Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectTestbotJob ID
108302NewChanghui Liuole32:fix CoWaitForMultipleHandles cause RPC hang (try 2)OK10827
108301NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 4/4] ntdll: Implement storing DOS attributes in NtCreateFile (try 2).OK10824
108300NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 3/4] ntdll: Implement storing DOS attributes in NtSetInformationFile (try 2).Failed10823
108299NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 2/4] ntdll: Implement retrieving DOS attributes in NtQuery[Full]AttributesFile and NtQueryDirectoryFile (try 2).
108298NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 1/4] ntdll: Implement retrieving DOS attributes in NtQueryInformationFile (try 2).
108297Build failureSergey Kalinichev ntdll: Add stub for RtlSetHeapInformation
108296NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 4/4] ntdll: Implement storing DOS attributes in NtCreateFile.Failed10817
108295NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 3/4] ntdll: Implement storing DOS attributes in NtSetInformationFile.Failed10816
108294NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 2/4] ntdll: Implement retrieving DOS attributes in NtQuery[Full]AttributesFile and NtQueryDirectoryFile.
108293NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 1/4] ntdll: Implement retrieving DOS attributes in NtQueryInformationFile.
108292No patchJonathan Vollebregt Re: [PATCH] libs/wine/string.c: Duplicate Windows behaviour in vsnprintfW
108291CommittedHans Leidekker mlang: Add a stub implementation of IMultiLanguage3::DetectOutboundCodePageInIStream.OK10815
108290PendingAkihiro Sagawa [3/3] advapi32: Fix HKLM\Software handling when opening with KEY_WOW64_32KEY.OK10814
108289CommittedAkihiro Sagawa [2/3] advapi32/tests: Add more KEY_WOW64_32KEY tests for 64-bit.OK10813
108288CommittedAkihiro Sagawa [1/3] advapi32: Remove unused parameter.
108287NewHugh McMaster [PATCH] libs/wine/string.c: Duplicate Windows behaviour in vsnprintfW
108286SupersededDrew Ronneberg [PATCH] winemenubuilder: Replace open_icon() calls with open_module_icon() in open_file_type_icon()
108285NewDmitry Kozliuk regedit: Improve error message when recasing a key.
108284CommittedDrew Ronneberg [PATCH] winemenubuilder: Eliminate an unused variable
108283CommittedStefan Leichter shell32: export SHILCreateFromPath by name too (resend)
108282CommittedAndrew Eikum [PATCH 2/2] wineoss.drv: Don't use SNDCTL_DSP_GETISPACE
108281CommittedAndrew Eikum [PATCH 1/2] mmdevapi: More accurately track device positionFailed10797
108280CommittedKen Thomases winemac: Ignore Cocoa child windows which aren't instances of WineWindow.
108279CommittedAric Stewart usp10: Correct a 1 off error in page cache allocation
108278Other projectJulian Rüger [website] German translation for release 1.7.33
108277CommittedDrew Ronneberg [PATCH] winemenubuilder: Replace open_icon() calls with open_module_icon() in open_file_type_icon()
108276SupersededHugh McMaster [PATCH] libs/wine/string.c: Always return (int)written
108275SupersededDmitry Kozliuk regedit: Improve error message when recasing a key. (try 2)
108274SupersededHugh McMaster [PATCH] libs/wine/string.c: Prevent a segmentation fault
108273NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes shell32: Implement IApplicationAssociationRegistration, QueryCurrentDefault (try 5)OK10796
108272CommittedNikolay Sivov dwrite: Added stub EUDC font collectionOK10795
108271SupersededAlistair Leslie-Hughes shell32: Implement IApplicationAssociationRegistration, QueryCurrentDefault (try 4)OK10794
108270NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes dpnet: Implement IDirectPlay8Address GetComponentByName (try 3)Failed10793
108269SupersededDmitry Kozliuk (resend) regedit: Improve error message when recasing a key.
