Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectReviewerSignTestbotJob ID
163658NewDetlef Riekenberg[PATCH] kernel32/pipe: Avoid a crash in a testOK51470
163650NewDetlef Riekenberg[PATCH] comctl32/header: Mark other timeout values as broken.OK51461
163641NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2] advapi32/tests: Add additional tests for NtAccessCheckOK51460
163639NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] advapi32/tests: Add additional tests for NtAccessCheckFailed51457
163634NewDerek Lesho[PATCH 5/5] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement PsIsSystemThread.Failed51453
163633NewDerek Lesho[PATCH 4/5] ntoskrnl.exe: Export and set PsInitialSystemProcess.OK51451
163632NewDerek Lesho[PATCH 3/5] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement IoGetCurrentProcess.Failed51450
163631NewDerek Lesho[PATCH 2/5] ntoskrnl.exe: Make sure thread handle has rights to retrieve the TID.OK51449
163630NewDerek Lesho[PATCH 1/5] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement KeAreApcsDisabled using critical region functions.Failed51448
163629NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 4/4] dxgi/tests: Add factory window association tests.OK51446
163628NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 3/4] dxgi: Implement Alt+Enter handling.OK51444
163627NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 2/4] dxgi: Implement dxgi_factory_GetWindowAssociation().OK51443
163626NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 1/4] dxgi: Implement dxgi_factory_MakeWindowAssociation().OK51442
163625NewJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 6/6] vkd3d-shader: Do not export vkd3d_shader_free_root_signature_v_1_0().
163624NewJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 5/6] vkd3d: Prefer versioned root signature structures.
163623NewJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 4/6] vkd3d-shader: Remove versioned_ prefix from root signature functions.
163622NewJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 3/6] vkd3d-shader: Add FIXME() for unknown root signature descriptor flags.
163621NewJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 1/6] tests: Add tests for root signature 1.1 bytecode.
163620NewJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 2/6] tests: Add tests for root signature 1.1 descriptor flags.
163618NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] include: Add CAL_UMALQURA definition to winnls.hOK51436
163617NewAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 5/5] comctl32/edit: Implement EC_USEFONTINFO margins in the CJK case.OK51435
163616NewAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 4/5] comctl32/tests: Use calculated EC_USEFONTINFO margins in the CJK case.OK51434
163615NewAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 3/5] comctl32/tests: Tests default margin size with various font face and charset.OK51433
163614NewAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 2/5] comctl32/tests: Add Unicode version tests for Edit control margins.OK51432
163613NewAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 1/5] comctl32/tests: Move the default margin size tests into a separate function.OK51431
163608NewHans Leidekker[PATCH 2/2] wbemprox/tests: Introduce a helper to check properties.OK51429
163607NewHans Leidekker[PATCH 1/2] wbemprox: Implement Win32_OperatingSystem.SystemDrive.OK51428
163597NewNikola Pavlica[PATCH 2/2] dsound: Added 7.1 to stereo downmixOK51425
163596NewNikola Pavlica[PATCH 1/2] dsound: Revised 5.1 to stereo downmixOK51424
163594NewDamjan Jovanovic[PATCH v2] qcap: implement and test VfwPin_CheckMediaType()OK51423
163593NewNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/4] dbgeng: Set module timestamp field.OK51420
163592NewNikolay Sivov[PATCH 4/4] dbgeng: Add IDebugSystemObjects stub.OK51422
163591NewNikolay Sivov[PATCH 3/4] dbgeng: Add IDebugAdvanced stub.OK51421
163590NewNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/4] dbgeng: Improve GetDebuggeeType() stub.OK51419
163587NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] xinput: Check we actually received a value before assignmentOK51418
163586NewIsira Seneviratne[PATCH 2/2] po: Update French translation.OK51412
163585NewIsira Seneviratne[PATCH 1/2] po: Update Sinhala translation.OK51411
163583NewFabian Maurer[resend] ntdll: Add test for environment variables in PEB blockOK51407
163582CommittedLouis Lenders[PATCH] kernel32: Add DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH to CreateActCtxOK51405
163562NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 4/6] user32/tests: Add test for a window that doesn't want to be deactivatedOK51401
