huw DaviesFailed79128
193110SupersededPiotr Caban[PATCH 1/2] setupapi: Remove unused end parameter from next_xml_attr internal function.Failed79127
193104CommittedJiangyi Chen[PATCH] iphlpapi: Avoid local variables overwriting external variables.Failed79121
193103CommittedNikolay Sivov[v3 PATCH 4/4] server: Implement inherited handles list.
193102CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 3/4] kernel32/tests: Add a test for PROC_THREAD_ATTRIBUTE_HANDLE_LIST.Failed79120
193101CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/4] kernel32/tests: Link to more functions directly.Failed79119
193100CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/4] include: Add an entry for ProcessIoPriority.Failed79118
193098NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v4] user32: Implement GetMouseMovePointsEx().✓✓Failed79116
193094RejectedRémi Bernon[PATCH 3/3] ntdll: Add missing WINAPI for APC_ASYNC_IO callback.Failed79113
193093CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/3] gdi32: Use explicit CDECL in window_surface_funcs.Ken ThomasesFailed79112
193092CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 1/3] gdi32: Use explicit CDECL in gdi_image_bits.Huw DaviesFailed79111
193089CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 4/4] winex11.drv: Support display orientations for XRandR 1.4 display settings handler.Failed79110
193088CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 3/4] winex11.drv: Support finding a full display mode with specified orientation.OK79109
193087CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 2/4] winex11.drv: Sort display modes with orientation considered.OK79108
193086CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 1/4] user32/tests: Add display orientation tests.Failed79107
193084SupersededHaidong Yu[PATCH] conhost: Input should be restored and input_thread handle should be closed before return.Failed79104
193082SupersededPengpeng Dong[PATCH] conhost: Add the case where the divisor is 0.Failed79101
193081CommittedBiswapriyo Nath[PATCH 5/5] include/ddraw.h: Add DDSCAPS2.dwCaps3 flags.✓✓OK79099
193079CommittedBiswapriyo Nath[PATCH 4/5] include/ddraw.h: Add missing DDSCAPS2.dwCaps2 flags.✓✓OK79098
193078SupersededBiswapriyo Nath[PATCH 3/5] include/ddraw.h: Add missing dwFlags of DD_BLTDATA struct.OK79097
193077CommittedBiswapriyo Nath[PATCH 2/5] include/ddraw.h: Add missing UpdateOverlay flags.✓✓OK79096
193080CommittedBiswapriyo Nath[PATCH 1/5] include/ddraw.h: Add missing members in DDPIXELFORMAT struct.✓✓OK79095
193075SupersededHaidong Yu[PATCH] conhost: Fix a memory leak.Failed79094
193073AssignedChao Long[PATCH] riched20: Check font_cache not safe for release_font_cache.Huw DaviesFailed79093
193071CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH vkd3d 3/3] Release 1.2.Failed79092
193070CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH vkd3d 2/3] build: Add ANNOUNCE to EXTRA_DIST.
193069CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH vkd3d 1/3] build: Install vkd3d-compiler.
