Forwards: 74

Variables: 0

Stubs: 10

Functions: 25

Exports-Total: 109

Implemented-Total: 99 (90%)

Documented-Total: 1 (4%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Andrey Turkin, Juan Lang, Mike McCormack, Owen Rudge (for CodeWeavers), Patrik Stridvall

Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the git commit logs and the File "AUTHORS" in the Wine source tree.


BindImage (not documented)

BindImageEx (not documented)

CheckSumMappedFile (not documented)

EnumerateLoadedModules64 (forward to EnumerateLoadedModules64 in dbghelp)

EnumerateLoadedModules (forward to EnumerateLoadedModules in dbghelp)

FindDebugInfoFile (forward to FindDebugInfoFile in dbghelp)

FindDebugInfoFileEx (forward to FindDebugInfoFileEx in dbghelp)

FindExecutableImage (forward to FindExecutableImage in dbghelp)

FindExecutableImageEx (forward to FindExecutableImageEx in dbghelp)

FindFileInPath (stub)

FindFileInSearchPath (stub)

GetImageConfigInformation (not documented)

GetImageUnusedHeaderBytes (not documented)

GetTimestampForLoadedLibrary (forward to GetTimestampForLoadedLibrary in dbghelp)

ImageAddCertificate (not documented)

ImageDirectoryEntryToData (forward to ImageDirectoryEntryToData in dbghelp)

ImageDirectoryEntryToDataEx (forward to ImageDirectoryEntryToDataEx in dbghelp)

ImageEnumerateCertificates (not documented)

ImageGetCertificateData (not documented)

ImageGetCertificateHeader (not documented)


ImageLoad (not documented)

ImageNtHeader (forward to RtlImageNtHeader in ntdll)

ImageRemoveCertificate (not documented)

ImageRvaToSection (forward to RtlImageRvaToSection in ntdll)

ImageRvaToVa (forward to RtlImageRvaToVa in ntdll)

ImageUnload (not documented)

ImagehlpApiVersion (forward to ImagehlpApiVersion in dbghelp)

ImagehlpApiVersionEx (forward to ImagehlpApiVersionEx in dbghelp)

MakeSureDirectoryPathExists (forward to MakeSureDirectoryPathExists in dbghelp)

MapAndLoad (not documented)

MapDebugInformation (forward to MapDebugInformation in dbghelp)

MapFileAndCheckSumA (not documented)

MapFileAndCheckSumW (not documented)

MarkImageAsRunFromSwap (stub)

ReBaseImage64 (stub)

ReBaseImage (not documented)

RemovePrivateCvSymbolic (not documented)

RemovePrivateCvSymbolicEx (stub)

RemoveRelocations (not documented)

SearchTreeForFile (forward to SearchTreeForFile in dbghelp)

SetImageConfigInformation (not documented)

SplitSymbols (not documented)

StackWalk64 (forward to StackWalk64 in dbghelp)

StackWalk (forward to StackWalk in dbghelp)

SymCleanup (forward to SymCleanup in dbghelp)

SymEnumSourceFiles (forward to SymEnumSourceFiles in dbghelp)

SymEnumSym (stub)

SymEnumSymbols (forward to SymEnumSymbols in dbghelp)

SymEnumTypes (forward to SymEnumTypes in dbghelp)

SymEnumerateModules64 (forward to SymEnumerateModules64 in dbghelp)

SymEnumerateModules (forward to SymEnumerateModules in dbghelp)

SymEnumerateSymbols64 (forward to SymEnumerateSymbols64 in dbghelp)

SymEnumerateSymbols (forward to SymEnumerateSymbols in dbghelp)

SymEnumerateSymbolsW64 (stub)

SymEnumerateSymbolsW (stub)

SymFindFileInPath (forward to SymFindFileInPath in dbghelp)

SymFromAddr (forward to SymFromAddr in dbghelp)

SymFromName (forward to SymFromName in dbghelp)

SymFunctionTableAccess64 (forward to SymFunctionTableAccess64 in dbghelp)

SymFunctionTableAccess (forward to SymFunctionTableAccess in dbghelp)

SymGetLineFromAddr64 (forward to SymGetLineFromAddr64 in dbghelp)

SymGetLineFromAddr (forward to SymGetLineFromAddr in dbghelp)

SymGetLineFromName64 (stub)

SymGetLineFromName (stub)

SymGetLineNext64 (forward to SymGetLineNext64 in dbghelp)

SymGetLineNext (forward to SymGetLineNext in dbghelp)

SymGetLinePrev64 (forward to SymGetLinePrev64 in dbghelp)

SymGetLinePrev (forward to SymGetLinePrev in dbghelp)

SymGetModuleBase64 (forward to SymGetModuleBase64 in dbghelp)

SymGetModuleBase (forward to SymGetModuleBase in dbghelp)

SymGetModuleInfo64 (forward to SymGetModuleInfo64 in dbghelp)

SymGetModuleInfo (forward to SymGetModuleInfo in dbghelp)

SymGetModuleInfoW64 (forward to SymGetModuleInfoW64 in dbghelp)

SymGetModuleInfoW (forward to SymGetModuleInfoW in dbghelp)

SymGetOptions (forward to SymGetOptions in dbghelp)

SymGetSearchPath (forward to SymGetSearchPath in dbghelp)

SymGetSymFromAddr64 (forward to SymGetSymFromAddr64 in dbghelp)

SymGetSymFromAddr (forward to SymGetSymFromAddr in dbghelp)

SymGetSymFromName64 (forward to SymGetSymFromName64 in dbghelp)

SymGetSymFromName (forward to SymGetSymFromName in dbghelp)

SymGetSymNext64 (forward to SymGetSymNext64 in dbghelp)

SymGetSymNext (forward to SymGetSymNext in dbghelp)

SymGetSymPrev64 (forward to SymGetSymPrev64 in dbghelp)

SymGetSymPrev (forward to SymGetSymPrev in dbghelp)

SymGetTypeFromName (forward to SymGetTypeFromName in dbghelp)

SymGetTypeInfo (forward to SymGetTypeInfo in dbghelp)

SymInitialize (forward to SymInitialize in dbghelp)

SymLoadModule64 (forward to SymLoadModule64 in dbghelp)

SymLoadModule (forward to SymLoadModule in dbghelp)

SymMatchFileName (forward to SymMatchFileName in dbghelp)

SymMatchString (forward to SymMatchString in dbghelp)

SymRegisterCallback64 (forward to SymRegisterCallback64 in dbghelp)

SymRegisterCallback (forward to SymRegisterCallback in dbghelp)

SymRegisterFunctionEntryCallback64 (forward to SymRegisterFunctionEntryCallback64 in dbghelp)

SymRegisterFunctionEntryCallback (forward to SymRegisterFunctionEntryCallback in dbghelp)

SymSetContext (forward to SymSetContext in dbghelp)

SymSetOptions (forward to SymSetOptions in dbghelp)

SymSetSearchPath (forward to SymSetSearchPath in dbghelp)

SymUnDName64 (forward to SymUnDName64 in dbghelp)

SymUnDName (forward to SymUnDName in dbghelp)

SymUnloadModule64 (forward to SymUnloadModule64 in dbghelp)

SymUnloadModule (forward to SymUnloadModule in dbghelp)

TouchFileTimes (not documented)

UnDecorateSymbolName (forward to UnDecorateSymbolName in dbghelp)

UnMapAndLoad (not documented)

UnmapDebugInformation (forward to UnmapDebugInformation in dbghelp)

UpdateDebugInfoFile (not documented)

UpdateDebugInfoFileEx (not documented)

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