163561NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 6/6] user32/tests: Test changing activation from within WM_ACTIVATE's WA_INACTIVE messageFailed51403
163560NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 5/6] user32/focus: Don't continue activation if the window proc changed it when deactivatedFailed51402
163559NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 3/6] user32/focus: Don't activate if the previous window doesn't want to be deactivatedFailed51400
163558NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 2/6] user32/tests: Test a recursive activation loop on WM_ACTIVATEFailed51399
163557NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 1/6] user32/focus: Prevent a recursive loop with the activation messagesFailed51398
163555CommittedVincent Povirk[PATCH] mscoree: Update Wine Mono to 4.8.3.OK51397
163554CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 4/4] server: Allow creating file kernel objects.Failed51395
163553CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 3/4] ntoskrnl.exe: Add MmUnmapLockedPages stub.OK51394
163552CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 2/4] ntoskrnl.exe: Return error codes compatible with recent Windows versions in PsLookupThreadByThreadId.Failed51393
163551CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 1/4] ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Add more NtOpenThread tests.Failed51392
163539NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2] ntdll: Improve invalid paramater handling in NtAccessCheck.✓✓OK51388
163538SupersededVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] ntdll: Improve invalid paramater handling in NtAccessCheck.✓✓Failed51386
163537CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] kernel/nls: Fix LOCALE_SABBREVCTRYNAME for SerbianOK51385
163535NewJohn Found[PATCH v3] winex11.drv: Search for the drop target in a correct manner.OK51384
163532CommittedAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 4/4] [resend] comctl32/edit: Fix minimum control size conditions when using EC_USEFONTINFO.OK51383
163533CommittedAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 3/4] [resend] comctl32/tests: Use EM_SETMARGINS to test EC_USEFONTINFO margins.OK51382
163531CommittedAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 2/4] [resend] comctl32/tests: Skip margin tests if a font for the target charset isn't available.OK51381
163530CommittedAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 1/4] comctl32/tests: Use GREEK_CHARSET in margin tests to avoid Associated Charset feature.OK51380
163529AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 5/5] dxgi: Implement fullscreen window occlusion detection.Henri VerbeetOK51379
163528AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 4/5] dxgi/tests: Add factory window association tests.Henri VerbeetFailed51378
163527AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 3/5] dxgi: Implement Alt+Enter handling.Henri VerbeetOK51377
163526AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 2/5] dxgi: Implement dxgi_factory_GetWindowAssociation().Henri VerbeetOK51376
163525AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 1/5] dxgi: Implement dxgi_factory_MakeWindowAssociation().Henri VerbeetFailed51375
163523SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend 3/6] user32/focus: Don't activate if the previous window doesn't want to be deactivatedFailed51370
163522SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend 6/6] user32/tests: Test changing activation from within WM_ACTIVATE's WA_INACTIVE messageFailed51373
163521SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend 5/6] user32/focus: Don't continue activation if the window proc changed it when deactivatedFailed51372
163520SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend 4/6] user32/tests: Add test for a window that doesn't want to be deactivatedFailed51371
163519SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend 2/6] user32/tests: Test a recursive activation loop on WM_ACTIVATEOK51369
163518SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend 1/6] user32/focus: Prevent a recursive loop with the activation messagesFailed51368
163517SupersededAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 3/3] comctl32/edit: Fix minimum control size conditions when using EC_USEFONTINFO.OK51362
163516SupersededAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 2/3] comctl32/tests: Use EM_SETMARGINS to test EC_USEFONTINFO margins.OK51361
163515SupersededAkihiro Sagawa[PATCH 1/3] comctl32/tests: Skip margin tests if a font for the target charset isn't available.OK51360
