Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectReviewerSignTestbotJob ID
183135NewJeff Smith[PATCH] gdiplus: Handle some degenerate cases with GdipCreatePath2.
183133NewChip Davis[PATCH] wined3d: Use extensions present in Apple core contexts to detect Apple OpenGL.OK69254
183132NewChip Davis[PATCH] wined3d: Use extensions present in Apple core contexts to detect Apple OpenGL.OK69253
183128NewJacek Caban[PATCH] dbghelp: Use debuggee environment veriables in search_dll_path.OK69252
183125NewHans Leidekker[PATCH] secur32: Add TLS application protocol negotiation support.OK69250
183124NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] include : Add dvdif.idlOK69249
183122NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 05/13] msscript.ocx: Implement parse_script_text on top of modules.OK69238
183121NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 09/13] msscript.ocx: Move ScriptControl_AddObject implementation into a helper.OK69242
183120NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 02/13] msscript.ocx: Add IScriptModuleCollection stub implementation.OK69235
183119NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 13/13] msscript.ocx/tests: Add tests for Script Modules.OK69246
183118NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 12/13] msscript.ocx: Implement ScriptModule enumerator.OK69245
183117NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 11/13] msscript.ocx: Implement ScriptModuleCollection_Add.OK69244
183116NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 10/13] msscript.ocx: Implement ScriptModuleCollection_get_Item.OK69243
183115NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 08/13] msscript.ocx: Implement ScriptModule_Run.OK69241
183114NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 07/13] msscript.ocx: Move ScriptControl_Run implementation into a helper.OK69240
183113NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 06/13] msscript.ocx: Implement ScriptModule_get_Name.OK69239
183112NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 04/13] msscript.ocx: Implement get_script_dispatch on top of modules.OK69237
183111NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 03/13] msscript.ocx: Add initial IScriptModule stub implementation.OK69236
183110NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 01/13] msscript.ocx: Move parse_script_text up.OK69234
183109Newdead ash[PATCH 2/2]winmm: Fix no sound or recording when use waveform-audioOK69233
183108Newdead ash[PATCH 1/2]winmm: Fix no sound or recording when use waveform-audioOK69232
183106Newdead ashwinmm: Fix no sound or recording when use waveform-audioXOK69231
183104Newdead ashwinmm: Fix no sound or recording when use waveform-audioXFailed69230
183102NewNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/2] mf: Add IMFAudioPolicy stub for SAR.OK69225
183101NewNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/2] mf: Add volume control stubs for SAR.OK69224
183100NewNikolay Sivov[PATCH] mfplat: Initial support for WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE in MFInitMediaTypeFromWaveFormatEx().OK69223
183098NewLauri Kenttä[PATCH] po: Update Finnish translation.OK69221
183089NewDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 2/2] adsldp: Fix typos in ADSTYPE_BOOLEAN handling.OK69218
183088NewDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 1/2] adsldp: Use correct format specifiers for SYSTEMTIME fields.OK69217
183087NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v3 2/2] wined3d: Do not clip the cursor after changing display modes.✓✓Failed69213
183086NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v3 1/2] ddraw/tests: Test cursor clipping.✓✓Failed69212
183085NewChip Davis[PATCH 2/4] wined3d: Get max GLSL varyings from GL_MAX_VARYING_VECTORS if supported.OK69204
183084NewChip Davis[PATCH 3/4] wined3d: Don't bother enabling NV_texgen_reflection for core contexts.OK69205
183083NewChip Davis[PATCH 4/4] wined3d: When creating a 3.x/4.x context, specifically request a core context.OK69206
183082NewChip Davis[PATCH] d3d10_1: Introduce a function to convert D3D10.1 feature levels to D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL.OK69203
