Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectReviewerSignTestbotJob ID
130733NewChris MorganRe: [PATCH 2/2] wineinstall - Add support for parallel builds using 'nproc' to detect cpu countX
130732NewAustin EnglishRe: [PATCH 2/2] wineinstall - Add support for parallel builds using 'nproc' to detect cpu countX
130731NewChris Morgan[PATCH 2/2] wineinstall - Add support for parallel builds using 'nproc' to detect cpu count
130730NewChris Morgan[PATCH 1/2] wineinstall - Switch from 'which' to 'type' to fix detection of programs
130729NewAndré Hentschelmsvcrt: Fix _CxxThrowException spec file entry (try 2)
130728NewAndré Hentscheld3dx9_x: Fix some spec file entries
130727NewAndré Hentschelmscms: Fix some spec file entries (try 2)
130726NewAndré Hentschelkernel32: Fix some more spec file entries (try 2)
130725NewAndré Hentscheloleaut32: Fix OleLoadPictureEx spec file entry (try 2)
130724NewAndré Hentscheluser32: Fix some spec file entries (try 2)
130723NewAndré Hentschelntdll: Fix RtlExpandEnvironmentStrings_U spec file entry (try 2)
130722NewFabian Maurer[18/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Add ability to cancel dialogFailed28889
130721NewFabian Maurer[15/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Set default button and add testsFailed28886
130720NewFabian Maurer[16/18] comctl32: Taskdialog - Implement TDM_ENABLE_BUTTON and add testsFailed28887
130719NewFabian Maurer[17/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Implement TDM_HELP and add testsFailed28888
130718NewFabian Maurer[13/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Flush evens before testingFailed28880
130717NewFabian Maurer[11/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Add button return value and testsFailed28878
130716NewFabian Maurer[14/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Changed tests to make them more reliableFailed28881
130715NewFabian Maurer[12/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Simplified test structureFailed28879
130714NewFabian Maurer[08/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Implement buttons
130713NewFabian Maurer[09/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - make thread-safe
130712NewFabian Maurer[10/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Changed the way tests work, allow them to send messagesFailed28877
130711NewFabian Maurer[06/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Implement main and content text controls
130710NewFabian Maurer[07/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Center window properly
130709NewFabian Maurer[03/18] comctl32: Added basic implementation for task dialogs and add testsFailed28875
130708NewFabian Maurer[05/18] comctl32: TaskDialog - Adjust window width correctly
130707NewFabian Maurer[01/18] comctl32: Move TaskDialogIndirect and tests into own source filesFailed28874
130706NewFabian Maurer[04/18] comctl32: Extend TaskDialog, add simple callback and testsFailed28876
130705NewFabian Maurer[02/18] comctl32: Add notification codes and messages for TaskDialog to header
130704AssignedMatteo Bruni[PATCH 6/6] ddraw/tests: Add a ddraw7 vertex buffer refcount test.Henri VerbeetOK28873
130703AssignedMatteo Bruni[PATCH 5/6] ddraw/tests: Add a ddraw4 vertex buffer refcount test.Henri VerbeetOK28872
130702AssignedMatteo Bruni[PATCH v2 4/6] ddraw: Keep a ddraw object reference in d3d7 vertex buffers.Henri Verbeet
130701AssignedMatteo Bruni[PATCH 3/6] ddraw: Get rid of multiple interfaces from vertex buffer objects.Henri Verbeet
130700AssignedMatteo Bruni[PATCH v3 2/6] wined3d: Fix querying texture-related limits on core profile.Henri Verbeet
130699AssignedMatteo Bruni[PATCH 1/6] wined3d: Don't require a separate sRGB GL texture if the format doesn't support sRGB reads.Henri Verbeet
130698RejectedAustin Englishtools/wineinstall: fix shellcheck issues
130697NewChris Morgan[PATCH] mouse.c - Wrap XInput2 dependent functions with appropriate #ifdef
130696Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 7/7] wined3d: Always use correct sampler bind index for ld_raw and ld_structured.
130695Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 6/7] wined3d: Update UAV read bitmask for ld_raw and ld_structured instructions.
130694Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 4/7] wined3d: Handle structured resource declarations.
130693Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH] d2d1: Use DrawLine() to draw underlines
130692Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 5/7] wined3d: Implement ld_structured instruction.