163513CommittedAndrey Gusev[PATCH 2/2] setupapi: Add DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH to SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo().OK51359
163511CommittedAndrey Gusev[PATCH 1/2] dxgi: Add DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH to d3d11_swapchain_Present().Henri Verbeet✓✓OK51358
163509AssignedMartin Storsjo[PATCHv3] msvcrt: Hook up the unprefixed logb/logbf/logbl functions for msvcr120/ucrtbasePiotr CabanOK51357
163501CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH] comctl32/button: Improve repainting on WM_SETFOCUS.OK51352
163502CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2 3/3] kernel32: add implementation for CAL_SMONTHDAYFailed51353
163499CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2 2/3] kernel/nls: fix LOCALE_SLONGDATE and LOCALE_SYEARMONTH for some chinese localesOK51351
163500CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2 1/3] kernel/nls: add LOCALE_SMONTHDAY to all supported languagesOK51350
163491NewJactry Zeng[RFC PATCH 2/2] kernel32: Split A/W implementation of {Get,Write}PrivateProfileString().OK51344
163492NewJactry Zeng[RFC PATCH 1/2] kernel32: Move implementation of {Get,Write}PrivateProfileStringW() to helper.OK51343
163490CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 5/5] dbgeng: Implement GetModuleVersionInformation().OK51348
163493CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 4/5] dbgeng: Partially implement GetModuleNameString().OK51347
163494CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 3/5] dbgeng: Implement GetExecutingProcessorType().OK51346
163495CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/5] dbgeng: Implement IsPointer64Bit().OK51345
163489CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/5] dbgeng: Implement ReadVirtual().OK51342
163487SupersededMartin Storsjo[PATCHv2] msvcrt: Implement the unprefixed logb/logbf/logbl functions for msvcr120/ucrtbasePiotr CabanOK51341
163483AssignedMartin Storsjo[PATCH] msvcrt: Fix the fallback implementation of asinh for large negative valuesPiotr CabanOK51340
163482SupersededMartin Storsjo[PATCH] msvcrt: Implement the unprefixed logb/logbf/logbl functions for msvcr120/ucrtbasePiotr CabanFailed51339
163477SupersededVlad Bespalov[PATCH] user32: make LoadString[AW] patchableFailed51337
163476CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/2] ntdll: Implement RtlGetUnloadEventTrace()/RtlGetUnloadEventTraceEx().Failed51336
163475CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/2] ntdll/tests: Add some tests for unloaded modules traces.OK51335
163474NewVladimir Bespalov[PATCH resend 2] user32: make LoadString[AW] patchableOK51332
163472SupersededVladimir Bespalov[PATCH resend] user32: make LoadString[AW] patchableFailed51330
163467CommittedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] winex11/wintab: Set all Device Orientation values.OK51329
163466NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 5/5] quartz: Avoid importing shlwapi.OK51328
163465Test failureZebediah Figura[PATCH 4/5] quartz: Convert media type registration to IRegistrar mechanism.OK51327
163464CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH 3/5] winegstreamer: Convert media type registration to IRegistrar mechanism.OK51326
163463CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH 2/5] quartz: Get rid of register_interfaces().OK51325
163462CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH 1/5] quartz: Get rid of register_coclasses().OK51324
163461NewDamjan Jovanovic[PATCH 2/2] devenum: iterate over all avicap devices instead of giving up at the first failureOK51323
163460NewDamjan Jovanovic[PATCH 1/2] avicap32: verify v4l devices can capture before returning themOK51322
163454SupersededVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 3/3] kernel32: add implementation for CAL_SMONTHDAYFailed51321
163455SupersededVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 2/3] kernel/nls: fix LOCALE_SLONGDATE and LOCALE_SYEARMONTH for some chinese localesFailed51320
163456SupersededVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 1/3] kernel/nls: add LOCALE_SMONTHDAY to all supported languagesFailed51319
163451NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V3 2/2] server: Add default security descriptor DACL for processes.✓✓Failed51313
163450NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V3 1/2] server: Add default security descriptor ownership for processes.✓✓Failed51312
163444SupersededVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2 2/2] server: Add default security descriptor DACL for processes.✓✓Failed51309