183080NewChip Davis[PATCH 1/4] wined3d: Fix detection of Apple core contexts.OK69202
183079NewChip Davis[PATCH] widl: Cast server functions to void *.OK69199
183078NewChip Davis[PATCH] configure: Make Clang fail optimization arguments it doesn't care about.OK69198
183076NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 6/6] kernel32: Implement GetVolumeInformationByHandleW().OK69186
183075NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 4/6] mountmgr: Assign a unique nonzero serial to all volumes.OK69184
183074NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 5/6] kernel32: Reimplement is_same_file() using FileIdInformation.OK69185
183073NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 1/6] ntdll: Silence a warning for FileFsVolumeInformation.OK69181
183072NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 3/6] ntdll: Fill the volume serial number in NtQueryInformationFile(FileIdInformation).OK69183
183071NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v3 2/6] kernelbase: Return the volume serial number in GetFileInformationByHandle().OK69182
183070NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 7/7] qcap: Search downstream pins regardless of whether the category and major type match.OK69180
183069NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 6/7] qcap: Iterate over all source pins in find_unconnected_source_from_filter().OK69179
183068NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 3/7] qcap/tests: Add more tests for ICaptureGraphBuilder2::RenderStream().OK69176
183067NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 4/7] qcap: Use separate functions when searching from a pin and filter.OK69177
183066NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 5/7] qcap: Use pin_matches() directly in find_unconnected_source_from_pin().OK69178
183065NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 1/7] qcap/tests: Use explicit source and sink structures.OK69174
183064NewZebediah Figura[PATCH 2/7] qcap/tests: Add some basic tests for ICaptureGraphBuilder2::FindPin().OK69175
183062CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v4] quartz: Cache IMediaSeeking for filters.✓✓OK69167
183060NewJacek Caban[PATCH v2 1/5] server: Introduce a separated type for user APCs.OK69166
183055NewJacek Caban[PATCH 5/5] ntdll: Directly use server_select in send_debug_event.Failed69165
183054NewJacek Caban[PATCH 4/5] ntdll: Directly use server_select in wait_suspend.Failed69164
183053NewJacek Caban[PATCH 3/5] ntdll: Use server_select in RtlWaitOnAddress.Failed69163
183052NewJacek Caban[PATCH 2/5] ntdll: Factor out server_select.Failed69162
183051NewJacek Caban[PATCH 1/5] server: Introduce separated type for user APCs.Failed69161
183047CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 2/2] d3d9: Remove an unneeded conversion.✓✓OK69158
183048CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 1/2] wined3d: Introduce compare_uint().✓✓OK69157
183042CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 7/7] mfplat: Partially implement MFInitMediaTypeFromWaveFormatEx().OK69156
183038CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 6/7] mf: Add type handler stub for SAR stream.OK69155
183037CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 5/7] mf: Add events support for SAR stream.OK69154
183036CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 4/7] mf: Add stream sink stub for SAR.OK69153
183035CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 3/7] mf: Attempt to create mmdevapi device on SAR creation.OK69152
183034CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/7] mfplat: Add SAR attribute traces.OK69151
183033CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/7] mf: Add support to get/set presentation clock for SAR.OK69150
183029RejectedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 2/2] msscript.ocx: Supply the ServiceProvider in IScriptControl::Run.OK69146
183028CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 1/2] msscript.ocx: Fix the idl output parameters.✓✓OK69145
