Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectTestbotJob ID
106272NewNikolay Sivov [PATCH] msvcrt: Implement llabs()
106271NewAric Stewart dwrite: initialize realloc'ed memory to zero
106270NewJactry Zeng [PATCH] mshtml: Add IHTMLTableCell::bgColor property implementation. (try 2)OK8705
106269NewJactry Zeng [PATCH] mshtml: Add IHTMLTableCell::bgColor property implementation.OK8704
106268NewIndrek Altpere [2/2] winemenubuilder: fix stack overflow caused by invalid icon associations
106267NewIndrek Altpere [1/2] winemenubuilder: cleanup of open_file_type_icon
106266NewNikolay Sivov [PATCH] dwrite/tests: Initial tests for SetLineBreakpoints()OK8703
106265NewNikolay Sivov [PATCH] advapi32: Switch to heap helpers in the rest of the code
106264NewNikolay Sivov [PATCH] usp10/tests: Test for S_OK return value in a clean wayOK8694
106263NewAustin English Re: include: add EncryptedFileRaw functions and defines (try 2)
106262RejectedIndrek Altpere [2/2] winemenubuilder: ignore icons in unsupported PNG format
106261NewIndrek Altpere [1/2] winemenubuilder: fix crash on invalid icon entries
106260CommittedNikolay Sivov [PATCH] advapi32/registry: Use heap helpers
106259SupersededIndrek Altpere winemenubuilder: fix crash caused by invalid icon entries and avoid future crashes by ignoring unhandled png entries (resend)
106258No patchIndrek Altpere winemenubuilder: fix crash caused by invalid icon entries and avoid future crashes by ignoring unhandled png entries (resend)
106257SupersededAustin English include: add EncryptedFileRaw functions and defines (try 2)
106256NewAndré Hentschel [2/2] netcfgx: Add stub for INetCfgClassSetup2
106255NewAndré Hentschel [1/2] netcfgx: Add stub for INetCfgComponent
106254CommittedMatteo Bruni [PATCH 5/5] wined3d: Store bool uniforms location in the GLSL shader structures.
106252CommittedMatteo Bruni [PATCH 4/5] wined3d: Handle half-float attributes in load_numbered_arrays().
106251CommittedMatteo Bruni [PATCH 3/5] d3dx9: Allow implicit conversions in D3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx.
106250RejectedMatteo Bruni [PATCH 2/5] dxgi: Free the wined3d object when device creation fails (Valgrind).
106253CommittedMatteo Bruni [PATCH 1/5] d3dx9: Avoid reading outside of the allocated surface memory (Valgrind).
106249CommittedNikolay Sivov advapi32: Use heap helpers in security code
106248CommittedZhenbo Li mshtml/tests: Fix a memory leak.OK8688
106247SupersededZhenbo Li mshtml/tests: Fix a memory leak.OK8687
106246CommittedIndrek Altpere winemenubuilder: fix resource leak (Valgrind)
106245PendingAndré Hentschel c2man: Fix UTF-8 characters in recognized contributers
106244CommittedAustin English npptools: add stub dll (try 2)
106242PendingGuillaume Charifi [2/2] oleaut32: Implement TLB dependencies lookup in resourcesOK8680
106226SupersededIndrek Altpere winemenubuilder: fix crash caused by invalid icon entries and avoid future crashes by ignoring unhandled png entries
106225RejectedAndré Hentschel wpcap: Load libpcap dynamically
106219PendingGerald Pfeifer wininet: Avoid compiler warnings due to negation before binary operator.OK8664
106213NewGerald Pfeifer Re: configure: Add -linotify when present, for non-Linux platforms.
106212CommittedShuai Meng [PATCH 2/2] vbscript: Implemented Time(try 3)Failed8660
106211CommittedShuai Meng [PATCH 1/2] vbscript: Implemented Date(try 3)Failed8659
106203Other projectJulian Rüger [website] German translation for release 1.7.25
106202PendingBruno Jesus dmscript/tests: Initialize test variable (valgrind) (try 2)OK8657
106201NewCzBiX shell32: Implemented KF_FLAG_DEFAULT_PATH for SHGetKnownFolderPath. (try 2)OK8656
106199NewDavid Hedberg [PATCH 5/5] comdlg32: Expand the filetype combobox dropdown to fit the contents.
