Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectReviewerSignTestbotJob ID
214724NewConnor McAdams[PATCH 2/4] user32/tests: Fix existing winevents in test_mdi_messages() message sequences.OK98285
214723NewConnor McAdams[PATCH 3/4] user32/tests: Add missing winevents to test_mdi_messages() message sequences.Failed98286
214722NewConnor McAdams[PATCH 4/4] user32/tests: Fix missing messages in test_mdi_messages() message sequences.Failed98287
214721NewConnor McAdams[PATCH 1/4] user32/tests: Fix occasional failure in WmShowNoActivate_2 message sequence.Failed98284
214720NewConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 2/2] oleacc: Add Client_get_accFocus tests.OK98278
214719NewConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 1/2] oleacc: Add Client_get_accFocus implementation.OK98277
214718NewGerald Pfeifer[PATCH v2] makedep: Handle amd64 as x86_64.OK98275
214716NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v4 3/6] robocopy: Add source / destination / file argument parserOK98270
214715NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v4 4/6] robocopy: Add basic outputOK98271
214714NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v4 5/6] robocopy: Add basic copy logic and error handlingOK98272
214713NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v4 1/6] robocopy: Add stubOK98268
214712NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v4 6/6] robocopy/tests: Add basic conformance testsOK98273
214711NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v4 2/6] robocopy/tests: Add stubOK98269
214710NewBrendan Shanks[PATCH v2 3/3] ntdll: Generate SMBIOS tables on Apple Silicon Macs.OK98267
214709NewBrendan Shanks[PATCH v2 2/3] ntdll: Factor out get_smbios_from_iokit().OK98266
214708NewBrendan Shanks[PATCH v2 1/3] ntdll: Factor out SMBIOS table creation.OK98265
214707NewZebediah Figura[PATCH] makefiles: Add libntdll.def to the dependencies for native Unix libraries.OK98264
214706NewZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 3/5] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Parse the pow() intrinsic.
214705NewZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 2/5] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Write SM4 absolute value instructions.
214704NewZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 4/5] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Write SM4 logarithm instructions.
214703NewZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 1/5] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Parse the abs() intrinsic.
214702NewZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 5/5] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Write SM4 exponent instructions.
214699AssignedDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 2/6] winegstreamer: Merge wg_parser_disconnect and wg_parser_destroy.Zebediah Figura
214698AssignedDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 3/6] winegstreamer: Defer blocking on GStreamer initialization until getting a stream.Zebediah Figura
214697AssignedDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 5/6] winegstreamer: Merge wg_*_parser_create functions.Zebediah Figura
214696AssignedDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 6/6] winegstreamer: Merge wg_parser_create and wg_parser_connect.Zebediah Figura
214695NewZebediah Figura[PATCH] makefiles: Depend on winebuild even for unix libraries.OK98257
214694AssignedDerek Lesho[PATCH v2 4/6] winegstreamer: Move fetching of stream duration to the designated function.Zebediah Figura
214693AssignedDerek Lesho[PATCH resend 1/6] winegstreamer: Fix return code in init_gst failure case.Zebediah Figura✓✓OK98256
214678NewConnor McAdams[PATCH 2/2] oleacc: Add Client_get_accFocus tests.OK98255
214677NewConnor McAdams[PATCH 1/2] oleacc: Add Client_get_accFocus implementation.OK98254
214673CommittedEsme Povirk[PATCH] mscoree: Update Wine Mono to 6.4.0.Failed98252
214670CommittedConnor McAdams[PATCH v4 4/4] user32/tests: Fix existing winevents in invisible_parent_tests() message sequences.Failed98251
214671CommittedConnor McAdams[PATCH v4 3/4] user32/tests: Add missing winevents to test_showwindow() message sequences.Failed98250
214672CommittedConnor McAdams[PATCH v4 2/4] user32/tests: Fix existing winevents in test_showwindow() message sequences.Failed98249
214669CommittedConnor McAdams[PATCH v4 1/4] user32/tests: Fix occasional test failure in test_ShowWindow().Failed98248
214668NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 10/10] vkd3d: Return S_OK from ID3D12CommandQueue::GetClockCalibration().
214667NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 09/10] vkd3d: Return E_INVALIDARG for texture creation if SampleDesc.Count == 0.
214666NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 08/10] tests: Add test for SampleDesc.Count == 0 in test_create_committed_resource().
214665NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 07/10] tests: Add tests for NULL views in IASetVertexBuffers().
214664NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 06/10] vkd3d: Ignore IASetVertexBuffers for NULL views.
214663NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 05/10] vkd3d: Use ALLOW_ONLY_BUFFERS for committed buffer resources.
214662NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 04/10] vkd3d: Consider mip level for 3D UAV slice check.
214660NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 03/10] vkd3d: Do not emit fixme if UAV Texture3D.WSize == UINT_MAX.
214661NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 02/10] vkd3d: Clamp RTV/DSV array sizes to their real array lengths.
214659NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 01/10] vkd3d: Use minimum width/height/layer framebuffer.