183027CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v3 2/2] quartz/tests: Add tests for when IMediaSeeking on a filter is released by the filter graph.✓✓OK69144
183026SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v3 1/2] quartz: Cache IMediaSeeking for filters.OK69143
183025NewJohn Thomson[PATCH][WIP][CONFTEST] kernel32/tests: Add extra ReplaceFileW testsOK69142
183021AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 5/5] wined3d: Fix cursor clipping after changing display mode.Henri VerbeetFailed69141
183020CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 4/5] dxgi/tests: Test cursor clipping.Henri Verbeet✓✓OK69140
183019AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 3/5] ddraw/tests: Test cursor clipping.Henri VerbeetOK69139
183018CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 2/5] dxgi/tests: Fix some test failures in test_find_closest_matching_mode().Henri Verbeet✓✓Failed69138
183017AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 1/5] dxgi/tests: Use 1024x768 resolution for tests.Henri VerbeetOK69137
183016CommittedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 3/3] adsldp: Recognize ADS_SEARCHPREF_TOMBSTONE in IDirectorySearch::SetSearchPreference().OK69136
183015CommittedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 2/3] adsldp: Add support for ADS_SEARCHPREF_ATTRIBTYPES_ONLY to IDirectorySearch::SetSearchPreference().OK69135
183014CommittedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 1/3] adsldp: Map 1.2.840.113556.1.4.903 to ADSTYPE_DN_WITH_BINARY.OK69134
183009NewChip Davis[PATCH 5/5] services: Build stub files with -Wno-cast-calling-convention.OK69126
183010NewChip Davis[PATCH 3/5] schedsvc: Build stub files with -Wno-cast-calling-convention.OK69124
183011NewChip Davis[PATCH 2/5] rpcrt4/tests: Build stub files with -Wno-cast-calling-convention.OK69123
183008AssignedChip Davis[PATCH] d3d9: Remove an unneeded conversion.Henri VerbeetOK69122
183007CommittedChip Davis[PATCH] winemac.drv: Build with GL_SILENCE_DEPRECATION.Ken Thomases✓✓OK69121
183006CommittedChip Davis[PATCH] libwine: Add missing return. (Clang)OK69120
183004CommittedChip Davis[PATCH v2 2/2] d3d11: Introduce a function to convert D3D11 blend ops to D3D10.Henri Verbeet✓✓Failed69119
183005CommittedChip Davis[PATCH v2 1/2] d3d11: Introduce a function to convert D3D11 blend factors to D3D10.Henri Verbeet✓✓OK69118
183003NewChip Davis[PATCH 4/5] rpcss: Build stub files with -Wno-cast-calling-convention.OK69125
183002AssignedChip Davis[PATCH 1/5] msi: Build stub files with -Wno-cast-calling-convention.Hans LeidekkerOK69117
183000AssignedJactry Zeng[PATCH v2] d3dcompiler: Implement D3DCompileFromFile().Matteo BruniOK69116
182999NewAlex Henrie[PATCH v3 1/3] ntdll: Implement RtlIpv6StringToAddress(Ex)[AW]OK69115
182998CommittedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 2/2] advapi32: Properly skip not supported parts of the object ACE.OK69114
182997CommittedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 1/2] include/winnt.h: Update ACE types list.OK69113
182994NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 3/3] winedbg: Support QThreadEvents request.OK69095
182993CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/3] winedbg: Use debug event code in packet_reply_status.OK69094
182992CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 1/3] winedbg: Don't wait or load the wine loader module.OK69093
182989CommittedAndrew Eikum[PATCH] audioclient.idl: Correct IAudioClockAdjustment IIDOK69091
182985CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH] include: Add ISpatialAudioClient definition.OK69090
182973SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 2/2] quartz/tests: Add tests for when IMediaSeeking on a filter is released by the filter graph.OK69088
182972SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 1/2] quartz: Cache IMediaSeeking for filters.OK69087
182969CommittedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 4/4] adsldp: Map "1.2.840.113556.1.4.906" to ADSTYPE_LARGE_INTEGER.
182968CommittedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 3/4] adsldp: Map "" to ADSTYPE_UTC_TIME.