130691Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 1/7] wined3d: Extract common code to validate_shader_resource_view().
130690Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 3/7] wined3d: Record sampler usage for ld_structured.
130689Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 2/7] wined3d: Use string_buffer_sprintf() in shader_glsl_sprintf_cast().
130688CommittedHugh McMasterreg/tests: Test import with non-standard registry file headersOK28867
130687CommittedHugh McMasterregedit/tests: Test import with non-standard registry file headersOK28866
130686CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 7/7] wined3d: Always use correct sampler bind index for ld_raw and ld_structured.Henri Verbeet✓✓
130685CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 6/7] wined3d: Update UAV read bitmask for ld_raw and ld_structured instructions.Henri Verbeet✓✓
130684CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 5/7] wined3d: Implement ld_structured instruction.Henri Verbeet✓✓
130683CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 4/7] wined3d: Handle structured resource declarations.Henri Verbeet✓✓
130682CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 3/7] wined3d: Record sampler usage for ld_structured.Henri Verbeet✓✓
130681CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 2/7] wined3d: Use string_buffer_sprintf() in shader_glsl_sprintf_cast().Henri Verbeet✓✓
130680CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 1/7] wined3d: Extract common code to validate_shader_resource_view().Henri Verbeet✓✓
130679CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH] d2d1: Use DrawLine() to draw underlinesHenri Verbeet✓✓
130678CommittedAlex Henrie[PATCH] user32: Include space for ampersands when determining MessageBox size.
130677CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 5/5] ddraw/tests: Test depth fill results in test_color_fill().Failed28861
130676CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 4/5] wined3d: Implement depth fills in the CPU blitter.
130674CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 3/5] wined3d: Get rid of the depth/stencil FIXME in texture_resource_sub_resource_unmap().
130673CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 2/5] wined3d: Support uploading depth textures in surface_load_texture().
130675CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 1/5] wined3d: Support downloading depth textures in surface_load_sysmem().
130672CommittedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] dpnet: Handle unknown service GUID in enum_services_providersOK28860
130671RejectedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] dpwsockx: Implementation of GetCaps callbackOK28859
130670AssignedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] oledb32: Correct length calculation in DataConvert for DBTYPE_STRHuw Davies
130669Sign-offNikolay SivovRe: xmllite: Fix CreateXmlReaderInputWithEncodingName spec file entry
130668Sign-offNikolay SivovRe: xmllite: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.
130667SupersededChris Morgan[PATCH] mouse.c - Wrap XInput2 dependent functions with appropriate #ifdefX
130666RejectedChris Morgan[PATCH] wineinstall - Add support for parallel builds using 'nproc' to detect cpu countX
130665CommittedZebediah Figura[PATCH v2] storage.dll16: Fix get_nth_next_small_blocknr.
130664Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 7/7] d3d11/tests: Add test for compute shader input registers.
130663Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 6/7] wined3d: Implement structured buffer views.
130662Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 5/7] wined3d: Pass structure byte stride to wined3d_buffer_create().
130661Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH] d3d9/tests: AMD r500 needs dummy texture output from vertex shaders for point sprites to work (v2).
130660Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 4/7] wined3d: Implement SM5 store_structured instruction.
130659Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 3/7] wined3d: Handle structured UAV declarations.
130658Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 2/7] wined3d: Fix handling of SM4+ integer registers.
130657Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH 1/7] wined3d: Fix return type for surface_load_texture().
130656CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 3/3] shell32: Added SHGetPathFromIDListEx implementation.Failed28846
130655CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 2/3] shlwapi: Fixed error handling in StrRetToBufW.OK28845
130654CommittedJacek Caban[PATCH 1/3] shlobj.h: Added SHGetPathFromIDListEx declaration.