214658AssignedPaul Gofman[PATCH v2] gdi32: Implement D3DKMTOpenAdapterFromDeviceName().Huw DaviesOK98247
214651CommittedHans Leidekker[PATCH 3/3] winhttp: Consistently validate the buffer in option query functions.OK98245
214650CommittedHans Leidekker[PATCH 2/3] winhttp: Add a stub for WinHttpQueryOption(WINHTTP_OPTION_HTTP_PROTOCOL_USED).OK98244
214649CommittedHans Leidekker[PATCH 1/3] winhttp: Add a stub for WinHttpSetOption(WINHTTP_OPTION_ENABLE_HTTP_PROTOCOL).OK98243
214648SupersededPaul Gofman[PATCH] gdi32: Implement D3DKMTOpenAdapterFromDeviceName().Huw DaviesOK98242
214634CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 5/5] gdi32: Directly call dib driver functions in dibdrv_wglCreateContext.Huw Davies✓✓OK98239
214633CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 4/5] gdi32: Directly use ntdll in dib.c.Huw Davies✓✓OK98238
214632CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 3/5] gdi32: Use NtQuerySystemInformation instead of GetSystemInfo.Huw Davies✓✓OK98237
214631CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 2/5] gdi32: Avoid calling gdi32 functions from ntgdi functions.Huw Davies✓✓OK98236
214630CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 1/5] gdi32: Access stretch mode directly from DC in NtGdiTransparentBlt.Huw Davies✓✓OK98235
214626CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH] mfplat/allocator: Reduce duplication by returning ready-to-queue structure from allocation helper.OK98234
214625CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 6/6] oleaut32: Remove some local variables in Invoke() that don't improve readability.OK98233
214624CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 5/6] oleaut32: Remove unnecessary initialization of retval arg slot in Invoke().OK98232
214623CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 4/6] oleaut32: Use single local variable to access missing args array in Invoke().OK98231
214622CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 3/6] oleaut32/tests: Link to SafeArrayGetVartype() directly.OK98230
214621Test failureNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/6] oleaut32/tests: Use RegisterTypeLibForUser() to run tmarshal tests.Failed98229
214620CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/6] oleaut32/tests: Remove unused variable.OK98228
214619CommittedHans Leidekker[PATCH] adsldp: Fix error returned from openobj_OpenDSObject().OK98227
214617NewPaul Gofman[PATCH v3 3/3] ntdll: Optimize get_vprot_range_size() for big ranges.OK98226
214616NewPaul Gofman[PATCH v3 2/3] ntdll: Scan pages only once in get_basic_memory_info().OK98225
214618NewPaul Gofman[PATCH v3 1/3] ntdll: Factor out get_vprot_range_size() function.OK98224
214615CommittedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 2/2] include: Allow compiling with C++OK98223
214614CommittedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 1/2] include: avoid C++ keywordOK98222
214613AuthorshipEric Pouech[PATCH 9/9] dbghelp/dwarf: Handle C++ rvalue reference type as a referenceXOK98221
214612NewEric Pouech[PATCH 8/9] dbghelp/dwarf: Support more dwarf's TAG related to types in udt parsingOK98220
214611NewEric Pouech[PATCH 7/9] dbghelp/dwarf: Added support for DW_TAG_subrange_type in various placesOK98219
214610NewEric Pouech[PATCH 6/9] dbghelp/dwarf: Support enumeration as index type for arraysOK98218
214609NewEric Pouech[PATCH 5/9] dbghelp/dwarf: Added support for parsing dwarf's 3 restrict type TAGOK98217
214608NewEric Pouech[PATCH 4/9] dbghelp/dwarf: dwarf4 integrates some tweaks in high / low pc attritbutesOK98216
214607NewEric Pouech[PATCH 0/9] Sixth step for Dwarf3/4 support in dbghelp X
214606AuthorshipEric Pouech[PATCH 3/9] dbghelp: removed unneeded #include <limits.h>XOK98215
214605NewEric Pouech[PATCH 2/9] dbghelp/dwarf: properly detect base address selection in AT_rangesOK98214
214604NewEric Pouech[PATCH 1/9] dbghelp/dwarf: in DW_AT_ranges, the values are relative to the start of the CUOK98213
214599NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v3 6/6] robocopy/tests: Add basic conformance tests✓✓OK98212
214598NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v3 5/6] robocopy: Add basic copy logic and error handling✓✓OK98211
214597NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v3 4/6] robocopy: Add basic output✓✓OK98210
214601RejectedFlorian Eder[PATCH v3 3/6] robocopy: Add source / destination / file argument parser✓✓OK98209
214596RejectedFlorian Eder[PATCH v3 2/6] robocopy/tests: Add stub✓✓OK98208
214600NewFlorian Eder[PATCH v3 1/6] robocopy: Add stub✓✓OK98207
214590CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 6/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInputDevice8_EnumObjects tests.Failed98204
214592CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 5/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInputDevice8_SetProperty tests.OK98203
214591CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 4/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInputDevice8_GetDeviceData tests.Failed98202
