Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectTestbotJob ID
114250NewGerald Pfeifer propsys: Cast to ULONGLONG instead of LONGLONG in test_intconversions test_intconversions to avoid shift overflow.
114249NewŁukasz Wojniłowicz [website] Polish translation for release 1.7.51
114248NewGerald Pfeifer server: Replace 1 << 31 by 1u << 31 to avoid shift overflow in in get_active_hooks.
114247NewJulian Rüger [website] German translation for release 1.7.51
114246NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 3/3] wineps.drv: Add support for PostScript Format 2 custom glyph names.
114245NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 2/3] wineps.drv: Add support for PostScript Format 2 standard glyph names.
114244NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 1/3] wineps.drv: Add support for PostScript Format 1 glyph names.
114243NewVincent Povirk mscoree: Send Mono's debug output to Unix stderr.
114242NewBruno Jesus quartz: Ensure pSample is NULL before calling IAsyncReader_WaitForNext
114241NewAndrey Gusev [bugzilla] Some corrections for Bug Lists
114240CommittedJacek Caban ole32: Use get_stub_manager_from_object in CoDisconnectObject.
114239CommittedJacek Caban oleaut32: Ensure that we're using the right interface in CreateStub implementation.
114238CommittedNikolay Sivov [PATCH 2/2] dwrite/tests: Fix some test failures on Win10OK16505
114237CommittedNikolay Sivov [PATCH 1/2] dwrite: Make CreateFontFace() fail with DWRITE_E_FILEFORMAT for supported types in case of type mismatchOK16504
114235NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes [3/3] gdiplus: Add GdipCreateEffect tests (try 2)OK16503
114236NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes [2/3] gdiplus: Add GdipCreateEffect stub (try 2)
114234NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes [1/3] include: Add gdipluseffects.h (try 2)
114233CommittedJactry Zeng [PATCH] riched20: Repaint paragraph after undo format setting of the paragraph.
114232CommittedDmitry Timoshkov [2/2] oleaut32/tests: Add a test for calling a varargs method using typelib marshaller.OK16502
114231CommittedDmitry Timoshkov [1/2] oleaut32/tests: Avoid using a reserved keyword '_restrict' in an idl.OK16501
114230CommittedDmitry Timoshkov msscript.ocx: Add missing 'vararg' attribute to the Run() methods.
114229CommittedGerald Pfeifer rpcrt4: Cast to ULONGLONG instead of LONGLONG in test_simple_struct test_simple_struct to avoid shift overflow.OK16500
114228CommittedNikolay Sivov dwrite: Make sure same files are scanned once when building font collection
114227CommittedVincent Povirk mscoree: Don't modify the PATH environment variable.
114226CommittedLauri Kenttä [PATCH] po: Update Finnish translation.
114225NewMichel Zou [PATCH 2/2] reg: merge key open code
114224NewMichel Zou [PATCH 1/2] reg: simplify root key search
114223NewAric Stewart [4/13](try 4)hidclass.sys: Add USB Descriptor parsing
114221CommittedStefan Dösinger [PATCH 2/2] d3d11: Set surface and volume parents to NULL.
114222CommittedStefan Dösinger [PATCH 1/2] wined3d: Return a texture from the swapchain resource creation callback (v2).
114220SupersededAric Stewart [4/13](try 3)hidclass.sys: Add USB Descriptor parsing
114219CommittedBruno Jesus quartz: Skip AVI bad chunks while looking for the LIST chunk
114218RejectedBruno Jesus quartz: Simplify a loop and make the code more robust
114217NewAric Stewart [4/13](try2)hidclass.sys: Add USB Descriptor parsing
114216CommittedHugh McMaster regsvr32: Do not attempt to register '/' or '-'
114215RejectedMarcus Meissner PATCH: widl: implement move-if-changed logic
114214NewStefan Dösinger [PATCH 6/6] d3d11: Set surface and volume parents to NULL.