108268CommittedAidan Thornton quartz: implement IFilterGraph2::AddSourceFilterForMoniker (try 2)
108257NewSebastian Lackner [2/2] kernel32/tests: Repeat test for SignalObjectAndWait multiple times to test wineserver wakeup cookie management.OK10785
108256NewSebastian Lackner [1/2] server: Never attempt to wake up the current thread.
108252NewAustin English include/ddk: add csq.h (try 3)
108251No patchAustin English Re: include/ddk: add csq.h
108250No patchJeff Bai Fwd: 答复: zh_CN Translation Submittion
108246CommittedErich E. Hooverntdll: Unify retrieving the attributes of a file.
108243Apply failureDmitry Kozliuk regedit: Improve error message when recasing a key.
108233No patchJeff Bai zh_CN Translation Submittion
108231Apply failureMark Harmstone [PATCH] msdmo: fix typo
108228No patchJacek Caban Re: [1/2] jscript: Support PROPERTYGET in Date Value
108226Newmarc.bessieres@mykolab.comgdi32: uninitialized dst_info->bmiHeader.biBitCount in GetDIBits(valgrind)
108225RejectedPatrick Rudolph winex11.drv: don't drop raw input events after mouse warp
108224Apply failureDmitry Kozliuk winecfg: Move application selection to listbox outside any tab.
108223Newmarc.bessieres@mykolab.comgdi32: uninitialized biCompression in GetDIBits(valgrind) (try 2)
108219PendingBruno Jesus ws2_32: Try harder to get the host name address in getaddrinfo()OK10759
108218NewJonathan Vollebregt [resend 10/10] reg: Clean up reg_deleteOK10757
108217NewJonathan Vollebregt [resend 09/10] reg: Clean up reg_addOK10756
108216NewJonathan Vollebregt [resend 08/10] reg: Add wchar/raw data conversion functionsOK10755
108215NewJonathan Vollebregt [resend 07/10] reg: Add wchar/type conversion functions
108214NewJonathan Vollebregt [resend 06/10] reg: Add path/key conversion functions
108213NewJonathan Vollebregt [resend 05/10] reg: Add check for multiple backslashes at the end of the keyOK10754
108212NewJonathan Vollebregt [resend 04/10] reg: Add sane_path function to do preliniary key validation
108210NewJonathan Vollebregt [resend 03/10] reg: Add system error printing function
108207Other projectŁukasz Wojniłowicz [website] Polish translation for release 1.7.33
108206NewAlex Henrie [PATCH (resend)] kernel32/tests: Add tabular UTF-7 encoding tests.OK10751
108205Other projectFrédéric Delanoy [website] French translation for release 1.7.33
108204NewMarcus Meissner PATCH: imagehlp: handle security directories after the PE file
108203Test failureJacek Caban jscript: Added test of Date object default value.Failed10746
108194Test failureChanghui Liuole32:fix CoWaitForMultipleHandles cause RPC hangFailed10727
108175SupersededStefan Leichter shell32: export SHILCreateFromPath by name too
108154NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes shell32: Supply a module name to CreateProcess (try 7)
108135NewChanghui Liugdiplus: fix GdipFillRectangleI no effect on memory DC whose windoworigin point has changedFailed10699
108118NewMark Harmstone [PATCH] winealsa: do not destroy remapping info on IsFormatSupported (try 2)
108105PendingMartin Storsjo [PATCH v2 02/10] makedep: Convert dashes to underscores in module names.
108077PendingAndré Hentschel msvcp90: Remove unused variable (Clang)
108076PendingAndré Hentschel msvcrt: Remove unused variable (Clang)
108062PendingNathan Fearnley Re: ntdll: Adds support for custom serial port baudrates on Mac
108054NewStefan Dösinger [PATCH 9/9] wined3d: Pass WM_SYSCOMMAND(SC_RESTORE) to DefWindowProc.Failed10626
108013NewAndré Hentschel msxml3: Declare debug channels only when needed (Clang)
108012PendingAndré Hentschel wldap32: Declare debug channels only when needed (Clang)
107992NewMartin Storsjo [PATCH 10/15] msvcp120_app: Add a stub dll.