182967CommittedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH v2 2/4] dsuiext: Add IDsDisplaySpecifier stubs.
182966CommittedDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 1/4] include: Add dsclient.h.OK69085
182964NewPaul Gofman[resend PATCH] user32: Set PAINTSTRUCT fErase field depending on the last WM_ERASEBKGND result.Failed69084
182962CommittedHans Leidekker[PATCH 3/3] winhttp: Handle renegotiate requests.OK69083
182961CommittedHans Leidekker[PATCH 2/3] winhttp: Explicitly pass errors.OK69082
182960CommittedHans Leidekker[PATCH 1/3] secur32: Map GNUTLS_E_REHANDSHAKE to SEC_I_RENEGOTIATE.OK69081
182957CommittedNikolay Sivov[v2 PATCH 5/5] mf: Add event queue for SAR sink.OK69079
182956CommittedNikolay Sivov[v2 PATCH 4/5] mf: Return sink flags for SAR.OK69078
182955CommittedNikolay Sivov[v2 PATCH 3/5] mf: Add IMFMediaSinkPreroll stub for SAR.OK69077
182954CommittedNikolay Sivov[v2 PATCH 2/5] mf: Implement dynamic stream management methods in SAR.OK69076
182953CommittedNikolay Sivov[v2 PATCH 1/5] mf: Add IMFMediaSink stub for SAR.OK69075
182949SupersededNikolay Sivov[PATCH 4/5] mf: Return sink flags for SAR.Failed69072
182948SupersededNikolay Sivov[PATCH 5/5] mf: Add event queue for SAR sink.Failed69073
182947SupersededNikolay Sivov[PATCH 3/5] mf: Add IMFMediaSinkPreroll stub for SAR.Failed69071
182946SupersededNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/5] mf: Implement dynamic stream management methods in SAR.Failed69070
182945SupersededNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/5] mf: Add IMFMediaSink stub for SAR.Failed69069
182943CommittedAndrew Guertin[PATCH] d3d11: Stop warning about depth stencil view flagsHenri Verbeet✓✓Failed69067
182935NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v2 5/5] kernel32: Implement GetVolumeInformationByHandleW().Failed69066
182934NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v2 4/5] kernel32: Reimplement is_same_file() using FileIdInformation.Failed69065
182933NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v2 3/5] ntdll: Fill the volume serial number in NtQueryInformationFile(FileIdInformation).Failed69064
182932NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v2 2/5] mountmgr: Assign a unique nonzero serial to all volumes.Failed69063
182931NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v2 1/5] kernelbase: Return the volume serial number in GetFileInformationByHandle().Failed69062
182929NewZebediah FiguraRe: [PATCH 7/7] d3dcompiler: Store the "array" field in struct hlsl_deref as a struct hlsl_deref pointer.
182920CommittedFrancois Gouget[tools] testbot/Janitor: Allow 31 character session ids.
182919CommittedFrancois Gouget[tools] testbot/build: Don't compile Wine with -Werror.
182917AssignedChip Davis[PATCH] d3d9/tests: Introduce absdiff().Henri VerbeetOK69055
182916SupersededChip Davis[PATCH] wined3d: Introduce compare_uint().Henri VerbeetOK69054
182915CommittedChip Davis[PATCH 2/2] d2d1: Introduce a function to convert D2D1.0 interpolation modes to D2D1.1.Henri Verbeet✓✓OK69053
182914CommittedChip Davis[PATCH 1/2] d2d1: Return enum constants directly in d2d_bitmap_brush_GetInterpolationMode(). (Clang)Henri Verbeet✓✓OK69051
182905NewSerge Gautherie[PATCH] shell32/tests: Use explicit NULL instead of 0OK69038
182897NewDerek Lesho[PATCH resend 4/5] winegstreamer: Find an appropriate demuxer for the source.OK69029
182896NewDerek Lesho[PATCH resend 5/5] winegstreamer: Use the demuxer to establish IMFMediaStreams.OK69030
182894NewDerek Lesho[PATCH resend 3/5] winegstreamer: Add a GstPad wrapping the media source's bytestream.OK69028
182893NewDerek Lesho[PATCH resend 2/5] winegstreamer: Implement IMFMediaSource::Shutdown.Failed69027
182892NewDerek Lesho[PATCH resend 1/5] Implement stub bytestream handler and source.Failed69026
182891CommittedChip Davis[PATCH v2] d3d11: Introduce a function to convert a D3D feature level to a D3D10.1 feature level.Henri Verbeet✓✓OK69025
182890NewChip Davis[PATCH v2] winegcc: Only add -static-libgcc if -nodefaultlibs weren't given.OK69023
182871NewPiotr Caban[PATCH 6/6 v2] kernel32/tests: Test timeout behaviour on system clock change.OK69005