106197NewDavid Hedberg [PATCH 4/5] comdlg32: Set BS_MULTILINE also for check buttons.
106196NewDavid Hedberg [PATCH 3/5] comdlg32: ::SetFileTypeIndex and ::GetFileTypeIndex uses a one-based index.OK8650
106195Needs testsDavid Hedberg [PATCH 2/5] comdlg32: Implement calling IFileDialogEvents::OnTypeChange().
106192NewFelix Janda tools/makedep: Don't mix options and arguments for wrc/widl/sfnt2fon
106191NewFelix Janda ntdll/directory.c: getdents64 might have been defined previously
106188Other projectFrédéric Delanoy [website] French translation for release 1.7.25
106162NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 5/5] ws2_32: Add an interactive test for interface change notifications (resend 3).OK8609
106161NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 4/5] server: Implement the interface change notification object (resend 3).
106160NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 3/5] server: Add delayed processing for socket-specific ioctl() (resend 3).
106159NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 2/5] server: Add a socket-side support for the interface change notification object (resend 3).
106158NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 1/5] server: Implement socket-specific ioctl() routine (try 3?).
106155PendingErich E. Hoover[PATCH 1/1] winex11.drv: Update the check for broken nVidia RandR to test for the number of resolutions instead of the number of modes.
106143NewYongHao Hu msvcp90: Added complex_float_pow implementation(Fix precision) and tests(Try 4)OK8600
106092NewBernhard Reiter imagehlp: Implement (parts of) BindImageEx (try 12)OK8563
106068NewVijay Kiran Kamuju Add new dll kernelbase.dll
106010SupersededAustin English advapi32: add stubs for *EncryptedFileRaw* functions
106007NewAndrei Slăvoiu [5/5] wined3d: pass the capabilities directly to d3d_level_from_gl_info and rename it to d3d_level_from_caps (resend)
106006NewAndrei Slăvoiu [3/5] wined3d: replace vendor specific callbacks with generic code that uses vendor specific arrays (resend)
106005NewAndrei Slăvoiu [4/5] wined3d: adjust the Intel fallbacks to better reflect reality (resend)
105987NewHugh McMaster regsvr32: Add missing 'const' keyword
105966NewJactry Zeng [PATCH 6/8] riched20: Implement IText{Selection, Range}::Set{Start, End}.OK8434
105965NewJactry Zeng [PATCH 8/8] riched20: Stub for ITextPara interface and implement ITextRange::GetPara.OK8436
105964NewJactry Zeng [PATCH 7/8] riched20: Stub for ITextFont interface and implement ITextRange::GetFont and ITextSelection::GetFont.OK8435
105963NewJactry Zeng [PATCH 5/8] riched20: Implement ITextRange::Collapse and ITextSelection::Collapse.OK8433
105962NewJactry Zeng [PATCH 4/8] riched20: Implement ITextRange::GetDuplicate.OK8432
105961NewJactry Zeng [PATCH 3/8] riched20: Implement IText{Selection, Range}::Get{Start, End}.OK8431
105960NewJactry Zeng [PATCH 2/8] riched20: Implement ITextSelection::GetChar and ITextRange::GetChar. (try 2 rebase)OK8430
105959NewJactry Zeng [PATCH 1/8] riched20: Stub for ITextRange interface and implement ITextDocument::Range. (try 4)OK8429
105957NewBrad Baago Updated return values for DecryptFileW and DecryptFileA according to windows standards.
105946NewYongHao Hu msvcp90: Fix comment typo
105936NewDavid Woodhouse secur32: Fix handling of ANSI NTLM credentials
105925PendingDamjan Jovanovic winex11.drv: import X11's "text/html" as "HTML Format" (try 3)
105903NewHugh McMaster [Patch 2/2] regsvr32: Convert source to Unicode
105902NewHugh McMaster [Patch 1/2] regsvr32: Simplify command line handling
105886NewSebastian Lackner ntdll: Set ldr.EntryPoint for main executable.