114213NewStefan Dösinger [PATCH 5/6] wined3d: Return a texture from the swapchain resource creation callback.
114212CommittedStefan Dösinger [PATCH 4/6] d3d8/tests: Add more GetBackBuffer error handling tests.OK16493
114210CommittedStefan Dösinger [PATCH 3/6] d3d9/tests: Add more GetBackBuffer error handling tests.OK16492
114211CommittedStefan Dösinger [PATCH 2/6] wined3d: Remove wined3d_device_get_back_buffer.
114209CommittedStefan Dösinger [PATCH 1/6] wined3d: Return a texture from wined3d_swapchain_get_back_buffer (v2).
114208CommittedThomas Faller [PATCH] usp10: Fix invalid read
114207NewDmitry Timoshkov winhttp: Add custom implementation of IWinHttpRequest::Invoke(DISPID_HTTPREQUEST_OPTION). Take 2.OK16491
114206CommittedHugh McMaster [PATCH] regsvr32: Use correct exit code when DllRegisterServer, DllUnregisterServer and DllInstall fail
114205NewGerald Pfeifer krnl386.exe16: Avoid shift overflows in DMA_ioport_out. DMA_ioport_out.
114204CommittedNikolay Sivov [PATCH 4/4] dwrite: Increase a number of allocated family slots for system collection
114203CommittedNikolay Sivov [PATCH 3/4] dwrite: Remove GetFaceNames() hack for simulated case
114202CommittedNikolay Sivov [PATCH 2/4] dwrite: Add simulated oblique faces
114201CommittedNikolay Sivov [PATCH 1/4] dwrite: Add simulated bold faces for each family when appropriate
114200NewErich E. Hooverwineps.drv: Add glyph names for PostScript Format 1 glyphs (try 2).
114199CommittedJózef Kucia [PATCH 7/7] d3d11: Implement d3d11_buffer_GetDevice().
114198CommittedJózef Kucia [PATCH 6/7] d3d11: Implement private data methods for ID3D11Buffer.
114197CommittedJózef Kucia [PATCH 5/7] d3d11: Add ID3D11Buffer interface stub.
114196CommittedJózef Kucia [PATCH 4/7] d3d11: Rename d3d10_buffer to d3d_buffer.
114195CommittedJózef Kucia [PATCH 3/7] d3d11: Implement private data methods for ID3D11Texture3D.
114194CommittedJózef Kucia [PATCH 2/7] d3d11: Rename d3d10_{get, set}_private_data functions to d3d_{get, set}_private_data.
114193CommittedJózef Kucia [PATCH 1/7] d3d11/tests: Add test for 3D texture interfaces.OK16487
114192Committedpelzflorian@pelzflorian.depo: German translation: Fix mistranslations
114191NewRodrigo Rivas [4/4] user32: Fix error handling in {Begin, , End}DeferWindowPos() (try 2)OK16477
114190Committedpelzflorian@pelzflorian.depo: German translation: Fix punctuation
114189Committedpelzflorian@pelzflorian.depo: German translation: Fix grammar errors
114188Committedpelzflorian@pelzflorian.depo: German translation: Fix capitalization
114187Committedpelzflorian@pelzflorian.depo: German translation: Fix hyphenation
114185NewRodrigo Rivas [3/4] user32: Add test case for EndDeferWindowPos() with destroyed HWND (try 2)OK16476
114186NewRodrigo Rivas [2/4] user32: Add test case for DeferWindowPos() with invalid HWND (try 2)Failed16475
114184NewRodrigo Rivas [1/4] user32: Add test case for basic {Begin,,End}DeferWindowPos() (try 2)Failed16474
114183NewAric Stewart [13/13](resend)Add wine specific IOCTLs
114182NewAric Stewart [12/13](resend)Implement IOCTL_GET(SET)_NUM_DEVICE_INPUT_BUFFERS