130653CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 7/7] d3d11/tests: Add test for compute shader input registers.Henri Verbeet✓✓OK28841
130652CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 6/7] wined3d: Implement structured buffer views.Henri Verbeet✓✓
130651CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 5/7] wined3d: Pass structure byte stride to wined3d_buffer_create().Henri Verbeet✓✓
130650CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 4/7] wined3d: Implement SM5 store_structured instruction.Henri Verbeet✓✓
130649CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 3/7] wined3d: Handle structured UAV declarations.Henri Verbeet✓✓
130648CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 2/7] wined3d: Fix handling of SM4+ integer registers.Henri Verbeet✓✓
130647CommittedJózef Kucia[PATCH 1/7] wined3d: Fix return type for surface_load_texture().Henri Verbeet✓✓
130646CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 2/2] dwrite: Set runHeight attribute for underlinesOK28840
130645CommittedNikolay Sivov[PATCH 1/2] dwrite/tests: Test runHeight underline attribute with all available fontsOK28839
130644CommittedPiotr Cabanmsvcrt: Add __ExceptionPtrCopyException implementation
130643Sign-offJacek CabanRe: wininet: Handle query parameters for HTTPS urls in InternetOpenUrlW.
130642Sign-offJacek CabanRe: wininet: Fix some more spec file entries
130641Sign-offJacek CabanRe: ieframe: Fix IEWinMain spec file entry
130640Sign-offJacek CabanRe: urlmon: Fix some spec file entries
130639Sign-offJacek CabanRe: urlmon: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.
130638Sign-offJacek CabanRe: vbscript: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.
130637CommittedSebastian Lacknerwininet: Handle query parameters for HTTPS urls in InternetOpenUrlW.✓✓✓
130636Sign-offHans LeidekkerRe: msi: Fix some more spec file entries
130635Sign-offHuw DaviesRe: ole32: Added GlobalOptions object stub implementation.
130634Sign-offHuw DaviesRe: widl: Initialize decoded_size
130633CommittedAlex Henrie[PATCH v4 2/2] mfreadwrite: Add MFCreateSourceReaderFromMediaSource stub✓✓
130632CommittedAlex Henrie[PATCH v4 1/2] include: Add mfreadwrite.idl✓✓
130631AssignedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 5/5] usp10: Introduce an enumeration for GSUB lookup types.Aric Stewart
130630CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 4/5] d2d1: Create open, hollow geometry in d2d_d3d_render_target_DrawLine().OK28825
130629CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 3/5] d2d1/tests: Add tests for drawing simple shapes.OK28824
130628CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 2/5] wined3d: Validate WINED3D_LOCATION_BUFFER on WINED3D_MAP_DISCARD buffer maps.
130627CommittedHenri Verbeet[PATCH 1/5] wined3d: Copy the shader byte-code before initialising the front-end.
130626SupersededAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] oledb32: Correct length calculation in DataConvert for DBTYPE_STRHuw Davies
130625SupersededAlistair Leslie-Hughes[v3 PATCH 2/2] mfreadwrite: Add MFCreateSourceReaderFromMediaSource stub
130624SupersededAlistair Leslie-Hughes[v3 PATCH 1/2] include: Add mfreadwrite.idl
130623CommittedAlex Henrie[PATCH] user32: Translate WM_(NC)XBUTTONUP to WM_APPCOMMAND in DefWindowProc.Failed28823
130622AssignedBruno Jesus[PATCH] winegstreamer: Avoid a magic number for empty offsetAndrew Eikum
130620AssignedJetro Jormalainen[4/4] dinput8/tests: Add test for username in EnumDevicesBySemantics.Andrew EikumOK28818
130619AssignedJetro Jormalainen[3/4] dinput8/tests: Add test for username between device objects.Andrew EikumOK28817
130621AssignedJetro Jormalainen[2/4] dinput: Handle username in EnumDevicesBySemantics.Andrew Eikum
130618AssignedJetro Jormalainen[1/4] dinput: Keep username same between device objects.Andrew Eikum