193067NewRémi BernonEasy(er) wine patch formatting with git clang-format.X
193066AssignedMichael Stefaniuc[PATCH] qedit: Drop redundant NULL check before free()Zebediah Figura✓✓Failed79085
193065CommittedMichael Stefaniuc[PATCH] winegstreamer: Drop redundant NULL check before heap_free()OK79084
193064CommittedMichael Stefaniuc[PATCH] directmanipulation: Print the debug string and not the pointer to itOK79083
193063AssignedMichael Stefaniuc[PATCH] windowscodecs/tests: Use the ARRAY_SIZE() macroEsme Povirk✓✓OK79082
193062AssignedMichael Stefaniuc[PATCH] gdiplus/tests: Use the ARRAY_SIZE() macroEsme Povirk✓✓OK79081
193060CommittedAurimas Fišeras[PATCH] po: Update Lithuanian translationFailed79080
193054NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v4 3/3] winegstreamer: Implement IMFMediaStream::GetStreamDescriptor.OK79079
193053NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v4 2/3] winegstreamer: Use decodebin to initialize media streams.OK79078
193052NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v4 1/3] winegstreamer: Add a GstPad wrapping the media source's bytestream.OK79077
193051CommittedLiam Middlebrook[PATCH] winevulkan: Update to VK spec version 1.2.154.✓✓OK79076
193045AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 6/6] wmphoto: Implement WmpDecoder using jxrlib.Esme PovirkOK79071
193046AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 5/6] wmphoto: Implement WmpDecoder stub when jxrlib is found.Esme PovirkOK79070
193044NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 4/6] configure: Introduce new jxrlib dependency.OK79069
193047NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 3/6] wmphoto: Implement class factory for WmpDecoder.OK79068
193048AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 2/6] windowscodecs: Support JXR/WMP detection and formats.Esme PovirkOK79067
193043AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 1/6] windowscodecs/tests: Add a simple JXR/WMP test case.Esme PovirkOK79066
193035CommittedFrancois Gouget[PATCH] msvcirt/tests: Fix the spelling of a couple of ok() messages.Piotr Caban✓✓OK79062
193033AssignedFrancois Gouget[PATCH] d3dcompiler_43/tests: Fix the spelling of a couple of ok() messages.Matteo BruniOK79060
193020CommittedPaul Gofman[PATCH v2] ntdll/tests: Test named pipe with empty name.OK79055
193004NewDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH] advapi32: Implement LsaGetUserName.OK79044
192998NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend] server: Try to retrieve the unix name on handles created from file descriptors.OK79036
192997SupersededArkadiusz Hiler[PATCH] gdi32: Limit GetGlyphOutlineW(uChar) to a WORD.Huw DaviesFailed79035
192993NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 6/6] oleaut32/tests: test data for rewriting FUNCDESC to FUNC_DISPATCH.OK79034
192994NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 5/6] oleaut32: Make GetNames omit same parameters as GetFuncDesc.OK79033
192995NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 4/6] oleaut32: omit [lcid] parameter when rewriting FUNCDESC to FUNC_DISPATCH.OK79032
192996NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 3/6] oleaut32: return type when rewriting FUNCDESC to FUNC_DISPATCH.OK79031
192992NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 2/6] oleaut32: FUNC_DISPATCH from dispinterface should have oVft == 0.OK79030
192991NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 1/6] oleaut32/tests: Include [dual] interface in test_dump_typelib.OK79029
192973SupersededArkadiusz Hiler[PATCH v3] user32: Implement GetMouseMovePointsEx().Failed79014
192960NewJactry Zeng[PATCH v4 5/5] comsvcs: Implement ISharedPropertyGroup_CreateProperty().Failed79010
192959NewJactry Zeng[PATCH v4 4/5] comsvcs: Implement ISharedPropertyGroupManager_get_Group().Failed79009
192958NewJactry Zeng[PATCH v4 3/5] comsvcs: Implement ISharedPropertyGroupManager_CreatePropertyGroup().Failed79008
192957NewJactry Zeng[PATCH v4 2/5] comsvcs: Add IDispatch support for ISharedPropertyGroupManager.Failed79007
192956NewJactry Zeng[PATCH v4 1/5] comsvcs: Add ISharedPropertyGroupManager stub.Failed79006
192952AssignedChao Long[PATCH v1] ole32: Check invalid parameters for ReleaseStgMedium().Huw DaviesOK79005
192947RejectedHaidong Yu[PATCH] gdi32: Add missing LeaveCriticalSection.Huw DaviesOK79000