214593CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 3/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInputDevice8_GetDeviceState tests.OK98201
214594CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/6] dinput8/tests: Make ret_length optional in struct hid_expect.OK98200
214587NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 5/5] hidparse.sys: Add HID_VALUE_CAPS_IS_BUTTON flag instead of checking bit_size / bit_field.OK98206
214595NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 4/5] hidparse.sys: Add HID_VALUE_CAPS_IS_(ABSOLUTE|CONSTANT) flags instead of checking bit_field.OK98205
214586NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 3/5] hidparse.sys: Replace start_index with HID_VALUE_CAPS_ARRAY_HAS_MORE flag.OK98199
214588NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/5] hidparse.sys: Replace all is_*range members with a single flags member.OK98198
214589NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 1/5] hidparse.sys: Split struct hid_value_caps start_bit into start_byte / start_bit.OK98197
214585CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 1/6] dinput: Fire the notification only after all events have been queued.OK98196
214581CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 5/5] winebus.sys: Use wide character strings literals.OK98195
214584CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 4/5] winebus.sys: Use new unixlib subsystem.OK98194
214580CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 3/5] winebus.sys: Use a pthread_mutex_t instead of CRITICAL_SECTION.OK98193
214582CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/5] winebus.sys: Avoid process heap allocations on the unix side.OK98192
214583CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 1/5] winebus.sys: Build with msvcrt.OK98191
214579NewGerald Pfeifer[PATCH] makedep: Handle amd64 as x86-64.OK98182
214572CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d] vkd3d-shader: Factor out a vkd3d_shader_trace_text() helper and use it in vkd3d_spirv_dump() (Valgrind).✓✓
214567SupersededDerek Lesho[PATCH 3/3] winegstreamer: Merge parser creation functions and wg_parser_connect.Zebediah FiguraOK98180
214566SupersededDerek Lesho[PATCH 2/3] winegstreamer: Merge wg_parser_disconnect and wg_parser_destroy.Zebediah FiguraFailed98179
214565CommittedDerek Lesho[PATCH 1/3] winegstreamer: Fix return code in init_gst failure case.Zebediah Figura✓✓OK98177
214563AssignedRobert Wilhelm[PATCH] vbscript: Handle recursive call.Jacek CabanOK98171
214555CommittedMatteo Bruni[v2 PATCH vkd3d 5/6] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Parse the saturate() intrinsic.✓✓✓
214547NewConnor McAdams[PATCH v3 6/6] user32/tests: Fix missing messages in test_mdi_messages() message sequences.OK98170
214545NewConnor McAdams[PATCH v3 5/6] user32/tests: Add missing winevents to test_mdi_messages() message sequences.Failed98169
214544NewConnor McAdams[PATCH v3 4/6] user32/tests: Fix existing winevents in test_mdi_messages() message sequences.Failed98168
214543SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v3 3/6] user32/tests: Fix existing winevents in invisible_parent_tests() message sequences.Failed98167
214546SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v3 2/6] user32/tests: Add missing winevents to test_showwindow() message sequences.Failed98166
214542SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v3 1/6] user32/tests: Fix existing winevents in test_showwindow() message sequences.Failed98165
214541SupersededPaul Gofman[PATCH v2 3/3] ntdll: Optimize get_vprot_range_size() for big ranges.OK98164
214540SupersededPaul Gofman[PATCH v2 2/3] ntdll: Scan pages only once in get_basic_memory_info().OK98163
214539SupersededPaul Gofman[PATCH v2 1/3] ntdll: Factor out get_vprot_range_size() function.OK98162
214538NewGuillaume Charifi[PATCH v12 2/2] ws2_32: Add tests for IOCTL_AFD_POLL exclusive flag.Failed98159
214537NewGuillaume Charifi[PATCH v12 1/2] ntdll/socket: Implement exclusive flag for IOCTL_AFD_POLL.OK98158
214535SupersededPaul Gofman[PATCH 3/3] ntdll: Optimize get_vprot_range_size() for big ranges.OK98157
214534SupersededPaul Gofman[PATCH 2/3] ntdll: Scan pages only once in get_basic_memory_info().OK98156
214533SupersededPaul Gofman[PATCH 1/3] ntdll: Factor out get_vprot_range_size() function.OK98155
214531SupersededGuillaume Charifi[PATCH v11 2/2] ws2_32: Add tests for IOCTL_AFD_POLL exclusive flag.OK98151
214530SupersededGuillaume Charifi[PATCH v11 1/2] ntdll/socket: Implement exclusive flag for IOCTL_AFD_POLL.OK98150
214527CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH] d2d1: Check the vertex count again after duplicate removal in d2d_path_geometry_triangulate().OK98147
214525CommittedPiotr Caban[PATCH v2] oleacc: Add tests for AccessibleObjectFromEvent.✓✓OK98146
214524SupersededGuillaume Charifi[PATCH v4 2/2] ws2_32: Add tests for IOCTL_AFD_POLL exclusive flag.