130617Sign-offMatteo BruniRe: d3dx9_36: Fix some spec file entries
130616CommittedStefan Dösinger[PATCH] d3d9/tests: AMD r500 needs dummy texture output from vertex shaders for point sprites to work (v2).Henri Verbeet✓✓Failed28812
130615RejectedAndré Hentschelkernel32: Fix some more spec file entries
130614CommittedAndré Hentschelhhcrtl.ocx: Fix some spec file entries
130613RejectedAndré Hentschelntdll: Fix some more spec file entries
130612CommittedAndré Hentschelodbccp32: Fix some spec file entries
130611RejectedAndré Hentscheloleaut32: Fix some spec file entries
130610CommittedAndré Hentschelpropsys: Fix PSGetPropertyDescriptionListFromString spec file entry
130609CommittedAndré Hentschelserialui: Fix some spec file entries
130608AssignedAndré Hentschelwinmm: Fix some spec file entriesAndrew Eikum
130607CommittedAndré Hentschelxmllite: Fix CreateXmlReaderInputWithEncodingName spec file entryNikolay Sivov✓✓
130606RejectedAndré Hentscheluser32: Fix some spec file entries
130605CommittedAndré Hentscheladvapi32: Fix even more spec file entries
130604RejectedAndré Hentschelmscms: Fix some spec file entries
130603CommittedAndré Hentscheladvpack: Fix some spec file entries
130602CommittedAndré Hentscheldbgeng: Fix DebugConnect spec file entry
130601AssignedAndré Hentschelgdiplus: Fix GdipCreateStreamOnFile spec file entryVincent Povirk
130600AssignedAndré Hentschelmscoree: Fix some spec file entriesVincent Povirk
130599CommittedAndré Hentschelwininet: Fix some more spec file entries✓✓
130598RejectedAndré Hentschelmsvcrt: Fix _CxxThrowException spec file entryPiotr Caban
130597CommittedAndré Hentschelmsi: Fix some more spec file entriesHans Leidekker✓✓
130596CommittedAndré Hentschelkrnl386.exe16: Fix AllocSLCallback spec file entry
130595CommittedAndré Hentschelieframe: Fix IEWinMain spec file entryJacek Caban✓✓
130594CommittedAndré Hentscheld3dx9_36: Fix some spec file entriesMatteo Bruni✓✓
130593CommittedAndré Hentschelshell32: Fix some more spec file entries
130592AssignedAndré Hentschelusp10: Fix ScriptGetProperties spec file entryAric Stewart
130591CommittedAndré Hentschelwintrust: Fix CryptCATAdminAcquireContext spec file entry
130590CommittedAndré Hentschelntoskrnl.exe: Fix some spec file entries
130589CommittedAndré Hentschelurlmon: Fix some spec file entriesJacek Caban✓✓
130588CommittedAndré Hentschelsetupapi: Fix some more spec file entries
130587AssignedAndré Hentscheliphlpapi/tests: Fix test failure for ScopeID with bad DADBruno JesusOK28810
130586CommittedAndré Hentschelwidl: Initialize decoded_sizeHuw Davies✓✓
130572Other projectFrancois Gouget[Tools] testbot/WineRunTask: Don't complain about unreported failures for timeouts.
130567NewJacek Caban[PATCH 5/5] kernel32/tests: Added more named pipe tests.OK28804
130566NewJacek Caban[PATCH 4/5] server: Added server side mamed pipe read and write implementation and use it for message mode pipes.OK28803
130550CommittedJacek Cabanole32: Added GlobalOptions object stub implementation.Huw Davies✓✓OK28801
130546CommittedFrancois Gougetxmllite: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.Nikolay Sivov✓✓
130544AssignedFrancois Gougetgdiplus: Simplify and standardize the heap_xxx() declarations.Vincent Povirk
130542CommittedFrancois Gougeturlmon: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.Jacek Caban✓✓
130541AssignedFrancois Gougetusp10: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.Aric Stewart
130540CommittedFrancois Gougetvbscript: Add __WINE_ALLOC_SIZE attributes to heap_xxx() functions.Jacek Caban✓✓
130537AssignedNikolay Sivov[PATCH] usp10: Filter out DeltaFormat == 0 too, valid range is [1, 3].Aric Stewart
130528Other projectFrancois Gouget[Tools] testbot/WineRunTask: TestLauncher's fake test result lines are wrong.
130478Other projectFrancois Gouget[Tools] testbot/WineRunTask: Add the $TimedOut flag.