192941CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 5/5] server: Remove the no longer used create_socket request.OK78992
192940CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 4/5] ws2_32: Reimplement WSASocketW() on top of NtOpenFile() and IOCTL_AFD_CREATE.OK78991
192937CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 3/5] server: Introduce IOCTL_AFD_CREATE.OK78990
192939CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 2/5] server: Return a new, uninitialized socket when opening the Afd device.OK78989
192938CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 1/5] server: Create the Afd device.OK78988
192919NewRémi BernonRe: [PATCH] include: Use __cdecl calling convention for wine_dbg_log().XOK78962
192897AssignedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH] msvcp90: Add manifest.Piotr CabanOK78938
192896AssignedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH] msvcm90: Add manifest.Piotr CabanOK78937
192883AssignedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 2/2] dmstyle: Implement IDirectMusicStyle8 GetBandMichael StefaniucOK78930
192882NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH v2] xactengine3_7: Return a valid HRESULT in IXACT3SoundBank PlayOK78929
192881AssignedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 1/2] dmband: Semi-stub IDirectMusicBand CreateSegmentMichael StefaniucOK78928
192879NewJactry Zeng[PATCH] comctl32: Implement WM_GETTEXTLENGTH for datetime picker.Failed78927
192874AssignedGijs Vermeulen[PATCH v3] ieframe: Implement IWebBrowser2::get_LocationName().Jacek CabanFailed78921
192871AssignedMyah Caron[PATCH v5] ddraw: Implement Pick() and GetPickRecords().Henri Verbeet✓✓Failed78919
192862SupersededGijs Vermeulen[PATCH] msvcirt: Implement ofstream class.Piotr CabanOK78913
192861NewKevin Puetz[PATCH resend] winebuild: Find main/wmain in static libraries.OK78912
192860NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 4/4] include: Fix conflicting definitions of NULL, wchar_t, wint_t, wctype_t.OK78911
192859NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 3/4] include: _TEXT(...) should obey _UNICODE to match _TCHAR.OK78910
192858NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 2/4] include: only define _tcs macros on suitable libc.OK78909
192857NewKevin Puetz[PATCH v2 1/4] include: Fix undefined char16_t in C11.OK78908
192848AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 4/4] gdi32: Split create_face to a separate function.Huw DaviesOK78888
192847AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 3/4] gdi32: Introduce and use debugstr_face helper.Huw DaviesOK78887
192829NewAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH] kernelbase: Improve Get{, Dynamic}TimeZoneInformation() performance.OK78857
192765NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend] user32: Fix messages sent on a window without WS_CHILD, but with an invisible parent, when it is shown.Failed78790
192736NewZiqing Hui[PATCH v2 2/2] kernel32: Use uppercase name in UpdateResourceW().Failed78783
192735NewZiqing Hui[PATCH v2 1/2] kernel32/tests: Add more tests for UpdateResource.Failed78782
192706NewDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH] crypt32: Fix conversion of CRYPT_KEY_PROV_INFO between store and certificate property.OK78754
192703NewArkadiusz Hiler[PATCH v2] user32: Implement GetMouseMovePointsEx().Failed78753
192674NewPaul Gofman[PATCH] server: Don't send SIGQUIT during normal process shutdown.OK78735
192667NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] ws2_32: Return a valid value for WSAIoctl SIO_IDEAL_SEND_BACKLOG_QUERY.OK78727
192656AssignedRobert Wilhelm[PATCH] vbscript: parse decimal literals between -1 and 1 without 0 in front.Jacek CabanOK78723
192654NewZebediah Figura[PATCH] makefiles: Optionally emit automake-style "silent" output.OK78721
192621NewMyah Caron[PATCH] shell32/tests: Test IShellLink_SetPath with a relative nonexistent file.OK78694
192616NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH] ntdll: Implement JobObjectBasicProcessIdList for NtQueryInformationJobObject.OK78690
192607AssignedGijs Vermeulen[PATCH v2] ieframe: Implement IWebBrowser2::get_LocationName().Jacek CabanFailed78676
192595NewLiam Middlebrook[PATCH 5/5] winevulkan: Add executable name Quirk regkey handling✓✓OK78669
192598NewLiam Middlebrook[PATCH 4/5] winevulkan: Add VkApplicationInfo specific Quirk regkey handling✓✓OK78668
