Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectTestbotJob ID
110829NewQian Hong [PATCH] ntdll: Correctly document the offset of ntdll_thread_data.
110828NewAric Stewart (resend)server: Do not replace focus and active windows with NULL on thread_attach_inputFailed12890
110827NewAric Stewart server: Do not replace focus and active windows with NULL on thread_attach_inputFailed12889
110826NewNikolay Sivov wshom.ocx: Fix BSTR allocation for string registry values (Valgrind)OK12882
110825CommittedNikolay Sivov dxdiagn/tests: Fix a couple of leaks (Valgrind)OK12881
110824CommittedJacek Caban inseng: Added CLSID_ActiveSetupEng class factory.
110823CommittedDmitry Timoshkov user32/tests: Add a test for sending inter-thread messages.Failed12880
110822CommittedHuw Davies rpcrt4/tests: Avoid a double-free.OK12877
110821CommittedHuw Davies dssenh/tests: Fix some tests on Win 8.OK12876
110820RejectedMarcus Meissner [PATCH] urlmon: set hres also in else branch (Coverity)
110819CommittedMarcus Meissner [PATCH] ntdll: potential buffer overwrite (Coverity)
110818CommittedMarcus Meissner [PATCH] inetcomm: avoid overlapping memcpy (Coverity)
110817CommittedSebastian Lackner msxml3: Add a missing break (Coverity).
110816CommittedThomas Faber comctl32: Avoid use-after-free in DPA_Merge (DPH).
110815NewPaulius Dilkas mshtml: Opening an empty URL should open about:blank.
110814Other projectAndrey Gusev [website] Ukrainian translation for release 1.7.41
110813CommittedJacek Caban mshtml: Fixed binding event scripts to window objects.
110812CommittedJacek Caban mshtml: Get rid of suplicated NS_DLSYM defines.
110811CommittedHuw Davies ole32/tests: Win 8 releases the drop target in OleUninitialize().OK12860
110810CommittedHuw Davies riched20/tests: Fix test on 64-bit win8.OK12858
110809CommittedHuw Davies [PATCH 2/2] comctl32: Invalidate the toolbar if the button size is changed.
110808CommittedHuw Davies [PATCH 1/2] comctl32: TBSTYLE_EX_MIXEDBUTTONS doesn't mean buttons should be auto-sized.OK12857
110807NewStefan Dösinger [PATCH 2/2] winemac: Don't pump messages in ChangeDisplaySettings (v2).
110806NewStefan Dösinger [PATCH 1/2] winex11: Don't pump messages in ChangeDisplaySettings (v2).Failed12849
110805NewJianqiu Zhang[PATCH 2/2] ntdll: Add support for FileFsFullSizeInformation class in NtQueryVolumeInformationFile(try 2)OK12845
110804NewJianqiu Zhang[PATCH 1/2] ntdll/tests: Add test for FileFsFullSizeInformation(try 2)Failed12844
110803No patchKen Thomases Re: [PATCH 2/2] winemac: Don't pump messages in ChangeDisplaySettings.
110791NewSergey Isakov [PATCH 3 / 2] d3d9: Add support for d3d9ex formats
110786NewSergey Isakov [PATCH 2 / 2] wined3d: Add support for D3D9ex new formats
110785NewSergey Isakov [PATCH 1 / 2] d3d9: Add support for D3D9ex new formatsOK12821
110784NewAlex Henrie [PATCH] comdlg32: Change "Borders" to "Margins".
110779SupersededNikolay Sivov Revert "rpcrt4/tests: Fix a minor leak (Valgrind)."OK12817
110773NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes dpnet: Implement IDirectPlay8Address GetComponentByIndex (try 8)OK12804
110767Test failureMark Harmstone [PATCH] user32: Use correct offset in GetMenuItemRect.