130468RejectedAndré Hentschelqcap: Define O_CLOEXEC when needed (try 2)
130467RejectedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 4/4] d3d9/tests: Check encryption support, not WARP in test_create_depth_stencil_surface_ex.Henri VerbeetOK28787
130466SupersededStefan Dösinger[PATCH 3/4] d3d9/tests: AMD r500 needs dummy texture output from vertex shaders for point sprites to work.Henri VerbeetFailed28786
130462RejectedAndré Hentschelwidl: Initialize variables that are not necessarily filled in encode_typeHuw Davies
130433Apply failureBruno Jesus[PATCH] include: Add missing GetIfTable2 to netioapi.h
130411AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 3/5] d3d9/tests: r500 GPUs only generate point sprite coords on texture coordinate 0.Henri VerbeetFailed28756
130409AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 2/5] d3d8/tests: r500 GPUs only generate point sprite coords on texture coordinate 0.Henri VerbeetOK28755
130410AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 1/5] ddraw/tests: Rewrite SrcColorKey32BlitTest (v2).Henri VerbeetFailed28754
130396Other projectFrancois Gouget[Tools] testbot/WineRunTask: Better check the task report.
130395Other projectFrancois Gouget[Tools 2/2] testbot/reporttest: Some fixes and additions for the report template.
130394Other projectFrancois Gouget[Tools 1/2] testbot/reporttest: Standardize on 'test summary' for consistency.
130368RejectedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] dpnet: IDirectPlay8ThreadPool is a singleton interface.OK28725
130365RejectedAlex Henrie[PATCH 2/2] ddraw/tests: Check pointer after CreateSurface with a bad descriptor.Henri VerbeetOK28723
130364RejectedAlex Henrie[PATCH 1/2] ddraw/tests: Check pointer after CreateSurface without a descriptor.Henri VerbeetOK28722
130361RejectedSebastian Lacknerwined3d: Call wined3d_cs_emit_unload_resource outside of command stream.Henri Verbeet
130360RejectedJulius Schwartzenberg[PATCH] Some tests for lsaXOK28716
130355Test failureStefan Dösinger[PATCH] ddraw/tests: Rewrite SrcColorKey32BlitTest.Henri VerbeetFailed28707
130310AssignedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 9/9] ddraw: Fix memory leak in CreateSurface functions.Henri Verbeet
130309AssignedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 8/9] ddraw/tests: Test ddraw7 CreateSurface with a null descriptor.Henri VerbeetFailed28673
130308AssignedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 7/9] ddraw/tests: Test ddraw4 CreateSurface with a null descriptor.Henri VerbeetOK28672
130307AssignedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 6/9] ddraw/tests: Test ddraw2 CreateSurface with a null descriptor.Henri VerbeetOK28671
130306AssignedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 5/9] ddraw/tests: Test ddraw1 CreateSurface with a null descriptor.Henri VerbeetOK28670
130305AssignedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 4/9] ddraw/tests: Test surface after ddraw7 CreateSurface without coop level.Henri VerbeetOK28669
130304AssignedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 3/9] ddraw/tests: Test surface after ddraw4 CreateSurface without coop level.Henri VerbeetOK28668
130303AssignedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 2/9] ddraw/tests: Test surface after ddraw2 CreateSurface without coop level.Henri VerbeetOK28667
130302AssignedAlex Henrie[PATCH v2 1/9] ddraw/tests: Test surface after ddraw1 CreateSurface without coop level.Henri VerbeetOK28666
130282RejectedJacek Caban[PATCH v2] winedevice: Use WINE_RB_FOR_EACH_ENTRY_DESTRUCTOR to free drivers in async_shutdown_drivers.
130277RejectedRalf Habackerntdll: Use environment variable "WINESERVER" first on search for wineserver to start.
130176SupersededAlistair Leslie-Hughes[v2 PATCH 2/2] mfreadwrite: Add MFCreateSourceReaderFromMediaSource stubAlex Henrie
130175SupersededAlistair Leslie-Hughes[v2 PATCH 1/2] include: Add mfreadwrite.idlAlex Henrie
130164RejectedZebediah Figura[PATCH v4 1/5] compobj.dll16: Implement CoLoadLibrary16 and CoFreeLibrary16.
130079AssignedAndrew Wesie[v4 4/4] ntdll: Fix and test exception codes on x86-64.Sebastian LacknerOK28546
130077AssignedAndrew Wesie[v4 2/4] ntdll/tests: Test values of debug regs in handler.Sebastian LacknerOK28544
130057AssignedGerald Pfeiferkernel32: Disable diagnostics when testing corner cases in test_heap().Erich E. HooverOK28520
130052NewChristoph Brill[PATCH 1/2] RFC: Implement XInputEnable based on MSDNX
130046SupersededZebediah Figura[PATCH 2/3] storage.dll16: Correctly handle block values of -1.