182870NewPiotr Caban[PATCH 5/6 v2] server: Use correct clock in select.OK69004
182869NewPiotr Caban[PATCH 4/6 v2] server: Use monotonic clock in waitable timers.OK69003
182868NewPiotr Caban[PATCH 3/6 v2] server: Use monotonic clock for SetTimer timeouts.OK69002
182867NewPiotr Caban[PATCH 2/6 v2] server: Use monotonic clock for relative timeouts.OK69001
182866NewPiotr Caban[PATCH 1/6 v2] server: Initialize current_time before it's used in init_registry.OK69000
182855SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 3/3] quartz/tests: Add tests for when IMediaSeeking on a filter is queried by the filter graph.OK68995
182856SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 2/3] quartz: Count the amount of renderers on demand.OK68994
182857SupersededGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH 1/3] quartz: Cache IMediaSeeking for filters.OK68993
182848SupersededZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 8/8] wined3d: Fix cursor clipping.Henri VerbeetFailed68989
182847SupersededZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 7/8] dxgi/tests: Test cursor clipping.Henri VerbeetFailed68987
182846CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 6/8] d3d9/tests: Test cursor clipping.Henri Verbeet✓✓OK68986
182845CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 5/8] d3d8/tests: Test cursor clipping.Henri Verbeet✓✓OK68985
182844SupersededZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 4/8] ddraw/tests: Test cursor clipping.Henri VerbeetOK68984
182843CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 3/8] dxgi/tests: Fix uninitialized variable warnings.Henri Verbeet✓✓Failed68983
182842SupersededZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 2/8] dxgi/tests: Fix some test failures in test_find_closest_matching_mode().Henri VerbeetOK68982
182841SupersededZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 1/8] dxgi/tests: Use 1024x768 resolution for tests.Henri VerbeetFailed68981
182814SupersededDmitry Timoshkov[PATCH 7/7] dsuiext: Add IDsDisplaySpecifier stubs.OK68978
182804SupersededJactry Zeng[PATCH] d3dcompiler: Implement D3DCompileFromFile().Matteo BruniOK68971
182754AssignedChip Davis[PATCH 07/11] d3d11: Introduce a function to convert D3D10 blend ops to D3D11.Henri VerbeetOK68882
182749AssignedChip Davis[PATCH 06/11] d3d11: Introduce a function to convert D3D10 blend factors to D3D11.Henri VerbeetFailed68881
182737NewSergio Gómez Del Real[PATCH v4 3/3] mf: Partially implement the topology loader.Failed68870
182736NewSergio Gómez Del Real[PATCH v4 2/3] mf/tests: Add tests for the topology loader.OK68869
182735NewSergio Gómez Del Real[PATCH v4 1/3] mf/tests: Sink objects are stream sinks, not media sinks.OK68868
182713RejectedPaul Gofman[PATCH] winex11.drv: Redraw window on Expose event if window surface has no region set.OK68844
182693AssignedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH v2] d3dx9_36: Support D3DFMT_P8 for DDS filesMatteo BruniOK68832
182689AssignedZebediah Figura[PATCH v2 4/4] d3dcompiler: Calculate the register size of types.Matteo BruniOK68828
182688AssignedZebediah Figura[PATCH v2 3/4] d3dcompiler: Always set the matrix majority for declaration types.Matteo BruniOK68826
182686AssignedZebediah Figura[PATCH v2 2/4] d3dcompiler/tests: Add some tests for matrix majority.Matteo BruniOK68825
182687AssignedZebediah Figura[PATCH v2 1/4] d3dcompiler: Check for multiple matrix majority keywords on typedefs.Matteo BruniOK68824
182631RejectedMyah Caron[PATCH v2] ntdll: Cache LDR_IMAGE_IS_DLL for InitDLLFailed68770
182630NewAlex Henrie[PATCH resend 2/2] winemenubuilder: Create .desktop files for programs that open URIsOK68769
182629NewAlex Henrie[PATCH resend 1/2] winemenubuilder: Blacklist desktop integration for certain associationsOK68768
182592NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 18/18] mf: Introduce handler helper.Failed68754
182591NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 11/18] winegstreamer: Implement IMFMediaSource::CreatePresentationDescriptor.Failed68747
