Wine source repository – Regressions

162 bisected regressions

27Alexandre Julliard
22Henri Verbeet
17Stefan Dösinger
8Andrew Eikum
7Ken Thomases
6Huw Davies
5Jacek Caban
5Nikolay Sivov
4Aric Stewart
4Dmitry Timoshkov
4Hans Leidekker
4Rob Shearman
4Vincent Povirk
3Eric Pouech
3Erich Hoover
3Maarten Lankhorst
3Piotr Caban
2Akihiro Sagawa
2Christian Costa
2Jay Yang
2Jörg Höhle
2Kusanagi Kouichi
2Rein Klazes
2Vitaliy Margolen
1Adam Martinson
1Alex Balut
1Alexander E. Patrakov
1Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes
1Bernhard Übelacker
1Chris Robinson
1Damjan Jovanovic
1Daniel Jelinski
1Dylan Smith
1Erich E. Hoover
1Francois Gouget
1Jason Edmeades
1John Edmonds
1Juan Lang
1Lei Zhang
1Louis Lenders
1Michael Kaufmann
1Ričardas Barkauskas
1Zhenbo Li

77 regressions without commit id

37823notepad++ crashes when opening a new file
37657IATA DGR 55th Regression
37648Diablo III regression: Changing workspaces/desktops in i3-wm
37631Performance drop assassins creed brotherhood multiplayer - harry potter 7 part 2 videogame
37612Mount & Blade: Crashes on startup (No compatible Direct3D Device)
37576Google Sketchup 7 and 8: 2D Drawing File Export Broken
37342MetaTrader 4 doesn't start (Regression)
37308GDI performance regression after Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04 upgrade; incl. testable app
37255Proteus 8 Access violation in module 'VGDVC.DLL'
36983Oblivion crashes
36804http_proxy variable ignored by 1.7.20
36726DVD Profiler: black squares in the gui
36700Goravani 2.6 stopped working after wine 1.4.x
36110Drakan: screen flickers and graphics are distorted (Mac OS X only bug)
36030Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos install - crash after select install directory
36001Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5: 'DragonSvc' service installation fails (services running in context of the 'LocalSystem' account must use SECURITY_LOCAL_SYSTEM_RID user sid)
35889wine1.6 display fuzzy chinese ttf fonts, but dialog fonts display normal
35764Roller Coaster Tycoon ( Version) loses its pallete after calling a save or load dialog
35750Electric Quilt's EQ7 crashes on start up
35721Black and White: crashes on start
35714bug with vst plugins
35700Arabic Shaping Is Broken After Rechedit News.
35594Photomatix Pro 5 crashes after update to Wine 1.7
35418some drawing operations in Mixcraft 6 are very slow with client-side graphics enabled
35343dialog windows are too large
35132Drakan crashes in Wine 1.6 and later
34972Fullscreen applications are only partially visible
34884Touhou Danmakufu 0.12m's font becomes distorted in Wine 1.7.5
34825Nanocad 3.7 menus have a black panel
34796Flickery mouse cursor in Age of Empires II
34771Force stack alignment also on Linux to work around the ABI breakage
34728Matlab 2010b does not work anymore.
34639Guild Wars: Crash on starting the game
34638Bad quality font rendering for Microsoft core fonts
34485Sticky modifier keys
34300LA Noire fails to install from dvd?
34143Window'ed Milkdrop 2 visual plug in doesn't work in WinAMP
34113Fate/Stay Night returns a black screen, although all functions/sound/etc. work
34095GOG Imperialism does not run in Wine 1.6 / OSX
34086MS Paint shows some images messed up.
33950Altium Designer 10 (Build 27009): Access violation in module 'AdvSch.dll'
33932EverQuest Titanium fails to render models
33884webding & wingdings fonts are not reconized
33756Word 2003: Formula symbols get outside formula frame
33650XML file structure syntax error
33570SWAT 4: Mouse Escapes Wine environment in full screen or windowed mode
33296Need For Speed Most Wanted 1 - Control sticks
33033LMMS: graphics glitches with VST plugin GUI windows on wine-1.5.24, LMMS 0.4.13+ 64bit Linux, VirtualBox
32994Panzer General II movement is too fast
32717DxInput doesn't working on xbox gamepads
32637Some VST plugins that used to work with dssi-vst now fail
32617eMule keeps tens of thousands of open files making linux crash
32188Darkest Hour hangs
32142Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 fails to run
31867Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook endless loop on startup, needs to be killed manually (Regression!)
31714AutoCAD 2005 pan became unacceptably slow in 1.5.13
31674Wine 1.5.6 breaks Quicken 99 import of .qif files; special text character handling problem
31665Femap unexpected crash on rebuild database (or any command that involves it i.e. import)
31661Mouse don't work (correct) in Lithtechs Jupiter EX engine games
31245xrandr12 warcraft 3 regression
31171Performance in Ragnarok Online drops to unplayable levels
31137Planescape Torment hangs X, loads ~6 minutes
30816powerpoint 2007 can not display in fullscreen mode (Simplified Chinese version)
30733Navyfield crashes after clicking on mission on Map
30686Word 2010 Pro Plus adds spaces before umlauts
30470Certain programs (rFactor, GTR 2 (and maybe VSTHost)) running slowly
29799Ground Vehicle Is Totally Stuck At Beginning of 1st Level - Battle for Naboo
29081Drag and Drop: Duplicate entries in winamp playlist window
28942Watchtower Library: Problem while copying text to the clipboard (Mac, doesn't occur on Linux)
28672VirtualDub: crash when using directx for display panes
28488Arcanum: Mouseclicks in character generation screen doubled with pause
25553Sometimes 'make test' hangs after an 'under-run' error.
25495Homeworld 2: Shadows and High-Quality Hyperspace Effect are disabled
23921LBA2 doesnt refresh its screen
23420CMR3 and CMR2005 shows Gnome menu bars all the time
20480Soldier of Fortune II Multiplayer Main Menu won't show up (ATI specific)
13296regression problem in upgrade to Ubuntu Hardy/1.0-rc1: Palm Hotsync over serial Segmentation Fault