214523SupersededGuillaume Charifi[PATCH v10 1/2] ntdll/socket: Implement exclusive flag for IOCTL_AFD_POLL.OK98144
214520CommittedPiotr Caban[PATCH 2/2 v5] oleacc: Add STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSED test for default client object.✓✓OK98143
214519CommittedPiotr Caban[PATCH 1/2 v5] oleacc: Check proper GUI thread for window focus.✓✓OK98142
214518CommittedPiotr Caban[PATCH] msvcrt: Use unaligned data types in memset.✓✓OK98141
214508CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH] mf/evr: Remove duplicated check in GetStreamSinkCount() (Coverity).OK98139
214507CommittedHans Leidekker[PATCH] winhttp: Don't fail the request if authorization fails.OK98138
214505SupersededMartin Storsjö[PATCH v2] msvcrt: Avoid disallowed unaligned writes in memset on ARMPiotr CabanOK98137
214503ReplyPiotr CabanRe: [PATCH] msvcrt: Avoid disallowed unaligned writes in memset on ARMXOK98136
214502CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 12/12] dbghelp/dwarf: When loading a DWZ alternate file, don't force loading of all debug_infosOK98135
214501CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 11/12] dbghelp/dwarf: added proper support for DW_FORM_GNU_ref_altOK98134
214500CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 10/12] dbghelp/dwarf! Added a new helper to jump into another debug_infoOK98133
214499CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 09/12] dbghelp/dwarf: No longer passing a unit context when parsing debug_info contentOK98132
214498CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 08/12] dbghelp/dwarf: Folded printing info about unit context when printing debug_info'sOK98131
214497CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 07/12] dbghelp/dwarf: No longer passing a unit context to dwarf2_get_cpp_nameOK98130
214496CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 06/12] dbghelp/dwarf: No longer passing a parse context to dwarf2_find_attributeOK98129
214495CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 05/12] dbghelp/dwarf: Now loading the alternate dwarf file content as we do for a regular dwarf moduleOK98128
214494CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 04/12] dbghelp/dwarf: Now properly handling DW_FORM_GNU_strp_altOK98127
214492CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 03/12] dbghelp/dwarf: store in dwarf2 module's information a potential link to an external DWZ fileOK98126
214491CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 02/12] dbghelp: Added support for locating a .dwz file (GNU extension) attached to a debug fileOK98125
214490CommittedEric Pouech[PATCH 01/12] dbghelp: separate alternate debug file lookupOK98124
214488NewChao Long[PATCH] winex11.drv: some windows are not menu.OK98123
214487CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH] mfplay: Remove some dead code (Coverity).OK98122
214482CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 6/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInputDevice8_(Un)Acquire tests.OK98121
214483CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 5/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInputDevice8_SetCooperativeLevel tests.OK98120
214484CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 4/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInputDevice8_SetEventNotification tests.OK98119
214485CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 3/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInputDevice8_SetDataFormat tests.OK98118
214481CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInput8_CreateDevice tests.OK98117
214480CommittedRémi Bernon[PATCH 1/6] dinput8/tests: Add some HID joystick IDirectInputDevice8_GetProperty tests.OK98116
214476SupersededRémi Bernon[PATCH 7/7] winebus.sys: Build with msvcrt.OK98115
214470RejectedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 8/8] user32/tests: Add display device interface tests.Failed98102
214471CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH v2 7/8] user32/tests: Fix some test failures on the w7u_2qxl TestBot.
214468CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 6/8] winemac.drv: Register GUID_DEVINTERFACE_MONITOR interface for monitors.OK98100
214467CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 5/8] winemac.drv: Register GUID_DISPLAY_DEVICE_ARRIVAL interface for GPUs.OK98099
214466CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 4/8] winemac.drv: Register GUID_DEVINTERFACE_DISPLAY_ADAPTER interface for GPUs.OK98098
214465CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 3/8] winex11.drv: Register GUID_DEVINTERFACE_MONITOR interface for monitors.OK98097
214464CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 2/8] winex11.drv: Register GUID_DISPLAY_DEVICE_ARRIVAL interface for GPUs.✓✓OK98096
214463CommittedZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 1/8] winex11.drv: Register GUID_DEVINTERFACE_DISPLAY_ADAPTER interface for GPUs.OK98095
214462AssignedNikolay Sivov[PATCH] d3dx10_35/tests: Enable tests.Matteo BruniOK98094
214460AssignedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 5/5] d3d10/effect: Reference pool in the child effect.Matteo BruniOK98093
214459AssignedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 4/5] d3d10/effect: Validate flags vs pool instance when creating child effects.Matteo BruniOK98092
214458AssignedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 3/5] d3d10/effect: Add a helper to parse annotations array.Matteo BruniOK98091
214461AssignedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/5] d3d10/effect: Partially implement D3D10CreateEffectPoolFromMemory().Matteo BruniOK98090
214457AssignedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/5] d3d10/effect: Move effect creation API functions.Matteo BruniOK98089
214454NewZebediah FiguraRe: [RFC PATCH 0/5] XAudio PE conversion.XFailed98088