182590NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 17/18] tools: Add support for multiple parent directories.Failed68753
182589NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 15/18] winegstreamer: Implement IMFMediaSource::GetCharacteristics.Failed68751
182588NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 16/18] winegstreamer: Calculate the MF_PD_DURATION of the media source's PD.Failed68752
182587NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 14/18] winegstreamer: Implement IMFMediaStream::RequestSample.Failed68750
182586NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 13/18] winegstreamer: Insert parser into pipeline to rectify type differences.Failed68749
182585NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 12/18] winegstreamer: Implement IMFMediaSource::Start.Failed68748
182584NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 09/18] winegstreamer: Translate AAC caps to attributes.Failed68745
182583NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 10/18] winegstreamer: Add video/mpeg recognition.Failed68746
182582NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 08/18] winegstreamer: Translate WMV caps to attributes.Failed68744
182581NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 07/18] winegstreamer: Translate H.264 caps to attributes.Failed68743
182580NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 06/18] winegstreamer: Implement IMFMediaStream::GetStreamDescriptor.OK68742
182550NewSerge Gautherie[PATCH v2] include: Improve guiddef.h, part 1.OK68711
182490NewSerge Gautherie[PATCH 2/2] rpcrt4: Remove double spaces in spec file.OK68662
182489RejectedSerge Gautherie[PATCH 1/2] rpcrt4: Add RpcGetAuthorizationContextForClient() stub.OK68661
182486NewZiqing Hui[PATCH 3/3] comctl32/imagelist: Add support for ILD_PRESERVEALPHA.OK68658
182485NewZiqing Hui[PATCH 2/3] comctl32/tests/imagelist: Add more tests for ILD_PRESERVEALPHA.OK68657
182484NewZiqing Hui[PATCH 1/3] comctl32/tests/imagelist: Check alpha channel in ImageList_DrawIndirect tests.OK68656
182471NewZebediah Figura[PATCH] ntdll: Optimize synchronization primitives.XFailed68631
182462AssignedConnor McAdams[PATCH 4/4] d2d1: Implement cubic bezier-line intersection.Henri VerbeetOK68615
182461AssignedConnor McAdams[PATCH 3/4] d2d1: Implement cubic bezier-bezier intersection.Henri VerbeetOK68614
182460AssignedConnor McAdams[PATCH 2/4] d2d1: Add cubic bezier bounds functions.Henri VerbeetOK68613
182459AssignedConnor McAdams[PATCH 1/4] d2d1: Store cubic bezier control points.Henri VerbeetOK68612
182386AssignedHans-Kristian Arntzen[PATCH] dlls/dxgi: Implement IDXGIFactory5::CheckFeatureSupport.Henri VerbeetOK68546
182328NewJactry Zeng[PATCH v2 2/2] shell32: Implement IFileOperation stub.Failed68484
182329NewJactry Zeng[PATCH v2 1/2] include: Add IFileOperation interface.OK68483
182320NewRémi Bernon[RFC PATCH 1/5] server: Move registry files to drive_c/.wine.XOK68472
182319NewRémi Bernon[RFC PATCH 2/5] wineboot: Move .update-timestamp to drive_c/.wine.XOK68473
182318NewRémi Bernon[RFC PATCH 3/5] wineboot: Open update-timestamp read-only first.XOK68474
182317NewRémi Bernon[RFC PATCH 4/5] wineboot: Disable prefix update if overlays are used.XOK68475
182316NewRémi Bernon[RFC PATCH 5/5] server: Support mounting a FUSE overlayfs on drive_c.XOK68476
182314NewRémi Bernon[RFC PATCH 0/5] Reducing prefix size with FUSE OverlayFSX
182250AssignedZebediah Figura[PATCH 5/5] d3dcompiler: Allocate temporary registers for variables.Matteo BruniOK68396
182249AssignedZebediah Figura[PATCH 4/5] d3dcompiler: Calculate the register size of types.Matteo BruniOK68395
182174AssignedSven Baars[PATCH v4 5/5] d3dx9: Implement clipping of glyphs in ID3DXFont_DrawText.Matteo BruniOK68326
182173AssignedSven Baars[PATCH v4 4/5] d3dx9: Handle tabs in ID3DXFont_DrawText.Matteo BruniOK68325
182109AssignedZhipeng Zhao[PATCH] ole32: Add parameter check for clipbrd_wndprocHuw DaviesOK68273
182108NewAaro Altonen[PATCH v3 2/2] crypt32: Add implementation for CRYPT_STRING_HEX formatOK68272
182107NewAaro Altonen[PATCH v3 1/2] crypt32/tests: Add tests for CryptStringToBinaryW()OK68271