105857NewAndrei Slăvoiu [5/5] wined3d: pass the capabilities directly to d3d_level_from_gl_info and rename it to d3d_level_from_caps
105859NewAndrei Slăvoiu [4/5] wined3d: adjust the Intel fallbacks to better reflect reality
105856NewAndrei Slăvoiu [3/5] wined3d: replace vendor specific callbacks with generic code that uses vendor specific arrays
105854NewJoris van der Wel [4/4] server: implement passing a thread security descriptor to CreateProcessOK8253
105853NewJoris van der Wel [3/4] server: implement passing a process security descriptor to CreateProcessOK8252
105851NewJoris van der Wel [2/4] server: Support sending process and thread security descriptors for the "new_process" request in the protocol
105852NewJoris van der Wel [1/4] server: A new function "set_sd_defaults_from_token" that sets the security descriptor along with a token that will be used to gather defaults, instead of always using the primary token. (try 4)
105846PendingDavid Hedberg gdiplus: Add stub for GdipCreateEffect.
105837NewAric Stewart (Resend 2)[4/5] imm32: Restrict crossthread Association and destructionOK8221
105812NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 2/2] ddraw: Return empty D3D hardware flags for HEL device enumeration.OK8199
105811NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 1/2] ddraw/tests: Ignore broken behavior of D3DTRANSFORM_UNCLIPPED.OK8198
105810NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 2/2] server: Add default security descriptor DACL for processes (resend).OK8197
105809NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 1/2] server: Add default security descriptor ownership for processes (resend).OK8196
105808NewDavid Hedberg shell32: Implement IEnumShellItems for IShellItemArray.Failed8193
105799NewAric Stewart (Retry)[6/6]imm32: limit cross thread access to ImmSet* functions
105798NewAric Stewart (Retry)[4/5] imm32: Restrict crossthread Association and destructionFailed8186
105797NewAric Stewart (Retry)[3/5] imm32: use thread data from target HWNDOK8185
105795NewAric Stewart (Retry)[2/5] imm32: do not let ImmDestroyContext destroy any default contexts
105796NewAric Stewart (Retry)[1/5] imm32: Move thread data from TLSEntry to an internal list
105792NewFrancois Gouget [Tools 2/2] winetest: Add a license to the winetest.cron script.
105793NewFrancois Gouget [Tools 1/2] winetest: Automatically detect the root of the website.
105788NewPiotr Caban [PATCH 2/2] user32: Load imm32.dll when user32 is loadedOK8171
105787NewPiotr Caban [PATCH 1/2] imm32: Register IME window class on first use
105786PendingSebastian Lackner [2/2] wine.inf: Add Dynamic DST exceptions for Israel Standard Time.
105785PendingSebastian Lackner [1/2] ntdll: Add support for Dynamic DST (daylight saving time) information in registry.


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  • The patch is not obviously correct at first glance. Making a more convincing argument, preferably in the form of a test case, may help.
  • Waiting for feedback from the main developer in that area.
  • You have done everything right; congratulations!
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Other project
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  • Someone else sent a patch that changes the same area and causes conflicts.
  • The patch is relative to a subdirectory (using 'git format-patch' is strongly recommended).
Build failure
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  • You forgot to include some changes or new files required for compilation.
  • The patch causes compiler warnings (maintainer mode implies -Werror).
  • The patch author's full name or email address are incorrect or missing.
  • Whitespace got mangled in transit.
  • Indentation is messed up (usually from editing with a non-standard tab size).
  • 8-bit chars got mangled in transit (usually when sending patches to resource files).
  • You are making gratuitous formatting changes to the code.
  • You are using C++ comments.
No patch
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  • The patch has been rejected with a comment on wine-devel or #winehackers.
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Needs splitting
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Test failure
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  • The patch requires a Wine fix but doesn't use todo_wine.
  • The patch fixes a failure but doesn't remove the corresponding todo_wine.
  • The testbot detected new failures on Windows.