163443SupersededVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2 1/2] server: Add default security descriptor ownership for processes.✓✓Failed51308
163440CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH] qcap/tests: Fix a COM reference leak in the audiorecord test.OK51307
163427CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH] mfplay: Add a stub for MFPCreateMediaPlayer().OK51305
163417AssignedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 2/2] user32/listbox: Don't try to paint non-visible items for multi-column listboxesNikolay SivovFailed51299
163416AssignedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 1/2] comctl32/listbox: Don't try to paint non-visible items for multi-column listboxesNikolay SivovOK51298
163415AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 7/7] winemac.drv: Handle display device change events.Ken ThomasesOK51297
163414AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 6/7] winemac.drv: Initialize monitor registry data.Ken ThomasesOK51296
163413RejectedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 5/7] winemac.drv: Add macdrv_get_monitors() helper.Ken ThomasesOK51295
163411AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 4/7] winemac.drv: Initialize adapter registry data.Ken ThomasesOK51294
163412RejectedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 3/7] winemac.drv: Add macdrv_get_adapters() helper.Ken ThomasesOK51293
163410RejectedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 2/7] winemac.drv: Initialize GPU registry data.Ken ThomasesOK51292
163409RejectedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 1/7] winemac.drv: Add macdrv_get_gpus() helper.Ken ThomasesOK51291
163408CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH] msvcp140: Add _Resize implementation.Piotr Caban✓✓OK51290
163407RejectedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend] include/wine/unicode: Avoid scanning the entire string in memrchrWOK51289
163406CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 2/2] jscript: Don't skip empty strings in String.prototype.split in ES5 mode.OK51287
163405CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 1/2] jscript: Fix handling empty string regexp matches in String.prototype.split implementation.OK51286
163403NewJózef Kucia[PATCH 5/5] vkd3d: Rename d3d12_fence_destroy_vk_semaphores_locked().✓✓
163402NewJózef Kucia[PATCH 4/5] vkd3d-shader: Remove vkd3d_shader_serialize_root_signature().✓✓
163401NewJózef Kucia[PATCH 3/5] vkd3d: Implement vkd3d_serialize_versioned_root_signature().✓✓
163400NewJózef Kucia[PATCH 2/5] vkd3d-shader: Implement serialization for versioned root signatures.✓✓
163399NewJózef Kucia[PATCH 1/5] vkd3d: Implement d3d12_versioned_root_signature_deserializer_GetRootSignatureDescAtVersion().✓✓
163398AssignedConor McCarthy[PATCH v3 2/2] mspatcha: Test implementations of ApplyPatchToFile and related functions.Hans LeidekkerFailed51284
163397AssignedConor McCarthy[PATCH v3 1/2] mspatcha: Implement ApplyPatchToFile and related functions.Hans LeidekkerOK51283
163396CommittedIsira Seneviratne[PATCH v3] po: Update Sinhala translation.OK51282
163394Apply failureVlad BespalovFwd: [PATCH] user32: make LoadString[AW] patchableFailed51281
163383RejectedDamjan Jovanovic[PATCH] qcap: implement VfwPin_CheckMediaType(), and test connecting to a NullRendererOK51275
163382SupersededDamjan Jovanovic[PATCH] qcap: Fix a COM reference leak in the audiorecord test.OK51274
163355Needs testsVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] wined3d: Implement WINED3DFMT_B8G8R8X8_UNORM to WINED3DFMT_L8_UNORM conversion.Henri Verbeet✓✓OK51228
163339SupersededConor McCarthy[PATCH 3/3] mspatcha: Test implementations of ApplyPatchToFile and related functions.Failed51221
163338SupersededConor McCarthy[PATCH 2/3] mspatcha: Implement ApplyPatchToFile and related functions.OK51220
163337SupersededConor McCarthy[PATCH 1/3] mspatcha: Implement LZXD decompression and PA19 file parsing.OK51219
163334CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] kernel32: Add implementation of CAL_SSHORTESTDAYNAME* and other flagsOK51217
163332AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH] winemac: Add +fps support for Vulkan.Ken ThomasesOK51216
163330CommittedDamjan Jovanovic[PATCH] wineserver: inotify cleanups and detection improvementsOK51213
163328CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 5/5] kernel/nls: Fix country name in Manx Gaelic locale
163326CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 4/5] kernel/nls: Fix country name and sname in English-Caribbean locale