182066NewRoman Pišl[PATCH] comctl32/edit: Initialize font metrics to nonzero in WM_NCCREATE.OK68235
181904AssignedConnor McAdams[PATCH 4/4] d3d10: Add ID3D10EffectShaderResourceVariable tests.Matteo BruniOK68120
181902AssignedConnor McAdams[PATCH 3/4] d3d10: Implement ShaderResource effect variable set method.Matteo BruniOK68119
181888NewAaro Altonen[PATCH 4/4] kernelbase: Implement GEO_FRIENDLYNAME for GetGeoInfoW()OK68106
181887NewAaro Altonen[PATCH 3/4] kernelbase: Save the handle to DLL moduleOK68105
181889NewAaro Altonen[PATCH 2/4] kernelbase: Add resources for friendly names of countriesOK68104
181886NewAaro Altonen[PATCH 1/4] kernelbase: Add missing entry to geoinfodataOK68103
181884SupersededPaul Gofman[PATCH] user32: Set PAINTSTRUCT fErase field depending on the last WM_ERASEBKGND result.Failed68096
181801AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH] gdi32: Don't free bitmap memory pointer in D3DKMTDestroyDCFromMemory().Huw DaviesOK68028
181791AssignedMatteo Bruni[PATCH 2/5] wined3d: Don't handle dual source blending for <= SM3 shaders.Henri VerbeetOK68018
181787AssignedMatteo Bruni[PATCH 1/5] wined3d: Store the framebuffer inline in struct wined3d_state.Henri VerbeetOK68017
181776AssignedBiswapriyo Nath[PATCH] include/d3d9: add missing interfacesHenri VerbeetOK68006
181732NewJactry Zeng[RFC PATCH] winex11.drv: Handle WM_GETMINMAXINFO while resizing resizable window.OK67953
181730AssignedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] dmime: Move finding a track to a help functionMichael StefaniucOK67952
181724NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 2/2] winex11.drv: Update _NET_WM_STATE before resizing windows.Failed67946
181723NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 1/2] user32/tests: Test restoring a full screen window with WS_THICKFRAME style.Failed67945
181661AssignedJeff Smith[PATCH 2/2] jscript: Implement Object.prototype.__proto__ property.Jacek CabanFailed67895
181572AssignedVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH v2] ddraw: implement Pick() and GetPickRecords().Henri Verbeet✓✓Failed67780
181548AssignedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH v2 1/2] d3dx9_36: Handle NULL paletteMatteo BruniOK67752
181532NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH v4 2/2] ntdll/tests: Add tests for ProcessQuotaLimits classOK67740
181531NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH v4 1/2] ntdll: add stub implementation for ProcessQuotaLimitsOK67739
181491NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 2/2] kernel32/tests: Test renaming a file/directory to a different capitalization of itself.OK67681
181490NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 1/2] ntdll: Allow renaming a file/directory to a different capitalization of itself.OK67680
181462NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] include: Add missing structs and defines for xact3wb.hOK67649
181434NewAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 1/3] ntdll: Implement RtlIpv6StringToAddress(Ex)[AW]OK67622
181413AssignedJeff Smith[PATCH 4/4] ddraw/tests: Add function for testing render-target caps by device IID.Henri VerbeetFailed67601
181414AssignedJeff Smith[PATCH 3/4] ddraw/tests: Print name of device as part of failure messages.Henri VerbeetFailed67600
181412AssignedJeff Smith[PATCH 2/4] ddraw/tests: Add function for creating device by IID.Henri VerbeetOK67599
181411AssignedJeff Smith[PATCH 1/4] ddraw/tests: Pass in device IID to look for when enumerating.Henri VerbeetOK67598
181337AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 5/5] d3d9: Report d3d9 adapter ordinal in d3d9_device_GetCreationParameters().Henri VerbeetFailed67525
181336AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 4/5] d3d8: Report d3d8 adapter ordinal in d3d8_device_GetCreationParameters().Henri VerbeetFailed67524
181322NewAlex Henrie[PATCH 3/3] iphlpapi: Implement ParseNetworkString for IPv6 addresses and servicesOK67512
181321NewAlex Henrie[PATCH 2/3] include: Add RtlIpv6StringToAddress(Ex)[AW]OK67511
181302NewZebediah Figura[PATCH v3] user32: Also scan for mouse devices in GetRawInputDeviceList().Failed67491