114181NewAric Stewart [11/13](resend)hidclass.sys: Implement sending IRP_MJ_POWER to the minidriver
114180NewAric Stewart [10/13](resend)hidclass.sys: Implement sending IRP_MJ_PNP to the minidriver
114179NewAric Stewart [9/13](resend)hidclass.sys: stub to handle IRP_MJ_WRITE on HID devices
114178NewAric Stewart [8/13](resend)hidclass.sys: Add a processing thread for HID devices
114177NewAric Stewart [7/13](resend)hidclass.sys: Implement IRP_MJ_READ for HID Devices
114176NewAric Stewart [6/13](resend)hidclass: Implment IRP_MJ_CREATE and IRP_MJ_CLOSE for HID Devices
114175NewAric Stewart [5/13](resend)hidclass.sys: Implement IRP_MJ_DEVICE_CONTROL for HID devices
114174SupersededAric Stewart [4/13](resend)hidclass.sys: Add USB Descriptor parsing
114173NewAric Stewart [3/13](resend)hidclass.sys: Implement a report ring buffer
114172Apply failureAric Stewart [2/13](resend)hidclass.sys: Add Plug-and-play and AddDevice
114157NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes [3/3] d3dx10_43: Added D3DX10CreateEffectFromMemory stub
114156NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes [2/3] d3dx10_43: Add D3DX10CreateEffectFromFileA/W stubs
114155NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes [1/3] d3dx10_43: Add ID3DX10ThreadPump interface
114154SupersededDmitry Timoshkov [2/2] winhttp: Add custom implementation of IWinHttpRequest::Invoke(DISPID_HTTPREQUEST_OPTION).OK16463
114151RejectedAlistair Leslie-Hughes oleaut32: Implement CreateTypeLib
114150NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes dwmapi: Add DwmUpdateThumbnailProperties stub
114137CommittedAric Stewart [1/13]hidclass.sys: Implement creating/destroying HID devices
114136SupersededErich E. Hooverwineps.drv: Add glyph names for PostScript Format 1 glyphs.
114119SupersededMichel Zou [PATCH 2/2] reg: merge key open code
114118SupersededMichel Zou [PATCH 1/2] reg: simplify root key search
114114No patchFrancois Gouget Re: [Spice-devel] [PATCH v2] Xspice: Don't set defaults for the options.
114113No patchFrancois Gouget [PATCH v2] Xspice: Don't set defaults for the options.
114107NewMikhail Bystryantsev findstr: Minimal implementation (resend)
114106SupersededStefan Dösinger [PATCH 7/7] wined3d: Return a texture from the swapchain resource creation callback.
114105SupersededStefan Dösinger [PATCH 6/7] dxgi: Store parents in textures.
114104SupersededStefan Dösinger [PATCH 5/7] d3d8/tests: Add more GetBackBuffer error handling tests.Failed16429
114103SupersededStefan Dösinger [PATCH 4/7] d3d9/tests: Add more GetBackBuffer error handling tests.OK16428
114102SupersededStefan Dösinger [PATCH 3/7] wined3d: Remove wined3d_device_get_back_buffer.
114101SupersededStefan Dösinger [PATCH 2/7] wined3d: Return a texture from wined3d_swapchain_get_back_buffer.
114099PendingMartin Storsjo [PATCH 2/2] ucrtbase: Make the strtod implementation C99 compatibleOK16426
114089No patchAndré Hentschel Re: krnl386.exe16: Avoid shift overflows in DMA_ioport_in.
114087PendingMatt Durgavich WS2_32: Proper WSACleanup implementation using wineserver help (try 2)OK16420
114086PendingGerald Pfeifer krnl386.exe16: Avoid shift overflows in DMA_ioport_in.