192599NewLiam Middlebrook[PATCH 3/5] winevulkan: Use array-based Quirk regkey processing✓✓OK78667
192597NewLiam Middlebrook[PATCH 2/5] winevulkan: Add registry key for manipulating quirks✓✓OK78666
192596NewLiam Middlebrook[PATCH 1/5] winevulkan: Invert MAX_IMAGE_COUNT quirk to default to zero✓✓OK78665
192589AssignedZiqing Hui[PATCH v2 3/3] d3dx10: Implement D3DX10GetImageInfoFromFileA().Matteo BruniOK78661
192588AssignedZiqing Hui[PATCH v2 2/3] d3dx10/tests: Add tests for D3DX10GetImageInfoFromFileA().Matteo BruniOK78660
192587AssignedZiqing Hui[PATCH v2 1/3] d3dx10: Implement D3DX10GetImageInfoFromFileW().Matteo BruniOK78659
192586NewHaoyang Chen[PATCH] ntdll: Improve the performance of log output.OK78654
192583NewSerge Gautherie[PATCH] kernel32/tests: Be explicit about LoadLibraryEx() NT6+ flagsFailed78652
192561NewMyah Caron[PATCH v4] user32/tests: Add more tests for GetMouseMovePointsEx.Failed78629
192550AssignedChris Maxwell[PATCH] httpapi: Stub HttpSetUrlGroupProperty(HttpServerTimeoutsProperty property)Zebediah FiguraOK78610
192546NewZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d] build: Make the default symbol visibility "hidden".Failed78594
192530NewCarlos Rivera[PATCH 2/2] kernel32/profile: Fix initialization of PROFILESECTION::name.Failed78585
192531NewCarlos Rivera[PATCH 1/2] kernel32/profile: Make PROFILESECTION::name be a pointer.OK78584
192523RejectedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2] wine.inf: Add sRGB color profileFailed78582
192519RejectedSerge Gautherie[PATCH] winapi_test: Remove wininet DECL_WINELIB_TYPE_AW(...) types
192452NewPaul Gofman[PATCH] ntdll: Add SIGQUIT to server block set.OK78526
192431NewRémi Bernon[PATCH] commctrl: Use rbtree to keep private data instead of PropW.Failed78504
192411NewYongjie Yao[PATCH] server: Fix some alt + hotkeys dont' work if the msg param is WM_SYSKEYDOWN in queue_hotkey_message function.OK78464
192409NewYongjie Yao[PATCH] server: Fix some alt + hotkeys dont' work if the msg param is WM_SYSKEYDOWN in queue_hotkey_message function.X
192402NewJiangyi Chen[PATCH v3] comdlg32/tests: Add test for overwrite when IFileDialog set FOS_PICKFOLDERS option.Failed78459
192401NewJiangyi Chen[PATCH v3] comdlg32: Fix the wrong popup when saving the same file again in the same directory.OK78458
192363NewDerek Lesho[PATCH 3/3] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement KeInsertQueueApc.
192362NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 2/3] ntoskrnl.exe: Add tests for KeInsertQueueApc.
192361NewDerek Lesho[PATCH resend 1/3] ntoskrnl.exe: Store current thread object at right offset from GS.OK78425
192315NewHaoyang Chen[PATCH] shell32: Make SHELL_translate_idlist() support url in PIDL.OK78374
192312NewHaoyang Chen[PATCH] hidclass.sys: Fix a leak in hid_device_thread()OK78370
192276NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH v3 resend 4/4] kernelbase: Reimplement GetVolumeInformation on top of GetVolumeInformationByHandle.OK78340
192275NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH v3 resend 3/4] ntdll: Allow NtQueryVolumeInformationFile to query volume information from the mountmgr.OK78339
192274NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH v3 resend 2/4] mountmgr: Add support for IRP_MJ_QUERY_VOLUME_INFORMATION.OK78338
192273NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH v3 resend 1/4] server: Allow get_volume_info to issue IRP_MJ_QUERY_VOLUME_INFORMATION.OK78337
192250NewRichard W.M. Jones[PATCH v3] ws2_32: Very minimal support for AF_UNIX.OK78322
192232NewHaoyang Chen[PATCH v2] shell32: Skip OpenAs_RunDLL in uriOK78299
192200NewHaoyang Chen[PATCH] shell32: Skip OpenAs_RunDLL in uriFailed78275
192196AssignedJeff Smith[PATCH] d3d9: CreateDevice() requires a valid window to be passed in.Henri VerbeetFailed78271
192148NewSteve Lhomme[PATCH] include: add AV1 support to dxva.hXOK78229
192146NewPaul Gofman[PATCH v2 3/3] ntdll: Save unwind information in KiUserApcDispatcher() on x64.OK78228
192096NewHaidong Yu[PATCH v2 2/2] user32: Fix the owned pop-up window visibility issues when its owner window is minimizing or showing.Failed78162
192095NewHaidong Yu[PATCH v2 1/2] user32/tests: Add tests for showing and minimizing owned windows.Failed78161
192091NewChao Long[PATCH] winex11.drv: Make the size of the window (with WS_THICKFRAME style) not over the minimum range when dragging.OK78156
