Wine source repository – Patch status
IDStatusAuthorSubjectTestbotJob ID
105793NewFrancois Gouget [Tools 1/2] winetest: Automatically detect the root of the website.
105792NewFrancois Gouget [Tools 2/2] winetest: Add a license to the winetest.cron script.
105791NewBruno Jesus winhttp/tests: Add a no-content header testOK8176
105790NewJactry Zeng [PATCH] riched20: Stub for ITextRange interface and implement ITextDocument::Range.Failed8174
105789NewNikolay Sivov dwrite: Added some layout tests, simplify debug output for text rangesOK8173
105788NewPiotr Caban [PATCH 2/2] user32: Load imm32.dll when user32 is loadedOK8171
105787NewPiotr Caban [PATCH 1/2] imm32: Register IME window class on first use
105786NewSebastian Lackner [2/2] wine.inf: Add Dynamic DST exceptions for Israel Standard Time.
105785NewSebastian Lackner [1/2] ntdll: Add support for Dynamic DST (daylight saving time) information in registry.
105784NewMichael Müller shell32: Create profile directories available in Vista and above
105783NewStefan Leichter shell32: Create Links folder in user profile folder to make SHGetKnownFolderPath working for KNOWNFOLDERID_Links (with test) (try2)OK8159
105782NewHugh McMaster regsvr32: Convert source to Unicode (version 10) (fixes bug 28189)
105781NewHugh McMaster regsvr32: Convert source to Unicode (version 10) (fixes bug 28189)
105780NewZhenbo Li mshtml: Added IHTMLInputElement_get_form method implementation. (try 3)OK8145
105779NewZhenbo Li [3/3] mshtml/tests: Add tests for modifying IHTMLTable.OK8140
105778NewZhenbo Li [2/3] mshtml: Added IHTMLTable::deleteRow method implementation.
105777NewZhenbo Li [1/3] mshtml: Added IHTMLTable::insertRow method implementation.
105776NewZhenbo Li mshtml: Added IHTMLOptionElement::defaultSelected property implementation.OK8137
105775NewThomas Faber quartz: Destroy BaseRenderer in NullRendererInner_Release.
105774NewThomas Faber quartz: Fix IEnumFiltersImpl memory leak.
105773NewAndrei Slăvoiu [3/3] wined3d: replace vendor specific callbacks with generic code that uses vendor specific renderer string tables (try 2)
105772NewAndrei Slăvoiu [1/3] wined3d: Make the card selection for Nvidia binary driver use arrays only (try 2)
105771NewZhenbo Li mshtml: Added IHTMLInputElement_get_form method implementation. (try 2)OK8135
105770NewKen Thomases winemac: Use new API when available to list all display modes available on Retina Macs.
105769CommittedJacek Caban mshtml: Added IHTMLWindow2::navigate implementation.Failed8129
105768NewKen Thomases ntdll: In find_file_in_dir(), don't test directory entries' short names if the target name isn't a short name.
105767NewZhenbo Li mshtml: Added IHTMLInputElement_get_form method implementation.OK8127
105766NewZhenbo Li mshtml: Added IHTMLInputElement_get_form method implementation.OK8126
105765NewShuai Meng [PATCH 4/4] vbscript: Implemented ScriptEngineMinorVersion(try 2)Failed8122
105764NewShuai Meng [PATCH 3/4] vbscript: Implemented ScriptEngineMajorVersion(try 2)Failed8121
105763NewShuai Meng [PATCH 2/4] vbscript: Inplemented ScriptEngineBuildVersion(try 2)Failed8120
105762NewShuai Meng [PATCH 1/4] vbscript: Implemented ScriptEngine(try 2)Failed8119
105761NewAndrei Slăvoiu [3/3] wined3d: replace vendor specific callbacks with generic code that uses vendor specific renderer string tables
105760NewAndrei Slăvoiu [2/3] wined3d: Make the card selection for AMD binary driver use arrays only
105759NewAndrei Slăvoiu [1/3] wined3d: Make the card selection for Nvidia binary driver use arrays only
105758NewGerald Pfeifer scrrun: Add a check for empty string in start_enumeration.
105757NewAndreas Mohr kernel32: Fix naming/spelling/typo of macro to HasOverlappedIoCompleted().
105756CommittedGerald Pfeifer dbghelp: Do not try to ignore the return codes in PEV_ERROR and and PEV_ERROR1.
105755CommittedGerald Pfeifer winhttp: Remove unused constant proxymsg.OK8118
105754CommittedGerald Pfeifer winebuild: Remove unused empty_name_table.