214444SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 5/5] user32/tests: Fix missing messages in test_mdi_messages() message sequences.Failed98087
214445SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 4/5] user32/tests: Fix existing winevents in test_mdi_messages() message sequences.Failed98086
214446SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 3/5] user32/tests: Fix existing winevents in invisible_parent_tests() message sequences.Failed98085
214443SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 2/5] user32/tests: Add missing winevents to test_showwindow() message sequences.Failed98084
214441SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 1/5] user32/tests: Fix existing winevents in test_showwindow() message sequences.Failed98083
214434NewChao Long[PATCH] programs/explorer: Add missing arg_n to parse_command_line() commandline.OK98077
214433CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v6 5/5] winegstreamer: Replace source pad interface with GstAppSrc.✓✓OK98073
214432CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v6 4/5] winegstreamer: Allocate source media buffers in the PE components.✓✓OK98072
214431CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v6 3/5] winegstreamer: Duplicate source shutdown path into constructor with leak fixes.✓✓OK98071
214430CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v6 2/5] winegstreamer: Properly clean up from failure in wg_parser_connect().OK98070
214429CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v6 1/5] winegstreamer: Factor out more of the init_gst callback into wg_parser_connect().OK98069
214427CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 6/6] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Write SM4 saturate instructions.✓✓✓✓
214425SupersededZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 5/6] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Parse the saturate() intrinsic.✓✓
214424CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 4/6] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Write SM4 min instructions.✓✓✓✓
214428CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 3/6] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Write SM1 min instructions.✓✓✓✓
214423CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 2/6] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Write SM4 max instructions.✓✓✓✓
214426CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH vkd3d 1/6] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Write SM1 max instructions.✓✓✓✓
214422SupersededFlorian Eder[PATCH v2 6/6] robocopy/tests: Add basic conformance testsOK98062
214421SupersededFlorian Eder[PATCH v2 5/6] robocopy: Add basic copy logic and error handlingOK98061
214420SupersededFlorian Eder[PATCH v2 4/6] robocopy: Add basic outputOK98060
214419SupersededFlorian Eder[PATCH v2 3/6] robocopy: Add source / destination / file argument parserOK98059
214418SupersededFlorian Eder[PATCH v2 2/6] robocopy/tests: Add stub✓✓OK98058
214417SupersededFlorian Eder[PATCH v2 1/6] robocopy: Add stub✓✓OK98057
214413SupersededMartin Storsjo[PATCH] msvcrt: Avoid disallowed unaligned writes in memset on ARMPiotr CabanOK98054
214404CommittedMichael Stefaniuc[PATCH] sxs: Don't assign a COM object to the 3rd param of QueryInterfaceOK98048
214390CommittedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH] mshtml: Fix out-of-bounds props access.Jacek Caban✓✓OK98032
214355NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 3/3] sapi: ISpObjectTokenCategory SetId - Support create parameterOK98024
214354NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 2/3] sapi: ISpObjectToken SetId - Support create parameterOK98023
214353NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 1/3] include: Add ISpAudio interfaceOK98022
214337NewMatteo Bruni[PATCH vkd3d v3 2/2] vkd3d-shader: Allocate memory for a string buffer at init time.
214338NewMatteo Bruni[PATCH vkd3d v3 1/2] vkd3d-shader: Don't resize the buffer when there is enough free space.
214277RejectedChip Davis[PATCH v3 2/2] ntdll: Use the F_PREALLOCATE fcntl(2) on Mac OS when posix_fallocate(2/3) isn't available.OK97961
214272CommittedDaniel Lehman[PATCH] msxml3/tests: Avoid double-free using BSTR helper.Nikolay Sivov✓✓OK97947
214246NewPiotr Caban[PATCH] server: Don't wait for low level hook result when queueing hardware message.OK97924
214240AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH v4 3/3] msvcrt: Add an SSE2 memset_aligned_32 implementation.Piotr Caban✓✓OK97923
214241AssignedRémi Bernon[PATCH v4 2/3] msvcrt: Check for ERMS support and use rep stosb for large memset calls.Piotr Caban✓✓OK97922
214219AssignedEduard Permyakov[PATCH v6] dsound: Commit next audio chunk between play cursor and write cursor to playing.Andrew EikumOK97909
214186AssignedChangsheng Chen[PATCH v2] d2d1: Fix the stack overflow error caused by d2d_cdt_triangulate().Henri VerbeetOK97874
214182CommittedConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v2] vkd3d: Do not attempt to enable primitive restart for non-strip topology.✓✓
214181AssignedZiqing Hui[PATCH v2] d2d1/tests: Add tests for 2D affine effect.Henri VerbeetOK97870
214180NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d resend 5/5] vkd3d-shader: Shift the private variable destination mask, not the source.
214179SupersededConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 5/5] vkd3d-shader: Shift the private variable destination mask, not the source.
214178NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 4/5] vkd3d-shader: Fix TessFactor order for isolines.
214176NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 3/5] tests: Add tests for domain shader patch constant inputs.
214177NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 2/5] vkd3d-shader: Handle arrayed builtin inputs.
214175NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 1/5] vkd3d-shader: Apply 'Patch' decoration to builtin patch constant inputs.