192088NewChao Long[PATCH] winex11.drv: Make the layered window set transient hint with a new x11 window if the original x11 window has destroyed.OK78148
192080NewCarlos Rivera[PATCH v2 2/2] kernel32/profile: Replace NULL filename argument with "win.ini".Failed78145
192081NewCarlos Rivera[PATCH v2 1/2] kernel32/tests: Add new test for passing NULL filename argument.Failed78144
191971NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH v3 4/4] include: Add IXMLHTTPRequest2/3 interfacesOK78083
191969NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH v3 3/4] include: Remove interfaces already define in msxml6.idlOK78082
191972AssignedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH v3 2/4] msxml3/tests: Use msxml6.h where requiredNikolay SivovOK78081
191970AssignedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH v3 1/4] msxml3: Use msxml6 header for defining GUIDs.Nikolay SivovOK78080
191946NewJefferson Carpenter[PATCH v3 2/2] ntdll/tests: Raise an exception to check that EFlags.AC is cleared.OK78060
191947NewJefferson Carpenter[PATCH v3 1/2] ntdll/tests: Restore EFlags without re-loading.OK78059
191908NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 5/5] widl: Generate helper macros for WinRT implementation.Failed78039
191907NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 4/5] widl: Implement initial support for generics.Failed78038
191886NewChao Long0001-winex11.drv-Fix-window-min-range-limitOK78006
191885NewChao Long0001-winex11.drv-Make-the-layered-window-set-transient-hiOK78005
191849NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v2 5/5] user32: Send WM_NCACTIVATE on SetForegroundWindow call.Failed77970
191848NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v2 4/5] user32: Add generation counter to set_active_window requests.Failed77969
191847NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v2 3/5] user32: Do not deactivate if thread is foreground.Failed77968
191846NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v2 2/5] user32/tests: Add concurrency tests for SetForegroundWindow.Failed77967
191845NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v2 1/5] user32/tests: Attach a debugger to help SetForegroundWindow succeed.Failed77966
191842NewLouis Lenders[PATCH] advapi32: add stub for LogonUserEx{A,W}OK77963
191675NewNikolay Sivov[v2 PATCH] server: Implement inherited handles list.OK77803
191673AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/2] gdi32/tests: Test extended TTF font names and collisions.Huw DaviesFailed77800
191671AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH 2/2] msvcrt: Check for NULL type in dump_exception_type().Piotr CabanOK77798
191670AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH 1/2] vcruntime140_1: Check for NULL type in dump_exception_type().Piotr CabanOK77797
191649NewAlex Henrie[PATCH] wine.inf: Add sRGB color profileFailed77772
191580NewAndrey Gusev[PATCH] [website] Add Component column to Regressions page.
191563NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] oleaut32: ITypeInfo_ReleaseFuncDesc_Proxy handle NULL parameterOK77713
191486AssignedJeff Smith[PATCH] strmbase: Attempt connection using source pin's current media type.Zebediah FiguraOK77659
191467NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 5/5] winegstreamer: Implement IMFMediaStream::GetStreamDescriptor.OK77641
191466NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 4/5] winegstreamer: Use decodebin to initialize media streams.OK77640
191465NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 3/5] winegstreamer: Add a GstPad wrapping the media source's bytestream.OK77639
191365NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH] user32: Keep toplevel minimized windows offscreen if they're already.Failed77578
191352AssignedZiqing Hui[PATCH 8/8] windowscodecs: Support uncompressed format in DdsFrameDecode_CopyPixels().Esme PovirkOK77572
191305NewRobin Ebert[PATCH v3 2/2] server: Get socket protocol from kernel if not given.OK77524
191304NewRobin Ebert[PATCH v3 1/2] ws2_32/tests: Check if getsockopt returns non-zero protocol for sockets with autoselected protocolFailed77523
191245NewChao Long0001-winex11.drv-Fix-the-Layer-window-is-associated-with-OK77486[PATCH] CMD: Keep drive letter uppercase.OK77477


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