110763PendingPiotr Caban [PATCH 2/2] server: Update pipe quota if it was set incorrectly due to Unix socket overheadOK12797
110762PendingPiotr Caban [PATCH 1/2] kernel: Added pipe buffer size testsOK12796
110741NewJason Overland winecfg: add all Windows versions and accompanying error message (try 4)
110738NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes shell32: Add Association Registry entriesOK12767
110723NewAric Stewart [2/2]Remove the old OS/X Joystick driver code in favor of the new stuff
110722NewAric Stewart [1/2]winemac.drv: Add Joystick driver to the mac driver
110721NewAric Stewart [2/2]dinput: Add force feedback interfaces for the Graphic Driver joystick
110720NewAric Stewart Add Graphics Driver connection for winejoystick.drv
110719NewAric Stewart [1/2]dinput: Add Graphic driver connection for dinput
110676PendingHugh McMaster [PATCH] wineconsole: Add InsertMode to the registry
110673PendingHugh McMaster [PATCH] cmd: Enable InsertMode if registry value and data are valid
110658NewDonat Enikeev locale: [1/1] patch - 0x10000000 flag is NORM_STOP_ON_NULL (plus test fix and win2k case)OK12698
110655NewQian Hong [PATCH 7/7] advapi32/tests: Add more tests for LsaLookupSids and LsaLookupNames2. (try 2)OK12696
110654NewQian Hong [PATCH 6/7] advapi32: Respect empty domains as valid output. (try 2)
110653NewQian Hong [PATCH 5/7] advapi32: Test domain equivalence by EqualSid rather than string comparison. (try 2)
110652NewQian Hong [PATCH 4/7] advapi32: Fallback to Sid string when LookupAccountSid fails. (try 2)
110651NewQian Hong [PATCH 3/7] advapi32: Prepend a hidden LSA_TRUST_INFORMATION in LsaLookupNames2 to avoid crash when Domains[-1] incorrectly accessed by application. (try 2)
110650NewQian Hong [PATCH 2/7] advapi32: Prepend a hidden LSA_TRUST_INFORMATION in LsaLookupSids to avoid crash when Domains[-1] incorrectly accessed by application. (try 2)
110649NewQian Hong [PATCH 1/7] advapi32: Initialize buffer length to zero in LsaLookupSids to prevent crash. (try 2)
110647NewAustin English apphelp: add SdbGetAppPatchDir stub
110621NewAlex Henrie [PATCH] po: Update Catalan translation.
110597NewAnton Baskanov comctl32/tests: Test that buddy control is resized when updown receives UDM_SETBUDDY.OK12660
110572NewAustin English setupapi: add SetupDiSetDeviceInstallParamsW stub
110558NewAndrew Cook [5/5] server: Implement JOB_OBJECT_LIMIT_KILL_ON_JOB_CLOSE.OK12635
110548NewSebastian Lackner [4/4] advapi32/tests: Add ACL inheritance tests for creating subdirectories with NtCreateFile.OK12628
110546NewSebastian Lackner [3/4] advapi32/tests: Add tests for ACL inheritance in CreateDirectoryA.OK12627
110545NewSebastian Lackner [2/4] server: When creating new directories temporarily give read-permissions until they are opened.
110547NewSebastian Lackner [1/4] server: Allow to open files without any permission bits. (try 2)OK12626
110539NewAaryaman Vasishta [PATCH 4/4] d3drm/tests: Add vtable comparison tests in test_frame_qiOK12617
110528NewPaulius Dilkas [2/2] mshtml: prevents a possible crash
110527NewPaulius Dilkas [1/2] mshtml: prevents a possible crash
110495NewMark Harmstone [PATCH] uxtheme: Load MUI file when theme loaded.
110490NewAndrey Gusev d3dx9_36: Add D3DXFrameFind stub.
110456NewMark Harmstone [PATCH] comctl32: Do not resize windows when giving an updown control the same buddy.
110453NewBruno Jesus winmm/tests: Add Hadouken detection to the interactive joystick testOK12551
110452NewMark Harmstone [PATCH] comctl32: Handle BM_SETSTATE sent to themed buttons.
110442NewMark Harmstone [PATCH] comctl32: Add themed static control stub.
110424NewAndrew Cook [8/8] ntdll: Implement NtQueryInformationJobObject stub function.
110423NewAndrew Cook [5/8] server: Support NULL job handles in IsProcessInJob.OK12519
110372PendingThomas Faber gdiplus/tests: Use printf() for memory dumps instead of trace(). (try 2)OK12489
110362NewMark Harmstone [PATCH] user32: Support activation context class redirection in CreateWindow.