107987PendingAndré Hentschel ntdll: Remove unused functions (Clang)
107979PendingAndré Hentschel kernel32/tests: Apply preprocessor checks also to declaration (Clang)OK10566
107949NewQian Hong [PATCH] wine.inf: Add quotes to webbrowser command key for mailto protocol.
107910NewAustin English include: correct NtSetLdtEntries prototype (try 2)
107907NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes wine.inf: Add Shell Url Associations Keys (Try 2)
107843NewDrew Ronneberg [PATCH] winemenubuilder: Do not associate a file type with a non-existent icon
107842NewAndrei Slăvoiu [2/3] wined3d: Add WINED3D_SHADER_CAP_GEOMETRY_SHADER4 and set it when GL_EXT_geometry_shader4 is available
107841NewAndrei Slăvoiu [3/3] wined3d: Make d3d_level_from_caps recognize cards that expose GL_EXT_geometry_shader4 as DX10 capable[3/3]
107797PendingSebastian Lackner [2/2] ws2_32: Implement returning the proper time with SO_CONNECT_TIME.OK10372
107790NewJiaxing Wang regedit: Avoid appending '\' and '0' to string value of imported key.
107760PendingMichael Stefaniuc ole32: Simplify a function by removing no-op code (PVS-Studio).
107759PendingMichael Stefaniuc ole32: Remove always false if-statement (PVS-Studio)


StatusPossible causes
  • Patch not even looked at yet, there's still hope...
  • The patch is not obviously correct at first glance. Making a more convincing argument, preferably in the form of a test case, may help.
  • Waiting for feedback from the main developer in that area.
  • You have done everything right; congratulations!
  • You screwed up but AJ missed it, send a fix before someone notices ;-)
  • The patch is part of a series in which a previous patch hasn't been applied. Resend when the dependent patch is fixed.
Bad sequence
  • The patch is part of a series but it's not correctly numbered. Resend the series with correct sequence numbers to enable the testbot to figure it out.
  • An updated version of the patch has been submitted.
  • Someone else fixed the problem already.
Needs tests
  • You need to write some test cases demonstrating that the patch is correct.
  • The patch is deferred because of code freeze for an upcoming release. Either resend after the release, make the patch less intrusive, or make a convincing argument that it needs to be included in the release.
Other project
  • The patch belongs to another WineHQ project (website, appdb, etc.) and will be applied by the respective maintainer.
Apply failure
  • The patch got mangled in transit.
  • It's not relative to the latest git.
  • Someone else sent a patch that changes the same area and causes conflicts.
  • The patch is relative to a subdirectory (using 'git format-patch' is strongly recommended).
Build failure
  • Syntax error or other compile problem.
  • You forgot to include some changes or new files required for compilation.
  • The patch causes compiler warnings (maintainer mode implies -Werror).
  • The patch author's full name or email address are incorrect or missing.
  • Whitespace got mangled in transit.
  • Indentation is messed up (usually from editing with a non-standard tab size).
  • 8-bit chars got mangled in transit (usually when sending patches to resource files).
  • You are making gratuitous formatting changes to the code.
  • You are using C++ comments.
No patch
  • You hit 'send' before attaching the patch.
  • The mail is a reply to another patch, or spam.
  • The patch has been rejected with a comment on wine-devel or #winehackers.
  • The patch contains an obvious error that you are expected to figure out yourself.
Needs splitting
  • A single mail contained multiple patch files.
  • The patch contains unrelated changes that should be sent as separate patches.
  • The patch is simply too large for review, you need to find a way to split it.
Test failure
  • You didn't run 'make test' before submitting.
  • The patch requires a Wine fix but doesn't use todo_wine.
  • The patch fixes a failure but doesn't remove the corresponding todo_wine.
  • The testbot detected new failures on Windows.