Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectReviewerSignTestbotJob ID
126756NewSebastian Lackner[2/2] user32: Also release GMEM_FIXED data in free_cached_data.
126755NewSebastian Lackner[1/2] server: Handle error when memdup fails in synthesize_formats.
126754NewDetlef Riekenberg[PATCH] scrrun/tests: Use case insensitive compare for filenamesOK25965
126753NewDetlef Riekenberg[PATCH] ntdll/tests: Use case insensitive compare for filenamesOK25964
126752NewDaniel Lehman[PATCH] make_unicode: Change handling of Turkish i to match WindowsOK25963
126751NewAric Stewart[PATCH v6] winebus.sys: Watch for hid raw device addition and removal
126750Other projectJulian Rüger[website] German translation for release 1.9.19
126749Other projectJulian Rüger[website] German translation for release 1.9.18
126748CommittedSebastian Lacknerservices: Check for services without lpBinaryPathName in get_winedevice_process.
126747Sign-offHans LeidekkerRe: webservices/tests: Use IsEqualGUID() to compare GUIDs.
126746CommittedMichael Stefaniucwebservices/tests: Use IsEqualGUID() to compare GUIDs.OK25952
126745CommittedHuw Davies[PATCH 2/2] riched20: Add checks for allocation failures.
126744CommittedHuw Davies[PATCH 1/2] riched20: Embed PARAFORMAT2 in the paragraph struct rather than its ptr.
126743CommittedHuw Daviesgdi32: Check that ExtFloodFill()'s initial co-ordinates lie within the dib.OK25951
126742Sign-offHans LeidekkerRe: [2/2] webservices: Correctly grow buffer size in receive_message.
126741Sign-offHans LeidekkerRe: [1/2] webservices: Do not return uninitialized hr from write_headers_transport.
126740AssignedHadrien Boizard[PATCH] winemac.drv: Use EqualRect() instead of memcmp() to compare RECTs.Ken Thomases
126739CommittedSebastian Lackner[2/2] webservices: Correctly grow buffer size in receive_message.Hans Leidekker
126738CommittedSebastian Lackner[1/2] webservices: Do not return uninitialized hr from write_headers_transport.Hans Leidekker
126737Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH v4] wined3d: Add NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti.
126736Sign-offHenri VerbeetRe: [PATCH v2]wined3d: Add AMD Radeon HD 6480G IGP
126735CommittedHans Leidekker[8/8] webservices: Implement WsReceiveMessage.OK25944
126734CommittedHans Leidekker[7/8] webservices/tests: Add tests for WsSendMessage.OK25943
126733CommittedHans Leidekker[6/8] webservices: Implement WsSendMessage.
126732CommittedHans Leidekker[5/8] webservices: Don't write an empty header element for messages that have an action.
126731CommittedHans Leidekker[4/8] webservices: Add support for WS_MESSAGE_PROPERTY_BODY_READER/WRITER in WsGetMessageProperty.
126730CommittedHans Leidekker[3/8] webservices: Use public channel functions in the service proxy implementation.
126729CommittedHans Leidekker[2/8] webservices: Fix corner cases in write option handling.OK25942
126728CommittedHans Leidekker[1/8] webservices: Escape XML special characters where needed.OK25941
126727CommittedPiotr Cabanmsvcp140: Fix time_put structure layout
126726CommittedMichael Stefaniucquartz: Avoid using CopyRect().
126725CommittedFilip Frąckiewicz[PATCH v4] wined3d: Add NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti.Henri Verbeet
126724CommittedFilip Frąckiewicz[PATCH v2]wined3d: Add AMD Radeon HD 6480G IGPHenri Verbeet
126723SupersededFilip Frąckiewiczwined3d: Add AMD Radeon HD 6480G IGPX
126722SupersededFilip Frąckiewicz[PATCH v3] wined3d: Add NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti.X
126721SupersededFilip Frąckiewicz[PATCH v2] wined3d: Add NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti.X
126720CommittedPiotr Caban[PATCH 3/3] msvcp140: Add more missing exports
126719CommittedPiotr Caban[PATCH 2/3] msvcp140: Fix codecvt RTTI data
126718CommittedPiotr Caban[PATCH 1/3] msvcp140: Add _Cnd_destroy_in_situ implementation
126717CommittedAndrew Eikum[PATCH] wininet: Don't crash by debug printing too long URLs
126716CommittedAustin Englishloader/wine.inf: add HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\hivelist key
126715CommittedSebastian Lackneruser32: Call GlobalUnlock with the correct argument in SetClipboardData.