114083NewMatt Durgavich WS2_32: WSACleanup implementation, server-side, plus remove todos around passing tests. This also fixes bug 32910Failed16405
114080Other projectŁukasz Wojniłowicz [website] Polish translation for release 1.7.50
114079Other projectŁukasz Wojniłowicz [website] Polish translation for release 1.7.49
114078RejectedDaniel Santos [PATCH] Fix performance problem in debug tracing
114077NewAnton Baskanov gdi32: Return default palette entries from GetSystemPaletteEntries for non-palette-based devices. (try 4)OK16400
114076RejectedSteven Edwards Add --without-x to the configure help text
114075NewDaniel Lehman [PATCH] msxml3: treat namespace as attribute in IXMLDOMElement::getAttribute (try 2)OK16398
114062Other projectJulian Rüger [website] German translation for release 1.7.50
114055CommittedGerald Pfeifer ddk: Define HIDP_STATUS constants via unsigned parameters.
114043NewMartin Storsjo [PATCH 2/2] vcruntime140: Add stubs for telemetry functions
114042PendingMartin Storsjo [PATCH 1/2] vcruntime140: Add the new MSVC 2015 compiler specific DLL.
114040NewMatteo Bruni [PATCH 4/4] ntdll/tests: Add a test for NtQueryDirectoryFile returning partial results.OK16373
114039NewMatteo Bruni [PATCH 3/4] ntdll/tests: Reduce buffer size in test_flags_NtQueryDirectoryFile.OK16372
114038PendingMatteo Bruni [PATCH 2/4] ntdll: Fix read_directory_getdirentries().
114041PendingMatteo Bruni [PATCH 1/4] ntdll: Make append_entry fail if the new entry doesn't fit.
114015PendingThomas Faller reg: Implement binary data add operationOK16357
114013NewStefan Dösinger [PATCH 5/5] dxgi/tests: Add a Test presentation parameter combinations.Failed16348
113968NewAndré Hentschel user32/tests: Also check against the low word of hSubMenu (try 3)OK16320
113967NewAndré Hentschel psapi/tests: Don't check for exact value (try 6)OK16319
113949NewBenedikt Freisen gdiplus: Implement member methods of Gdiplus::Color according to MSDN docs
113948NewMichel Zou [PATCH 2/2] reg: merge key open code
113947NewMichel Zou [PATCH 1/2] reg: simplify root key search
113938RejectedRodrigo Rivas user32: Fix error handling in {Begin,End,}DeferWindowPos() to match Windows behavior (resend)OK16313
113930NewSebastian Lackner mscoree: Implement semi-stub for _CorValidateImage.
113929NewSebastian Lackner [3/3] ddraw: Implement DDENUMSURFACES_CANBECREATED flag in ddraw7_EnumSurfaces.OK16311
113928NewSebastian Lackner [2/3] ddraw: Fix arguments to IDirectDraw7::EnumSurfaces in DllMain.
113927NewSebastian Lackner [1/3] ddraw/tests: Add more tests for IDirectDraw7::EnumSurfaces.OK16310
113910SupersededAlistair Leslie-Hughes [3/3] gdiplus: Add GdipCreateEffect testsOK16293
113908SupersededAlistair Leslie-Hughes [2/3] gdiplus: Add GdipCreateEffect stub
113909SupersededAlistair Leslie-Hughes [1/3] include: Add gdipluseffects.h
113884NewCarlo Bramini opengl32: it does not compile well in CYGWIN and MINGW
113842NewJózef Kucia [PATCH 4/5] d3d11/tests: Add test for device interfaces. (try 2)Failed16232
113814NewSebastian Lackner [4/4] server: When combining root path and name, make sure there is only one slash.OK16202
113793NewIván Matellanes msvcirt: Add a more accurate implementation of streambuf::pbackfailOK16178
113758NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 16/16] kernel32/tests: Add test of LastError in path.c.(resend)OK16130
113757NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 15/16] include: Add ntifs.h with Reparse point related definitions and typedefs.(resend)
113756NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 14/16] msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Stat_wchar and tr2_sys__Lstat_wchar implementation and test.(resend)Failed16129
113755NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 13/16] msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Unlink implementation and test.(resend)OK16128
113754NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 12/16] msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Symlink implementation and test.(resend)OK16127
113753NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 11/16] msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Link implementation and test.(resend)OK16126
113752NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 10/16] msvcp120/tests: Add test of tr2_sys__Open_dir, tr2_sys__Read_dir and tr2_sys__Close_dir.(resend)OK16125
113751NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 09/16] msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Close_dir implementation.(resend)
113750NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 08/16] msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Read_dir implementation.(resend)
113749NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 07/16] msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Open_dir implementation.(resend)
113748NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 06/16] msvcp120/tests: Add tr2_sys__Last_write_time test.(resend)OK16124
113747NewYongHao Hu [PATCH 05/16] msvcp110: Add tr2_sys__Last_write_time implementation and test.OK16123
113735NewAaryaman Vasishta [PATCH 2/2] d3drm: Fix function signature for IDirect3DRM3::CreateDeviceFromSurface
113736NewAaryaman Vasishta [PATCH 1/2] d3drm: Add stubs for IDirect3DRMDevice methods.