110351NewNikos Mavrogiannopoulos [PATCH] schannel_gnutls: when calling pgnutls_server_name_set ensure that the values are sane
110347NewSergey Isakov [PATCH] wined3d: do not report the same FIXME many times
110346NewSergey Isakov [PATCH2/2] wined3d: Fix some videocards property detection
110331NewSergey Isakov [PATCH] krnl386.exe16: Fix NULL pointer dereferencing
110320NewHugh McMaster [PATCH] cmd: Add basic handling of Ctrl-C (try 2)
110303NewMatteo Bruni [PATCH 6/6] wined3d: Don't use the builtin FFP uniforms for texture transformation matrices. (v2)
110302NewMatteo Bruni [PATCH 5/6] wined3d: Introduce a shader_snprintf() function.
110297NewStefan Dösinger [PATCH 4/4] include: Use cpp_quote for ID3DInclude.
110278NewHugh McMaster [PATCH 1/2, resend] Add a new header for unified output handling in console-based programs
110276NewHugh McMaster [PATCH 2/2, resend] attrib.exe: Use program_output.h for console writing
110217NewYongHao Hu msvcrt: Use Dragon4 algorithm to fix inconsistent rounding behaviour for sprintf and add tests. The Dragon4 algorithm implementation is based on
110182NewKaipeng Zeng [PATCH] findstr: Added test for findstr. (try 2)OK12379
110177NewMark Harmstone [PATCH 5/5] uxtheme: Hook DefWindowProc.
110176NewMark Harmstone [PATCH 4/5] user32: Allow DefWindowProc to be hooked into by uxtheme.
110175NewMark Harmstone [PATCH 3/5] user32: Call uxtheme theming hook.
110178NewMark Harmstone [PATCH 2/5] uxtheme: Add WINE_ThemeInitApiHook stub.
110162NewStefan Dösinger [PATCH 1/5] wined3d: Only set TEXTURE_COMPARE_FUNC when ARB_depth_texture is supported.
110156NewSebastian Lackner d3dx9_36: Align texture dimensions to block size for compressed textures in D3DXCheckTextureRequirements.OK12369


StatusPossible causes
  • Patch not even looked at yet, there's still hope...
  • The patch is not obviously correct at first glance. Making a more convincing argument, preferably in the form of a test case, may help.
  • Waiting for feedback from the main developer in that area.
  • You have done everything right; congratulations!
  • You screwed up but AJ missed it, send a fix before someone notices ;-)
  • The patch is part of a series in which a previous patch hasn't been applied. Resend when the dependent patch is fixed.
Bad sequence
  • The patch is part of a series but it's not correctly numbered. Resend the series with correct sequence numbers to enable the testbot to figure it out.
  • An updated version of the patch has been submitted.
  • Someone else fixed the problem already.
Needs tests
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  • The patch is deferred because of code freeze for an upcoming release. Either resend after the release, make the patch less intrusive, or make a convincing argument that it needs to be included in the release.
Other project
  • The patch belongs to another WineHQ project (website, appdb, etc.) and will be applied by the respective maintainer.
Apply failure
  • The patch got mangled in transit.
  • It's not relative to the latest git.
  • Someone else sent a patch that changes the same area and causes conflicts.
  • The patch is relative to a subdirectory (using 'git format-patch' is strongly recommended).
Build failure
  • Syntax error or other compile problem.
  • You forgot to include some changes or new files required for compilation.
  • The patch causes compiler warnings (maintainer mode implies -Werror).
  • The patch author's full name or email address are incorrect or missing.
  • Whitespace got mangled in transit.
  • Indentation is messed up (usually from editing with a non-standard tab size).
  • 8-bit chars got mangled in transit (usually when sending patches to resource files).
  • You are making gratuitous formatting changes to the code.
  • You are using C++ comments.
No patch
  • You hit 'send' before attaching the patch.
  • The mail is a reply to another patch, or spam.
  • The patch has been rejected with a comment on wine-devel or #winehackers.
  • The patch contains an obvious error that you are expected to figure out yourself.
Needs splitting
  • A single mail contained multiple patch files.
  • The patch contains unrelated changes that should be sent as separate patches.
  • The patch is simply too large for review, you need to find a way to split it.
Test failure
  • You didn't run 'make test' before submitting.
  • The patch requires a Wine fix but doesn't use todo_wine.
  • The patch fixes a failure but doesn't remove the corresponding todo_wine.
  • The testbot detected new failures on Windows.