126681SupersededFilip Frąckiewicz[PATCH] wined3d: Add NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti to the GPU list.Henri Verbeet
126676Other projectFrédéric Delanoy[website] French translation for release 1.9.19
126667NewAric Stewart[PATCH 2/2] hidclass.sys: use IoRegisterDeviceInterface
126668NewAric Stewart[PATCH 1/2] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement IoRegisterDeviceInterface
126651AssignedAric Stewart[PATCH v5] winebus.sys: Watch for hid raw device addition and removalSebastian Lackner
126650NewAric Stewart[PATCH] hidclass.sys: minidriver handling for IRP_MN_REMOVE_DEVICE finished the IRP
126649NewDiaz Fernandez Ericxinput: Implements support for Xbox360 & XboxOne gamepads (linux-input)
126643NewAkihiro Sagawa[11/11] kernel32: Implement LCMAP_HALFWIDTH.Failed25911
126642RejectedAkihiro Sagawa[10/11] kernel32: Implement LCMAP_FULLWIDTH.Failed25910
126625RejectedAustin Englishuianimation: add stub dll
126608RejectedAndré Hentschelshell32/tests: Move test after returnOK25888
126598NewGerald Pfeiferoleaut32: Handle xbuf_get erroring out in deserialize_param (and avoid uninitialized read).
126567NewPierre Schweitzer[PATCH v3] mpr: Implement connected resources enumeration.
126554NewVincent Povirk[6/6] windowscodecs: Fix 32bppGrayFloat to 8bppGray conversion.OK25842
126508AssignedFabian Maurer[PATCH 5/5] d3dx11: Implemented D3DX11CompileFromFileWMatteo Bruni
126506AssignedFabian Maurer[PATCH 4/5] d3dx11: Implemented D3DX11CreateShaderResourceViewFromFileWMatteo Bruni
126444AssignedFabian Maurer[PATCH] Moved wined3dformat <-> dxgi_format conversion functions into wined3dHenri Verbeet
126428NewAlex Henrie[PATCH v12 3/3] shell32: Implement FolderItems_get_Count.OK25725
126427NewAlex Henrie[PATCH v12 2/3] shell32: Implement FolderItems_Item.OK25724
126426NewAlex Henrie[PATCH v12 1/3] shell32/tests: Add tests for FolderItems_Item and FolderItems_get_Count.OK25723
126425NewKeno Fischer[v3] preloader: Allow a debugger to find's rendezvous-struct
126387NewMax Qian[PATCH 3/3] winex11.drv: Don't trigger a MotionNotify event right after a RawMotion event and make only absolute movements change the cursor's last change time
126388NewMax Qian[PATCH 2/3] user32: Check for events before getting the cursor and reupload the cursor position to the server if we get the cursor from the driver
126386NewMax Qian[PATCH 1/3] user32: Wait before getting/setting the cursor position in send_hardware_message
126376NewAric Stewart[PATCH v5 8/8] winebus.sys: Implement IRP_MN_QUERY_DEVICE_RELATIONS
126330NewAric Stewart[PATCH v4 16/20] winehid.sys: implement IRP_MJ_PNP for linux hidraw devices
126329NewAric Stewart[PATCH v4 15/20] winehid.sys: implement IRP_MJ_INTERNAL_DEVICE_CONTROL for linux hidraw devices
126315AssignedGerald Pfeiferinclude: Avoid overflow (warning) in RGBA_MAKE.Henri Verbeet
126290AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 6/6] ddraw/tests: Add D3DVIEWPORT2 transform tests.Henri VerbeetFailed25550
126288AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 5/6] ddraw: Use the clip space matrix in TransformVertices.Henri Verbeet
126289AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 4/6] ddraw: Apply legacy clipspace to d3d2.Henri VerbeetFailed25549
126286AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 3/6] ddraw/tests: Test d3d2 and 3 drawing with non-standard viewports.Henri VerbeetFailed25548
126291AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 2/6] ddraw: Store d3d1 projection matrices in device->legacy_projection.Henri VerbeetFailed25547
126287AssignedStefan Dösinger[PATCH 1/6] ddraw/tests: Add position tests for D3DPROCESSVERTICES_TRANSFORM.Henri VerbeetFailed25546
126283AssignedJacek Cabanwined3d: Removed no longer needed wine_rb_destroy calls.Henri Verbeet
126281AssignedJacek Caband3d11: Removed no longer needed wine_rb_destroy calls.Henri Verbeet
126273NewAric Stewart[PATCH v3 19/20] winehid.sys: Implement Get/Set feature for linux hidraw
126272NewAric Stewart[PATCH v3 18/20] winehid.sys: Stub IRP_MJ_POWER for linxu hidraw devices
126271NewAric Stewart[PATCH v3 17/20] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement removing plug and play devices
126268NewAric Stewart[PATCH v3 14/20] winehid.sys: Process device reports for linux hidraw devices
126262NewAric Stewart[PATCH v3 08/20] winehid.sys: add linux hidraw minidriver
126259NewAric Stewart[PATCH v3 05/20] winehid.sys: infrastructure for platform specfic minidrivers
126256NewAric Stewart[PATCH v3 02/20] winehid.sys: Add HID minidriver
126236AssignedMichael Stefaniucdsound: Avoid using the COM method implementations directly.Andrew Eikum
126233AssignedRuslan KabatsayevDo obtain address of wglGetPixelFormat before calling itHenri Verbeet
126149AssignedAric Stewart[PATCH v2 4/4] ntoskrnl.exe: Implement removing plug and play devicesSebastian Lackner
126148AssignedAric Stewart[PATCH v2 3/4] ntoskrnl.exe: Send PnP and Power IRPs to plug and play devicesSebastian Lackner


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