105753SupersededShuai Meng [PATCH 4/4] vbscript: Implemented ScriptEngineMinorVersionFailed8117
105752SupersededShuai Meng [PATCH 3/4] vbscript: Implemented ScriptEngineMajorVersionFailed8116
105751SupersededShuai Meng [PATCH 2/4] vbscript: Implemented ScriptEngineBuildVersionFailed8115
105750SupersededShuai Meng [PATCH 1/4] vbscript: Implemented ScriptEngineFailed8114
105749Other projectJulian Rüger [website] German translation for release 1.7.23
105748CommittedThomas Faber dsound: Do not call CoUninitialize if CoInitialize failed.
105747CommittedThomas Faber [4/4] quartz: Destroy BaseOutputPin in FileAsyncReaderPin_Release.
105746CommittedThomas Faber [3/4] qcap: Destroy BaseOutputPin in VfwPin_Release.
105745CommittedThomas Faber [2/4] strmbase: Separate BasePin destructors from Release.
105744CommittedThomas Faber [1/4] qcap: Reference module only on successful object creation.
105743CommittedThomas Faber quartz/tests: Fix memory leaks.OK8103
105742CommittedThomas Faber quartz: Avoid side-effects in asserts.
105741CommittedThomas Faber amstream: Destroy BaseFilter after MediaStreamFilterImpl child class.
105740NewMarcus Meissner [PATCH] mscoree: Fixed use after free (Coverity)
105739NewAustin English npptools: add stub dll
105738CommittedJactry Zeng [PATCH] include: Fix wrong type in tom.idl.
105737CommittedBruno Jesus dmime/tests: Fix a crash in Windows 2000OK8102
105736CommittedBruno Jesus rsaenh: Detect AES prototype provider correctly
105735Other projectFrédéric Delanoy [website] French translation for release 1.7.23
105733Other projectFrancois Gouget [2/2] testbot: Handle the umask in a consistent way in the WineRun* scripts.
105732Other projectFrancois Gouget [1/2] testbot: Don't let the scripts blindly overwrite the VM status.
105731Other projectFrancois Gouget [Tools 2/2] winetest: Consistently use strict and warnings in the error.cgi and service.cgi scripts.
105730Other projectFrancois Gouget [Tools 1/2] winetest: Standardize handling of winetest.cgi's arguments and add prototypes.
105729NewDamjan Jovanovic winex11.drv: import X11's "text/html" as "HTML Format" (try 2)
105727Other projectFrancois Gouget [Tools 2/2] winetest: Whitespace cleanups.
105725Other projectFrancois Gouget [Tools 1/2] winetest: Standardize handling of service.cgi's arguments and add prototypes.
105714RejectedStefan Leichter wine.inf: Create Links directory in user profile folder to make SHGetKnownFolderPath working for KNOWNFOLDERID_Links (with test)OK8086
105710NewJactry Zeng [PATCH] riched20: Implement ITextSelection::GetChar. (try 2)OK8080
105706New彭浩add PfBindInterfaceToIPAddress func stub
105705New彭浩add PfDeleteInterface func stub
105704New彭浩add PfUnBindInterface func stub
105703NewHugh McMaster regsvr32: Convert source to Unicode (plain text resend of version 9)
105702Other projectFrancois Gouget winetest: Consistently use strict and warnings in the main CGI scripts. (try2)
105696RejectedAndré Hentschel ntdll: Add sigcontext structure on ARM for Android (try 2)
105695RejectedAndré Hentschel windowscodecs: Fix compilation without libpng (try 2)
105689Other projectFrancois Gouget winetest: Fix write_file() in service.cgi to close the right file handle.
105688Other projectFrancois Gouget winetest: 'my' variable lists must be enclosed in parentheses.
105686Other projectFrancois Gouget winetest: Prefer 'use warnings' to 'perl -w'.
105672PendingMarcus Meissner [PATCH] winetest: add integer bytes_recv variable (Coverity)
105669Test failureGuillaume Charifi [1/3] oleaut32: Add test for TLB dependencies lookup in resources (try 2)OK8059
105668Other projectFrancois Gouget [2/2] testbot/testagentd: Add a GetCwd RPC.
105667Other projectFrancois Gouget [1/2] testbot/testagentd: Add a RemoveChildProc RPC.
105660RejectedBernhard Reiter [1/2] imagehlp/tests: Add test for BindImageEx (try 12)OK8051
105639NewIgor Izyumin mlang: Partially implement IMLangLineBreakConsole::BreakLineW
105635NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 5/5] ws2_32: Add an interactive test for interface change notifications (resend 2).Failed8031
105634NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 4/5] server: Implement the interface change notification object (resend 2).
105633NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 3/5] server: Add delayed processing for socket-specific ioctl() (resend 2).
105632NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 2/5] server: Add a socket-side support for the interface change notification object (resend 2).
105631NewErich E. Hoover[PATCH 1/5] server: Implement socket-specific ioctl() routine (resend 2).
105599NewGuillaume Charifi [2/2] xaudio2_8: New stub dll.