163327CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 3/5] kernel/nls: Fix LOCALE_SNAME for Serbian (Cyrillic)
163325CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 2/2] kernel/nls: Fix LOCALE_SNAME for Uzbek (Cyrillic)
163324CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2] kernel/nls: Fix LOCALE_SNAME for Azeri (Cyrillic)OK51208
163323CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] kernel/nls: Fix country name in Tatar localeOK51207
163318SupersededJohn Found[PATCH v2] winex11.drv: Search for the drop target in a correct manner.OK51206
163314NewAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 2/2] po: Add Asturian translation✓✓Failed51205
163313NewAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 1/2] kernel32: Add Asturian localeFailed51204
163299CommittedPaul Gofman[PATCH v2] wined3d: Use intBitsToFloat() instead of uintBitsToFloat().Henri Verbeet✓✓OK51186
163296CommittedAndré Hentschel[PATCH] ntdll: Reuse signal to trap translation for FreeBSD on ARMOK51185
163260CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 7/7] comctl32/tests: Test for BCM_GETIDEALSIZE on command links with notesNikolay Sivov✓✓OK51166
163262CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 6/7] comctl32/button: Implement BCM_GETIDEALSIZE for command linksNikolay Sivov✓✓OK51165
163259CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 5/7] comctl32/button: Implement themed command linksNikolay Sivov✓✓OK51164
163258CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 4/7] comctl32/button: Implement command linksNikolay Sivov✓✓OK51163
163261CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 3/7] comctl32/button: Move the drawing of the button's image into a separate functionNikolay Sivov✓✓OK51162
163257CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 2/7] comctl32/button: Preserve BST_HOT when mouse button is releasedNikolay Sivov✓✓OK51161
163256CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 1/7] comctl32/tests: Avoid leaks by moving creation calls outside the loopNikolay Sivov✓✓OK51160
163199RejectedPaul Gofman[PATCH] wined3d: Check GLSL version when using ARB_shader_bit_encoding with uvec4.Henri VerbeetOK51122
163169CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] wintrust: use enhanced crypto provider in VerifyImageHashOK51103
163168RejectedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] wine.inf: Create CurrentControlSet\Control\Video in registry.Sebastian LacknerOK51101
163149NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 2/2] widl: Avoid creating duplicate typelib type entries for enums and unions too.Failed51083
163148Build failureZebediah Figura[PATCH 1/2] widl: Simplify type_new_struct() a bit.Failed51082
163129NewDerek Lesho[PATCH 2/5] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement KeAreApcsDisabled using critical region functions.Failed51069
163126RejectedDetlef Riekenberg[PATCH] gdi32/tests: Remove a useless testOK51064
163122CommittedDetlef Riekenberg[PATCH] qcap: Avoid a crash in a testOK51060
163099NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2 3/3] mmsystem.dll16: Translate MidiIn messagesOK51048
163097NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2 2/3] mmsystem.dll16: Refcount midihdr to work around buggy application which unprepares buffer during a callback.OK51047
163098FormattingVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH V2 1/3] mmsystem.dll16: Remove and replace tabs with spacesOK51046
163090NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] include: Add missing definitions in inseng.idl and correct a few functionsOK51039
163081SupersededVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] explorer: Create CurrentControlSet\Control\Video registry key as non-volatile.✓✓Failed51034
163080NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] kernel32: NeedCurrentDirectoryForExePath does not use the registry.OK51033
163079NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] kernel32: Consider the working directory first when launching executables with CreateProcess.OK51032
163078NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] kernel32: Add SearchPath test demonstrating the priority of the working directory.OK51031
163077CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] mciavi32: Add Support for MCI_MCIAVI_PLAY_FULLSCREENOK51030
163075NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] include: Add dxva.h header file.OK51028
163074SupersededVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 2/2] server: Add default security descriptor DACL for processes.✓✓OK51027