181289NewBrendan Shanks[PATCH v2] ntdll: Pad heap structure to fix offset of flag fields.Failed67481
181284NewJeff Smith[PATCH 2/2] usp10: Move code into gdi32 and forward calls there.Failed67474
181277NewRafał Mużyło[PATCH v2] winecfg: don't trash app namesOK67469
181257NewMyah Caron[PATCH] winex11: Don't unmap the clip window more than onceOK67453
181244NewRafał Mużyło[PATCH] winecfg: don't trash app namesXOK67443
181168NewBernhard Übelacker[PATCH 1/1] Fix regression in if condition parsing.OK67382
181164NewDerek Lesho[PATCH v1 3/3] mfreadwrite: Implement MF_SOURCE_READER_ASYNC_CALLBACK.OK67380
181112NewRoman Pišl[PATCH 4/4] kernel32: Added real GetConsoleProcessList implementation.OK67339
181114NewRoman Pišl[PATCH 3/4] server: Added get_console_process_list implementation.OK67338
181113NewRoman Pišl[PATCH 2/4] server: Added get_console_process_list to the protocol.Failed67337
181111NewRoman Pišl[PATCH 1/4] kernel32/tests: Extended test for GetConsoleProcessList.OK67336
180989NewVijay Kiran Kamuju[PATCH] include: Add xact3.hOK67199
180980AssignedFrancois Gouget[PATCH] dxgi/tests: Avoid an ever chaning value in a dxgi failure message.Henri VerbeetFailed67193
180950AssignedConnor McAdams[RFC PATCH 5/5] d2d1: Update apply_intersections for cubic beziers.Henri VerbeetOK67168
180945NewConnor McAdams[RFC PATCH 0/5] Cubic bezier helper functions.X
180928NewMyah Caron[PATCH 3/3] kernel32: Add stub for IsNativeVhdBootX
180927NewMyah Caron[PATCH v2 2/3] kernel32: Add stub for GetFirmwareTypeXFailed67155
180926NewMyah Caron[PATCH v2 1/3] kernel32: Add stub for GetFirmwareEnvironmentVariableExXFailed67154
180909NewRoman Pišl[PATCH v2] wineconsole: Don't allow resizing while computing positions.Failed67133
180902NewRoman Pišl[PATCH] wineconsole: Don't activate window when computing positions.OK67129
180866AssignedPaul Gofman[resend PATCH 2/2] wined3d: Validate filter in wined3d_texture_blt().Henri VerbeetOK67081
180865AssignedPaul Gofman[resend PATCH 1/2] d3d9/tests: Add tests for allowed filters for StrecthRect().Henri VerbeetOK67080
180838AssignedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 4/5] d3d9/tests: Test device caps on multiple adapters.Henri VerbeetFailed67052
180748NewGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH resend] server: Try to retrieve the unix name on handles created from file descriptors.OK66993
180654AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH 8/8] wined3d: Always restore styles if changes are allowed.Henri VerbeetOK66925
180653AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH 7/8] wined3d: Use the same style changes as native DXGI.Henri VerbeetFailed66924
180652AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH 6/8] ddraw: Do not modify window styles anymore.Henri VerbeetFailed66923
180651AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH 5/8] d3d9: Do not modify window styles anymore.Henri VerbeetOK66922
180650AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH 4/8] d3d8: Do not modify window styles anymore.Henri VerbeetOK66921
180649AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH 3/8] wined3d: Add WINED3D_SWAPCHAIN_NO_STYLE_CHANGES flag.Henri VerbeetOK66920
180648AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/8] wined3d: Override WM_NCCALCSIZE for fullscreen windows.Henri VerbeetOK66919
180647AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH 1/8] dxgi/tests: Add more complete window style checks.Henri VerbeetOK66918
180646NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 0/8] Wine D3D window decoration changes.X
180585AssignedJactry Zeng[PATCH rebase 4/4] gdi32: Load Wine builtin TrueType fonts from %WINDIR%\fonts first.Huw DaviesOK66854
180584AssignedJactry Zeng[PATCH rebase 3/4] gdi32: Add a helper for trying to load fonts from %WINDIR%\fonts first.Huw DaviesOK66853
180583AssignedJactry Zeng[PATCH rebase 2/4] wine.inf: Add registry entries for builtin TrueType fonts.Huw DaviesOK66852
180582AssignedJactry Zeng[PATCH rebase 1/4] wine.inf: Add "FontFiles" section for copying builtin fonts to %WINDIR%\fonts.Huw DaviesOK66851


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