ImageGetDigestStream  (IMAGEHLP.@)


 BOOL ImageGetDigestStream
  HANDLE          FileHandle,
  DWORD           DigestLevel,
  DIGEST_FUNCTION DigestFunction,
  DIGEST_HANDLE   DigestHandle


Gets a stream of bytes from a PE file over which a hash might be computed to verify that the image has not changed. Useful for creating a certificate to be added to the file with ImageAddCertificate.


FileHandle [In] File for which to return a stream.
DigestLevel [In] Flags to control which portions of the file to return. 0 is allowed, as is any combination of: CERT_PE_IMAGE_DIGEST_ALL_IMPORT_INFO: reports the entire import section rather than selected portions of it. CERT_PE_IMAGE_DIGEST_DEBUG_INFO: reports the debug section. CERT_PE_IMAGE_DIGEST_RESOURCES: reports the resources section.
DigestFunction [In] Callback function.
DigestHandle [In] Handle passed as first parameter to DigestFunction.


TRUE if successful. FALSE if unsuccessful. GetLastError returns more about the error.


Only supports 32-bit PE files, not tested with any other format. Reports data in the following order: 1. The file headers are reported first 2. Any code sections are reported next. 3. The data (".data" and ".rdata") sections are reported next. 4. The import section is reported next. 5. If CERT_PE_IMAGE_DIGEST_DEBUG_INFO is set in DigestLevel, the debug section is reported next. 6. If CERT_PE_IMAGE_DIGEST_RESOURCES is set in DigestLevel, the resources section is reported next.


CERT_PE_IMAGE_DIGEST_ALL_IMPORT_INFO must be specified, returns an error if not.


Declared in "imagehlp.h".

Implemented in "dlls/imagehlp/integrity.c".

Debug channel "imagehlp".

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