129967AssignedAustin Englishntoskrnl.exe: add KeAcquireInStackQueuedSpinLock stub (try 2)Sebastian Lackner
129901NewZebediah Figura[v2 5/5] compobj.dll16: Implement CoFreeUnusedLibraries16().
129899NewZebediah Figura[v2 4/5] compobj.dll16: Implement CoFreeAllLibraries16().
129872AssignedPiotr Caban[PATCH 5/7] gdiplus: Store all informations about locked bitmap area in GpBitmap structureVincent Povirk
129870AssignedPiotr Caban[PATCH 3/7] gdiplus: Set ImageFlagsReadOnly flag in GdipCreateBitmapFromHBITMAPVincent Povirk
129842AssignedJózef Kucia[PATCH 6/6] d3d11: Implement d3d11_immediate_context_CSSetUnorderedAccessViews().Henri Verbeet
129837AssignedJózef Kucia[PATCH 5/6] wined3d: Acquire unordered access resources for compute dispatches.Henri Verbeet
129836AssignedJózef Kucia[PATCH 4/6] wined3d: Implement compute pipeline UAV binding.Henri Verbeet
129764AssignedAndré Hentscheld3d11: Silence a d3d11_immediate_context_OMSetBlendState fixmeHenri Verbeet
129758AssignedFabian Maurer[PATCH] msvcr120: Add fesetenv stub.Piotr Caban
129706AssignedLauri Kenttä[PATCH 1/2] msvcrt: Clean _open, _wopen, _sopen, _wsopen.Piotr Caban
129639NewGrazvydas Ignotas[resend 2/2] user32/tests: check for unwanted WM_MOUSEACTIVATE for popup window.OK28251
129623AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 2/2] wined3d: Display patch primitives in debug messages.Henri Verbeet
129622AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 1/2] wined3d: Add patch primitives.Henri Verbeet
129564AssignedMatteo Bruni[PATCH 3/5] wined3d: Fix querying texture-related limits on core profile.Henri Verbeet
129377AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 6/6] d3d11: Implement CSSetConstantBuffers() for immediate contexts.Henri Verbeet
129370AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 02/10] wined3d: Probe for compute shader limits.Henri Verbeet
129368AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 1/6] wined3d: Export wined3d_device_set_cs_resource_view().Henri Verbeet
129367AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 09/10] wined3d: Introduce wined3d_device_dispatch_compute().Henri Verbeet
129359RejectedAlistair Leslie-Hughes[PATCH] dbghelp: Always return a dos path from SymGetLineFromAddrHuw Davies
129353AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 04/10] wined3d: Implement SM5 dcl_thread_group instruction.Henri Verbeet
129352AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 3/6] wined3d: Export wined3d_device_set_cs_sampler().Henri Verbeet
129348AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 06/10] wined3d: Add compute shaders initial support in GLSL backend.Henri Verbeet
129347AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 5/6] wined3d: Export wined3d_device_set_cs_cb().Henri Verbeet
129346AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 07/10] wined3d: Add dispatch_compute() draw primitive.Henri Verbeet
129345AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 03/10] wined3d: Add compute shader to wined3d_shader union.Henri Verbeet
129344AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 4/7] wined3d: Implement wined3d_device_set_cs_resource_view().Henri Verbeet
129342AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 3/7] wined3d: Implement wined3d_device_get_cs_cb().Henri Verbeet
129329AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 1/7] wined3d: Implement wined3d_device_get_compute_shader().Henri Verbeet
129328AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 08/10] wined3d: Dispatch compute through the command stream.Henri Verbeet
129327AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 4/6] d3d11: Implement CSSetSamplers() for immediate contexts.Henri Verbeet
129325AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 10/10] d3d11: Implement Dispatch() for immediate contexts.Henri Verbeet
129324AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 05/10] wined3d: Add compute shaders cb/samplers state updates.Henri Verbeet
129323AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 2/6] d3d11: Implement CSSetShaderResources() for immediate contexts.Henri Verbeet
129322AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 6/7] wined3d: Implement wined3d_device_set_cs_sampler().Henri Verbeet
129321AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 2/7] wined3d: Implement wined3d_device_set_cs_cb().Henri Verbeet