214173NewBrendan Shanks[PATCH 3/3] ntdll: Generate SMBIOS tables on Apple Silicon Macs.OK97868
214172NewBrendan Shanks[PATCH 2/3] ntdll: Factor out get_smbios_from_iokit().OK97867
214174RejectedBrendan Shanks[PATCH 1/3] ntdll: Factor out SMBIOS table creation.OK97866
214062SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v4 2/2] oleacc: Add STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSED test for default client object.OK97763
214061SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v4 1/2] oleacc: Check proper GUI thread for window focus.OK97762
214051SupersededGuillaume Charifi[PATCH v2 resent] msvcrt: Add an ermsb-based memset for x86/64.Piotr CabanOK97753
214047AssignedFabian Maurer[PATCH v3 3/3] msi: Show messageboxes as modalHans LeidekkerXOK97750
214046Needs testsFabian Maurer[PATCH v3 2/3] msi: Disable parent dialogs while modal dialog is openHans LeidekkerOK97749
214038NewFabian Maurer[PATCH v3 3/3] user32: For monochrome icon, write bits line by line This fixes a regression from db2b266c57b73e1a16785213ce923b749c84400e.Failed97743
214037NewFabian Maurer[PATCH v2] user32: When converting strings from A->W, ignore handles/resourcesOK97742
214035NewFabian Maurer[PATCH v3 2/3] user32: For monochrome icon, use color table to avoid undefined behaviorFailed97741
214036NewFabian Maurer[PATCH v3 1/3] user32/tests: Add tests for monochrome iconsFailed97740
214013NewMatias Zuniga[PATCH v2] ntdll: resolve drive symlink for mapped filenameOK97726
213990SupersededGuillaume Charifi[PATCH v4 2/2] ws2_32: Add tests for IOCTL_AFD_POLL exclusive flag.
213989SupersededGuillaume Charifi[PATCH v9 1/2] ntdll/socket: Implement exclusive flag for IOCTL_AFD_POLL.OK97713
213938NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 4/4] winebus.sys: Remove the now useless is_xbox_gamepad helper.OK97684
213937NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 3/4] winebus.sys: Use WINEBUS\ as a common hardware ids prefix.OK97683
213936NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/4] winebus.sys: Pretend that SDL and IOHID devices have one interface.OK97682
213935NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 1/4] winexinput.sys: Register known XBox controllers hardware ids.OK97681
213861AssignedBernhard Übelacker[PATCH v2] msxml3: Fix crash with property xmlns without prefix.Nikolay SivovFailed97639
213856NewXu Wei[PATCH v3 2/2] kernelbase: Fix stack overflow by DefineDosDeviceW().OK97637
213857NewXu Wei[PATCH v3 1/2] kernel32/tests: Fix stack overflow by DefineDosDeviceW().Failed97636
213847NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] dbghelp: Support UWOP_EPILOG in unwindOK97626
213836NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v2 6/6] tests: Add bundle tests for graphics pipelines.
213835NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v2 5/6] tests: Add bundle tests for compute pipelines.
213834NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 4/6] tests: Use D3D12_RESOURCE_STATE_VERTEX_AND_CONSTANT_BUFFER for constant buffers in test_unbounded_resource_arrays().
213833NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 3/6] tests: Silence -Wstringop-overread warnings from GCC 11.1+.
213832NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 2/6] tests: Use assert_that() in get_buffer_readback_with_command_list().
213800NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH 2/2] ntdll: Detect timezone from host TZ setting.OK97602
213801NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH 1/2] loader: Include timezones' Olson names in the registry.OK97601
213797NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 1/3] tests: Introduce struct bundle_context.
213731NewEduard Permyakov[PATCH v5 3/3] winex11.drv: Add EDID to the xinerama monitor devices.OK97539
213730NewEduard Permyakov[PATCH v5 2/3] winex11.drv: Add EDID to the virtual desktop monitor device.OK97538
213729NewEduard Permyakov[PATCH v5 1/3] winex11.drv: Add 'EDID' registry key to every monitor device.OK97537
213709SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH] oleacc: Add tests for AccessibleObjectFromEvent.OK97530
213654AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 3/3] wined3d: Emulate fractional viewports if GL doesn't support them (v2).Henri Verbeet
213653AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 2/3] d3d9/tests: Test triangle filling convention.Henri VerbeetOK97488
213652AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 1/3] wined3d: Test if a nudge is needed to get the correct filling convention.Henri VerbeetFailed97487
213628AssignedGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH 7/7] mfplat/tests: Test pausing a media stream.Nikolay SivovFailed97478
213629AssignedGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH 6/7] mfplat/tests: Mark points where not media events are expected.Nikolay SivovFailed97477
213627AssignedGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH 5/7] mfplat/tests: Use synchronous API to get media events.Nikolay SivovFailed97476
213632AssignedGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH 4/7] mfplat/tests: Check for source and stream start messages.Nikolay SivovFailed97475
213633NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH 3/7] winegstreamer: Implement pausing the media source.OK97474
213631NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH 2/7] winegstreamer: Only seek if it was requested by the caller.OK97473
213630NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH 1/7] winegstreamer: Emit absolute timestamp in media source.OK97472
213626NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 41/41] robocopy: add help message (/?)OK97471
213625NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 40/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /LOG, /LOG+Failed97470
213624NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 39/41] robocopy: add write to logfile flag (/LOG, /LOG+)OK97469
213623NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 38/41] robocopy: print date / time stringOK97468
213622NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 37/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for mixed flags and long pathsOK97467
213621NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 36/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /XX, /XL, /XCOK97466
213620NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 35/41] robocopy: add flag to prevent overwriting of changed files (/XC)OK97465
213619NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 34/41] robocopy: add flag to exclude files only found in source / destination (/XX, /XL)OK97464