163073SupersededVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 1/2] server: Add default security descriptor ownership for processes.✓✓OK51026
163062NewJohn Thomson[PATCH v4] shell32: SHCreateDirectoryExW no CANCELLED for ALREADY_EXISTSOK51011
163059CommittedFabian Maurer[PATCH v2 2/2] kernel32: Stub FindFirstStreamW/FindNextStreamWOK51008
163060CommittedFabian Maurer[PATCH v2 1/2] kernel32: Partially implement VirtualAllocExNumaOK51007
163052AssignedFrancois Gouget[PATCH] d3d10core&d3d11: Limit the flood of failures in test_depth_bias().Henri VerbeetFailed51004
163044NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] virtdisk: Add stub and tests for OpenVirtualDiskOK50995
163043CommittedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] ntdll: Report system information SystemPerformanceInformation info class. (v3)OK50991
163016NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] include: Remove duplicate extern C from d3d11.idlOK50978
163014NewJohn Thomson[PATCH] shell32: SHCreateDirectoryExW no CANCELLED for ALREADY_EXISTSOK50977
162968NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 2/2] advapi32: Implement CreateRestrictedToken.OK50941
162967NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 1/2] ntdll: Implement NtFilterToken.OK50940
162946NewJefferson Carpenter[PATCH] mfc42: add static libraryOK50938
162938NewIsira Seneviratne[PATCH] po: Update Sinhala translation.OK50930
162910SupersededJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 5/5] vkd3d: Implement d3d12_versioned_root_signature_deserializer_GetRootSignatureDescAtVersion().
162911SupersededJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 4/5] vkd3d-shader: Implement conversion between root signature 1.0 and 1.1.
162909SupersededJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 3/5] vkd3d: Implement vkd3d_create_versioned_root_signature_deserializer().
162908SupersededJózef Kucia[PATCH vkd3d 2/5] vkd3d-shader: Implement parsing of root signature 1.1.
162880NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] pdh: Support the 'Processor' object string.OK50899
162858NewAndrey Gusev[PATCH] setupapi: Add DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH to SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo().OK50887
162857AssignedAndrey Gusev[PATCH] dxgi: Add DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH to d3d11_swapchain_Present().Henri VerbeetOK50886
162852NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v4 11/11] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement Ex(Acquire/Release)FastMutex.Failed50885
162848NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v4 10/11] ntoskrnl.exe: Set owner in fast mutex functions.Failed50884
162849NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v4 09/11] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement PsIsSystemThread.Failed50883
162851NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v4 08/11] ntoskrnl.exe: Export and set PsInitialSystemProcess.Failed50882
162853NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v4 07/11] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement IoGetCurrentProcess.Failed50881
162854NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v4 06/11] ntoskrnl.exe: Make sure thread handle has rights to retrieve the TID.Failed50880
162620NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 6/6] winex11.drv: Handle display device changes.OK50726
162619NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 5/6] winex11.drv: Initialize monitor registry data.OK50725
162618NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 4/6] winex11.drv: Initialize adapter registry data.OK50724
162617NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 3/6] winex11.drv: Initialize GPU registry data.OK50723
162616NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 2/6] winex11.drv: Support Xinerama display device handler.OK50722
162615NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 1/6] winex11.drv: Support multiple display device handlers.OK50721
162583NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 2/2] ws2_32: Invalidate client-side file descriptor cache in WSACleanup.Failed50694
162582NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 1/2] ws2_32: Implement WSACleanup via wineserver function.Failed50693
162511NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 2/2] user32/combo: Don't redraw the Combo Box when dropped down if it has an editboxFailed50650
162510NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 1/2] comctl32/combo: Don't redraw the Combo Box when dropped down if it has an editboxOK50649
162435NewMichel van Langen[PATCH 2/2] ws2_32/socket: changed interface_bind to dgram_apply_restrictionsXOK50580
