AcceptEx  (MSWSOCK.@)


 BOOL AcceptEx
  SOCKET       listener,
  SOCKET       acceptor,
  PVOID        dest,
  DWORD        dest_len,
  DWORD        local_addr_len,
  DWORD        rem_addr_len,
  LPDWORD      received,
  LPOVERLAPPED overlapped


Accept a new connection, retrieving the connected addresses and initial data.

listener [In] Listening socket. acceptor [In] Socket to accept on. dest [Out] Destination for initial data. dest_len [In] Size of dest in bytes. local_addr_len [In] Number of bytes reserved in dest for local address. rem_addr_len [In] Number of bytes reserved in dest for remote address. received [Out] Destination for number of bytes of initial data. overlapped [In] For asynchronous execution.


Success: TRUE

Failure: FALSE. Use WSAGetLastError for details of the error.


Declared in "mswsock.h".

Implemented in "dlls/mswsock/mswsock.c".

Debug channel "mswsock".

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