213618NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 33/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /XO, /XNOK97463
213617NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 32/41] robocopy: add flag to prevent overwriting of newer / older files (/XN, /XO)OK97462
213616NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 31/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /MINAGE, /MAXAGEOK97461
213615NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 30/41] robocopy: add min / max age of file flag (/MINAGE, /MAXAGE)OK97460
213614NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 29/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /MIN, /MAXOK97459
213613NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 28/41] robocopy: add min / max file size flag (/MIN, /MAX)OK97458
213612NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 27/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /LOK97457
213611NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 26/41] robocopy: add dry run flag (/L)OK97456
213610NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 25/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /LEVOK97455
213609NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 24/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for wildcards and /XF, /XDOK97454
213608NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 23/41] robocopy: add excluded file / directory parser (/XF, /XD)OK97453
213607NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 22/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /MOVEOK97452
213606NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 21/41] robocopy: add move source folder switch (/MOVE)OK97451
213605NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 20/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /MIROK97450
213604NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 19/41] robocopy: add mirror source flag (/MIR)OK97449
213603NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 18/41] robocopy: add clear destination folder flag (/PURGE)OK97448
213602NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 17/41] robocopy: modify exit code in case of extra filesOK97447
213601NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 16/41] robocopy: add statisticsOK97446
213600NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 15/41] robocopy/tests: add conformance tests for /MOVOK97445
213599NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 14/41] robocopy: add move files switch (/MOV)OK97444
213598NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 13/41] robocopy/tests: check if files are equal in source and destinationOK97443
213597NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 12/41] robocopy/tests: add basic conformance testsOK97442
213596NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 11/41] robocopy: add exit codes and input checksOK97441
213593NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 10/41] robocopy: add argument outputOK97440
213592NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 09/41] robocopy: add copy empty subdirectories flag (/E)OK97439
213591NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 08/41] robocopy: add copy all subdirectories flag (/S)OK97438
213590NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 07/41] robocopy: add max subdirectory depth (/LEV)OK97437
213589NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 06/41] robocopy: add basic error outputOK97436
213587NewFlorian Eder[PATCH 04/41] robocopy: add basic outputOK97434
213575NewPaul Gofman[PATCH v2 3/3] user32/tests: Add test for GUID_DISPLAY_DEVICE_ARRIVAL device interface presence.Failed97422
213574NewPaul Gofman[PATCH v2 2/3] winemac.drv: Add GUID_DISPLAY_DEVICE_ARRIVAL interface to display device.OK97421
213573NewPaul Gofman[PATCH v2 1/3] winex11.drv: Add GUID_DISPLAY_DEVICE_ARRIVAL interface to display device.OK97420
213511AssignedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH 1/2] wininet: Set context length for http status 403Jacek CabanFailed97329
213487NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 5/5] vkd3d: Introduce command list type bundle.
213486NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 4/5] tests: Test the effect of bundle default state on the executing command list.
213485NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d 3/5] vkd3d: Check for command allocators having a different vtable.
213481NewEduard Permyakov[PATCH] winex11.drv: Derive the monitor device name from the EDID where available.Failed97312
213449AssignedFrancois Gouget[PATCH] riched20/tests: Check clipboard content after destroying the editor window.Huw DaviesFailed97295
213421NewShen Fusheng[PATCH v1] opengl32: Fix unexpected format PIPE_FORMAT_R8G8B8_UNORMFailed97272
213410AssignedZiqing Hui[PATCH] d2d1/tests: Add tests for 2D affine effect.Henri VerbeetOK97262
213296NewJiajin Cui[PATCH] gdi32: Remove useless calls to CreateICA.OK97155
213258SupersededDerek Lesho[RFC PATCH 5/5] winegstreamer: Merge parser creation functions and wg_parser_connect.XOK97070
213259SupersededDerek Lesho[RFC PATCH 4/5] winegstreamer: Merge wg_parser_disconnect and wg_parser_destroy.OK97069
213203AssignedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 2/2] mshtml/tests: Test ES5 keywords as identifiers.Jacek CabanFailed97048
213202AssignedGabriel Ivăncescu[PATCH v2 1/2] jscript: Allow ES5 keywords in identifiers.Jacek CabanOK97047
213169NewFrancois Gouget[PATCH] winebus.sys: Make hid_descriptor_append() static.OK97002
213093NewGijs Vermeulen[PATCH v2] avicap32: Partially implement capCreateCaptureWindowW.OK96935
213070NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH vkd3d 5/5] tests: Test a number of simple HLSL operations.
213069NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH vkd3d 4/5] tests: Test a for loop, with break and continue.
213066NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH vkd3d 3/5] tests: Test matrix multiplication.
213068NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH vkd3d 2/5] tests: Test the shape of the sum of two numeric values.
212988NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 1/3] ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Print the current test name instead of ntorksnl.OK96849
212987NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 2/3] winetest: Introduce new winetest static library.OK96850
212986NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 3/3] ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Use new winetest library for driver tests.OK96851
212958NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v4 9/9] vkd3d-shader: Decorate SPIR-V for non-uniform access where flagged in dxbc.