162425AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH v2] wined3d: Avoid using float literals for MAX_FLOAT in GLSL when possible.Henri VerbeetOK50567
162405AssignedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 4/4] shell32/autocomplete: Drop the listbox up if there's not enough space downHuw DaviesOK50563
162404AssignedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 3/4] shell32/autocomplete: Prevent the listbox from going off screen when droppedHuw DaviesFailed50562
162403AssignedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 2/4] shell32/autocomplete: Implement the listbox resizing grip and make it resize-ableHuw DaviesOK50561
162398AssignedJózef Kucia[PATCH 5/6] wined3d: Map GL_EXT_texture_swizzle to GL_ARB_texture_swizzle.Henri VerbeetOK50558
162397AssignedJózef Kucia[PATCH 4/6] wined3d: Initialise driver and device UUID for Vulkan adapters.Henri VerbeetOK50557
162395AssignedJózef Kucia[PATCH 2/6] wined3d: Implement adapter_vk_get_wined3d_caps().Henri VerbeetOK50555
162268NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 5/5] uianimation: Add IUITransitionLibrary stubOK50474
162267NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 4/5] uianimation: Add IUIAnimationTransition stubOK50473
162266NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 3/5] uianimation: Add IUIAnimationTransitionFactory stubOK50472
162265NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH 2/5] uianimation: Add IUIAnimationTimer stubOK50471
162182AssignedDavid Adampatch [5/5] ddraw: Remove Enumdevices from d3dHenri VerbeetOK50428
162181AssignedDavid Adampatch [4/5] ddraw: Port Enumdevices to ddraw4Henri VerbeetFailed50427
162180AssignedDavid Adampatch [3/5] ddraw: Port Enumdevices to ddraw2Henri VerbeetFailed50426
162179AssignedDavid Adampatch [2/5] ddraw: Port Enumdevices to ddraw1Henri VerbeetFailed50425
162178AssignedDavid Adampatch [1/5] ddraw: Port Enumdevices to ddraw7Henri VerbeetFailed50424
162165NewDetlef Riekenberg[PATCH] tools: Increase the failure limit to get more win10 test runs displayed on the winetest result pages [v2]
162111AssignedFrancois Gouget[PATCH v2] d3d10core/tests: Limit the flood of failures in test_depth_bias().Henri VerbeetFailed50356
162101NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] user32: Added GetPointerType stubFailed50349
162083NewIsira Seneviratne[PATCH v2 2/2] po: Update French translation.OK50330
162067NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] version: Correctly return VFF_CURNEDEST in VerFindFileA.Failed50306
162025NewLouis Lenders[PATCH] ntoskrnl:improve stub for MmAllocateContiguousMemorySpecifyCacheOK50252
162002RejectedMichael Stefaniuc[PATCH] gdi32: Reformat some strings to improve readabilityHuw Davies✓✓OK50233
161971NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH v2] kernel32/tests: Add tests for FindFirstFileA with invalid characters.OK50206
161969NewTim Schumacher[PATCH v2] dinput: Map wheel, gas, and brake axes as wellOK50199
161968NewTim Schumacher[PATCH] winejoystick: Add support for wheel axesOK50198
161781NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] setupapi: Rewrite DiskSpaceList logic using lists.OK50093
161743SupersededFabian Maurer[PATCH] ntdll: Add test for environment variables in PEB blockOK50057


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  • Waiting for sign-off or feedback from the assigned reviewer. If you don't hear anything after a couple of weeks, please resend the patch.
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Other project
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  • The patch is relative to a subdirectory (using 'git format-patch' is strongly recommended).
Build failure
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  • You forgot to include some changes or new files required for compilation.
  • The patch causes compiler warnings (maintainer mode implies -Werror).
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  • Whitespace got mangled in transit.
  • Indentation is messed up (usually from editing with a non-standard tab size).
  • 8-bit chars got mangled in transit (usually when sending patches to translation files).
  • You are making gratuitous formatting changes to the code.
  • You are using C++ comments.
No patch
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Test failure
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  • The patch requires a Wine fix but doesn't use todo_wine.
  • The patch fixes a failure but doesn't remove the corresponding todo_wine.
  • The testbot detected new failures on Windows.