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Variables: 0

Stubs: 0

Functions: 17

Exports-Total: 66

Implemented-Total: 66 (100%)

Documented-Total: 6 (35%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Andrew Hughes, Hans Leidekker, John Brezak, Juan Lang, Stefan Leichter

Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the git commit logs and the File "AUTHORS" in the Wine source tree.


accept (forward to accept in ws2_32)

bind (forward to bind in ws2_32)

closesocket (forward to closesocket in ws2_32)

connect (forward to connect in ws2_32)

getpeername (forward to getpeername in ws2_32)

getsockname (forward to getsockname in ws2_32)

getsockopt (not documented)

htonl (forward to htonl in ws2_32)

htons (forward to htons in ws2_32)

inet_addr (forward to inet_addr in ws2_32)

inet_ntoa (forward to inet_ntoa in ws2_32)

ioctlsocket (forward to ioctlsocket in ws2_32)

listen (forward to listen in ws2_32)

ntohl (forward to ntohl in ws2_32)

ntohs (forward to ntohs in ws2_32)

recv (forward to recv in ws2_32)

recvfrom (forward to recvfrom in ws2_32)

select (forward to select in ws2_32)

send (forward to send in ws2_32)

sendto (forward to sendto in ws2_32)

setsockopt (not documented)

shutdown (forward to shutdown in ws2_32)

socket (forward to socket in ws2_32)

gethostbyaddr (forward to gethostbyaddr in ws2_32)

gethostbyname (forward to gethostbyname in ws2_32)

getprotobyname (forward to getprotobyname in ws2_32)

getprotobynumber (forward to getprotobynumber in ws2_32)

getservbyname (forward to getservbyname in ws2_32)

getservbyport (forward to getservbyport in ws2_32)

gethostname (forward to gethostname in ws2_32)

WSAAsyncSelect (forward to WSAAsyncSelect in ws2_32)

WSAAsyncGetHostByAddr (forward to WSAAsyncGetHostByAddr in ws2_32)

WSAAsyncGetHostByName (forward to WSAAsyncGetHostByName in ws2_32)

WSAAsyncGetProtoByNumber (forward to WSAAsyncGetProtoByNumber in ws2_32)

WSAAsyncGetProtoByName (forward to WSAAsyncGetProtoByName in ws2_32)

WSAAsyncGetServByPort (forward to WSAAsyncGetServByPort in ws2_32)

WSAAsyncGetServByName (forward to WSAAsyncGetServByName in ws2_32)

WSACancelAsyncRequest (forward to WSACancelAsyncRequest in ws2_32)

WSASetBlockingHook (forward to WSASetBlockingHook in ws2_32)

WSAUnhookBlockingHook (forward to WSAUnhookBlockingHook in ws2_32)

WSAGetLastError (forward to WSAGetLastError in ws2_32)

WSASetLastError (forward to WSASetLastError in ws2_32)

WSACancelBlockingCall (forward to WSACancelBlockingCall in ws2_32)

WSAIsBlocking (forward to WSAIsBlocking in ws2_32)

WSAStartup (forward to WSAStartup in ws2_32)

WSACleanup (forward to WSACleanup in ws2_32)

__WSAFDIsSet (forward to __WSAFDIsSet in ws2_32)

WEP (forward to WEP in ws2_32)

WsControl (not documented)

inet_network (not documented)

getnetbyname (not documented)

WSARecvEx (not documented)

s_perror (not documented)

GetAddressByNameA (not documented)

GetAddressByNameW (not documented)

EnumProtocolsA (not documented)

EnumProtocolsW (not documented)







TransmitFile (forward to TransmitFile in mswsock)

AcceptEx (forward to AcceptEx in mswsock)

GetAcceptExSockaddrs (forward to GetAcceptExSockaddrs in mswsock)

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