212858NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 3/3] hid/tests: Move hidp driver-based tests from ntoskrnl.exe.OK96770
212857NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 2/3] ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Print the current test name instead of ntorksnl.Failed96769
212859NewRémi Bernon[PATCH v3 1/3] ntoskrnl.exe/tests: Move driver testing helpers to a separate file.OK96768
212836Assigned陈长胜[PATCH] d2d1: Fix the stack overflow error caused by d2d_cdt_triangulate().Henri VerbeetFailed96740
212802AssignedAnton Baskanov[PATCH 4/4] quartz/vmr9: Fix source pitch for luma plane.Zebediah FiguraOK96682
212801AssignedAnton Baskanov[PATCH 3/4] quartz/vmr9: Remove the now redundant memcpy.Zebediah FiguraOK96681
212800AssignedAnton Baskanov[PATCH 2/4] quartz/vmr9: Copy the chroma planes separately for NV12 and YV12.Zebediah FiguraOK96680
212799AssignedAnton Baskanov[PATCH 1/4] quartz/vmr9: Factor out plane data copying.Zebediah FiguraOK96679
212788NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH v3 2/2] xactengine3_7: Implement IXACT3Engine PrepareInMemoryWaveOK96656
212789NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH v3 1/2] xactengine3_7: Implement IXACT3Engine PrepareStreamingWaveOK96655
212757NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] crypt32: Only report Unimplemented decoder when not found in externall dllOK96550
212660AssignedFrancois Gouget[PATCH] msxml3: SchemaCache_version() is unused so remove it.Nikolay SivovOK96483
212641NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH vkd3d] vkd3d-shader/hlsl: Do not swallow compilation errors.
212624NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH vkd3d] Cleanup HLSL context during error path.
212608NewAlex Henrie[PATCH] cmd: Ensure new volume label is null-terminated (Coverity)OK96443
212606NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d] vkd3d: Do not attempt to enable primitive restart for non-strip topology.
212505NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 3/3] user32/tests: Add a helper to initialize function pointers.Failed96355
212503NewZhiyi Zhang[PATCH 1/3] user32/tests: Separate display config test functions.OK96353
212486NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 6/6] xinput1_3: Use the internal XInput device interface.OK96343
212485NewRémi Bernon[PATCH 5/6] xinput.sys: Create an internal PDO, on the XINPUT bus.OK96342
212469SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 4/4] user32/tests: Fix ShowWindow() message sequences to support WinEvents.Failed96328
212467SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 3/4] user32/tests: Mark some winevents optional in the ShowWindow sequences.OK96327
212468SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 2/4] user32/tests: Fix SetParent/SetFocus message sequences to support WinEvents.Failed96326
212466SupersededConnor McAdams[PATCH v2 1/4] user32/tests: Mark some winevents optional in the SetParent sequence.Failed96325
212456NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 2/2] ntdll: Replace fstat and lstat with fstatat in get_file_info.OK96315
212455NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 1/2] ntdll: Unify get_file_info and fd_get_file_info.OK96314
212279NewAlex Xu (Hello71)[PATCH v3 5/5] kernel32/tests: add IOCTL_COPYCHUNK testXOK96158
212278NewAlex Xu (Hello71)[PATCH v3 3/5] setupapi: Use IOCTL_COPYCHUNK, avoid buffering whole fileXOK96156
212277NewAlex Xu (Hello71)[PATCH v3 4/5] lmshare.h: define STYPE_TEMPORARYXOK96157
212276NewAlex Xu (Hello71)[PATCH v3 2/5] kernelbase: use IOCTL_COPYCHUNK in CopyFile*XOK96155
212275NewAlex Xu (Hello71)[PATCH v3 1/5] ntdll: add support for IOCTL_COPYCHUNK.XOK96154
212274NewAlex Xu (Hello71)[PATCH v3 0/5] Implement reflink supportX
212271NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v2 8/9] vkd3d-shader: Skip second-order extended operand if present.
212270NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v2 7/9] vkd3d-shader: Extract operand modifier for non-uniform descriptor indexing.
212269NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v2 6/9] vkd3d-shader: Extract minimum precision operand modifier.
212268NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v3 5/9] vkd3d-shader: Handle extended instruction operand fields.
212267NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v2 4/9] vkd3d: Validate unbounded descriptor ranges.
212266NewConor McCarthy[PATCH vkd3d v2 3/9] vkd3d: Create and write descriptor sets for root signature unbounded ranges.
212029AssignedHiroki Awata[PATCH v3 2/2] quartz: Adds a decrement of the reference count corresponding to the increment.Zebediah FiguraOK95959
212028AssignedHiroki Awata[PATCH v3 1/2] quartz: Change reference increasing method to avoid unintended DLL unloading.Zebediah FiguraOK95958
212000NewGiovanni Mascellani[PATCH vkd3d] tests/vkd3d_api: Ignore llvmpipe device for testing.X
211975AssignedEduard Permyakov[PATCH v3 2/2] dsound/tests: Add test for overwriting mixing region in a buffer.Andrew EikumFailed95945
211938NewAlex Henrie[PATCH] cmd: Check for correct number of parameters to if commandFailed95897
211893AssignedEduard Permyakov[PATCH v2 2/2] dsound/tests: Add test for overwriting mixing region in a buffer.Andrew EikumOK95871
211892AssignedEduard Permyakov[PATCH v2 1/2] dsound: Commit next audio chunk between play cursor and write cursor to playing.Andrew EikumFailed95870


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