113675NewSamuel Kim comctl32: Fix button theming state.
113672Newubuntor2000@gmail.comcomctl32: Fix buttons becoming unthemed when pressed/released
113659NewOlivier F. R. DierickShell32/tests : Fix wrong retval for VistaOK16022
113646NewZhenbo Li [PATCH] shell32: Fix SHFileOperation(FO_MOVE) for creating subdirectories.Failed16012
113635NewBernhard Übelacker [PATCH] msvcr120: Implement strtof and _strtof_l (try 3)OK16004
113633PendingDamjan Jovanovic [PATCH] winex11.drv: fetch DND data only when requested to by the receiving application
113615NewChanghui LIUquartz: waveparser support wav file generated by ffmpeg (try 4)OK15968
113606NewAric Stewart (resend)comctl32: ILC_COLORDDB imagelists can be created with 0 sizesOK15952
113561NewJózef Kucia [PATCH 7/7] d3d10core/tests: Add test for device feature level.OK15909
113560NewJózef Kucia [PATCH 6/7] d3d11/tests: Port test_create_shader_resource_view() from d3d10core.OK15908
113559NewJózef Kucia [PATCH 5/7] d3d11/tests: Port test_create_rendertarget_view() from d3d10core.OK15907
113558NewJózef Kucia [PATCH 4/7] d3d11/tests: Port test_create_depthstencil_view() from d3d10core.OK15906
113557NewJózef Kucia [PATCH 3/7] d3d11/tests: Port test_create_texture3d() from d3d10core.OK15905
113556NewJózef Kucia [PATCH 2/7] d3d11/tests: Port test_create_texture2d() from d3d10core.OK15904
113540SupersededGerald Pfeifer wined3d: Define WINED3DSTREAMSOURCE_INSTANCEDATA without invoking invoking overflow.
113536NewPhilippe Groarke crypt32: Add OCSP stubs.
113535NewPhilippe Groarke crypt32: Add CERT_OCSP_RESPONSE_PROP_ID property.
113534SupersededGerald Pfeifer wined3d: Define WINED3DSTREAMSOURCE_INSTANCEDATA without invoking invoking overflow.
113530NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes gdiplus: Add GdipCreateEffect stub (try 2 resend)OK15877
113529NewAlistair Leslie-Hughes odbccp32: Implement SQLGetPrivateProfileString/W (try 10 resend)OK15876
113518NewYongHao Hu [PATCH]: include: Add ntifs.h with Reparse point related definitions and typedefs.(try 4)
113480Newxantares 09 [PATCH 2/2] reg: merge key open code
113481Newxantares 09 [PATCH 1/2] reg: simplify root key search
113462NewYongHao Hu kernel32/tests: Add test of LastError in path.c.OK15820
113424NewHugh McMaster [PATCH 3/3] kernel32: Restore the console cursor size after new Insert Mode settings are applied, if the Insert key toggle is active
113422NewHugh McMaster [PATCH 1/3] kernel32: Remove un-needed conditional operator after comparison


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