129320AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 5/7] wined3d: Implement wined3d_device_get_cs_resource_view().Henri Verbeet
129319AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 01/10] wined3d: Add ARB_compute_shader extension.Henri Verbeet
129318AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 7/7] wined3d: Implement wined3d_device_get_cs_sampler().Henri Verbeet
129300AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 2/2] wined3d: Implement buffer texture range.Henri Verbeet
129299AssignedGuillaume Charifi[PATCH 1/2] wined3d: Add ARB_texture_buffer_range extension.Henri Verbeet
129165AssignedDetlef Riekenberg[PATCH 2/2] winspool+localspl: Move AddPrinterW implementation to localsplHuw Davies
129164AssignedDetlef Riekenberg[PATCH 1/2] winspool: Accept a backend printer handle when creating a printer handle [resend]Huw Davies
129096NewJacek Caban[PATCH 16/16] ntdll/tests: Added more pipe read tests.OK28011
129095NewJacek Caban[PATCH 15/16] kernel32/tests: Added test of async write terminated by process exit.OK28010
129094NewJacek Caban[PATCH 14/16] kernel32/tests: Added tests of real buffer size.OK28009
129092NewJacek Caban[PATCH 12/16] server: Added support for flushing client pipe.
129091NewJacek Caban[PATCH 11/16] server: Added support for message mode named pipe reads.OK28007
129019AssignedJózef Kucia[PATCH 4/7] wined3d: Implement SM5 store_uav_typed instruction.Henri VerbeetOK27963


StatusPossible causes
  • Patch not even looked at yet, there's still hope...
  • The patch is not obviously correct at first glance. Making a more convincing argument, preferably in the form of a test case, may help.
  • Waiting for sign-off or feedback from the assigned reviewer. If you don't hear anything after a couple of weeks, please resend the patch.
  • You have done everything right; congratulations!
  • You screwed up but AJ missed it, send a fix before someone notices ;-)
  • The patch is part of a series in which a previous patch hasn't been applied. Resend when the dependent patch is fixed.
Bad sequence
  • The patch is part of a series but it's not correctly numbered. Resend the series with correct sequence numbers to enable the testbot to figure it out.
  • An updated version of the patch has been submitted.
  • Someone else fixed the problem already.
Needs tests
  • You need to write some test cases demonstrating that the patch is correct.
  • The patch is deferred because of code freeze for an upcoming release. Either resend after the release, make the patch less intrusive, or make a convincing argument that it needs to be included in the release.
  • This is a Signed-off-by reply to another patch.
Other project
  • The patch belongs to another WineHQ project (website, appdb, etc.) and will be applied by the respective maintainer.
Apply failure
  • The patch got mangled in transit.
  • It's not relative to the latest git.
  • Someone else sent a patch that changes the same area and causes conflicts.
  • The patch is relative to a subdirectory (using 'git format-patch' is strongly recommended).
Build failure
  • Syntax error or other compile problem.
  • You forgot to include some changes or new files required for compilation.
  • The patch causes compiler warnings (maintainer mode implies -Werror).
  • The patch author's full name, email address, or Signed-off-by headers are incorrect or missing.
  • Whitespace got mangled in transit.
  • Indentation is messed up (usually from editing with a non-standard tab size).
  • 8-bit chars got mangled in transit (usually when sending patches to translation files).
  • You are making gratuitous formatting changes to the code.
  • You are using C++ comments.
No patch
  • You hit 'send' before attaching the patch.
  • The mail is a reply to another patch, or spam.
  • The patch has been rejected with a comment on wine-devel or #winehackers.
  • The patch contains an obvious error that you are expected to figure out yourself.
Needs splitting
  • A single mail contained multiple patch files.
  • The patch contains unrelated changes that should be sent as separate patches.
  • The patch is simply too large for review, you need to find a way to split it.
Test failure
  • You didn't run 'make test' before submitting.
  • The patch requires a Wine fix but doesn't use todo_wine.
  • The patch fixes a failure but doesn't remove the corresponding todo_wine.
  • The testbot detected new failures on Windows.