105598PendingGuillaume Charifi [1/2] xapofx1_1: Implement CreateFX as stub.
105589PendingAkihiro Sagawa [8/8] msi: Avoid Wow6432Node usage in registry table handling.Failed8000
105551PendingBruno Jesus regedit: Avoid registry export error when string data is zero sized (resend)
105546NewAndrei Slăvoiu [9/9] wined3d: pass the capabilities directly to d3d_level_from_gl_info and rename it to d3d_level_from_caps (try3)
105545NewAndrei Slăvoiu [8/9] wined3d: adjust the Intel fallbacks to better reflect reality (try2)
105544NewAndrei Slăvoiu [7/9] wined3d: replace vendor specific callbacks with generic code that uses vendor specific arrays (try3)
105543NewAndrei Slăvoiu [6/9] wined3d: Use capabilities from the shader backend or the fragment pipeline to determine the D3D level (try3)
105541NewAndrei Slăvoiu [5/9] wined3d: Make d3d_level_from_gl_info return an enum instead of a plain int (try3)
105542NewAndrei Slăvoiu [4/9] wined3d: replace vendor specific callbacks with generic code that uses vendor specific renderer string tables (try3)
105539NewAndrei Slăvoiu [3/9] wined3d: Return PCI_DEVICE_NONE for unrecognized Nvidia cards with the binary driver and let the fallback function do its job (try2)
105538NewAndrei Slăvoiu [2/9] wined3d: Make the card selection for binary drivers use arrays only (try2)
105527NewGuillaume Charifi oleaut32: Fix TLB dependencies lookup (retry 6)OK7944
105495NewJoris van der Wel [4/4] server: implement passing a thread security descriptor to CreateProcessOK7908
105494NewJoris van der Wel [3/4] server: implement passing a process security descriptor to CreateProcess.OK7907
105492PendingJoris van der Wel [2/4] server: Support sending process and thread security descriptors for the "new_process" request in the protocol.
105490NewJoris van der Wel [1/4] server: A new function "set_sd_defaults_from_token" (try 3)
105470NewHugh McMaster [PATCH 2/2] Add SetInsertMode function
105469NewHugh McMaster [PATCH 1/2] Add console insert mode framework
105459NewStefan Dösinger [PATCH 4/4] ddraw: Test if P8 primaries can be converted to RGB.OK7869
105425PendingBruno Jesus wininet: Call WSAStartup/WSACleanup to mime the Windows behavior
105383PendingAustin English tdi.sys: add stub dll
105382PendingAustin English fltmgr.sys: add a stub dll
105378NewBernhard Reiter [2/2] imagehlp: Implement (parts of) BindImageEx (try 10)OK7778
105375NewPatrick Rudolph [2/2] ddraw: add dsurface dimension tests, try 11OK7775
105374NewPatrick Rudolph [1/2] ddraw: add dsurface dimension tests, try 11


StatusPossible causes
  • Patch not even looked at yet, there's still hope...
  • The patch is not obviously correct at first glance. Making a more convincing argument, preferably in the form of a test case, may help.
  • Waiting for feedback from the main developer in that area.
  • You have done everything right; congratulations!
  • You screwed up but AJ missed it, send a fix before someone notices ;-)
  • The patch is part of a series in which a previous patch hasn't been applied. Resend when the dependent patch is fixed.
Bad sequence
  • The patch is part of a series but it's not correctly numbered. Resend the series with correct sequence numbers to enable the testbot to figure it out.
  • An updated version of the patch has been submitted.
  • Someone else fixed the problem already.
Needs tests
  • You need to write some test cases demonstrating that the patch is correct.
  • The patch is deferred because of code freeze for an upcoming release. Either resend after the release, make the patch less intrusive, or make a convincing argument that it needs to be included in the release.
Other project
  • The patch belongs to another WineHQ project (website, appdb, etc.) and will be applied by the respective maintainer.
Apply failure
  • The patch got mangled in transit.
  • It's not relative to the latest git.
  • Someone else sent a patch that changes the same area and causes conflicts.
  • The patch is relative to a subdirectory (using 'git format-patch' is strongly recommended).
Build failure
  • Syntax error or other compile problem.
  • You forgot to include some changes or new files required for compilation.
  • The patch causes compiler warnings (maintainer mode implies -Werror).
  • The patch author's full name or email address are incorrect or missing.
  • Whitespace got mangled in transit.
  • Indentation is messed up (usually from editing with a non-standard tab size).
  • 8-bit chars got mangled in transit (usually when sending patches to resource files).
  • You are making gratuitous formatting changes to the code.
  • You are using C++ comments.
No patch
  • You hit 'send' before attaching the patch.
  • The mail is a reply to another patch, or spam.
  • The patch has been rejected with a comment on wine-devel or #winehackers.
  • The patch contains an obvious error that you are expected to figure out yourself.
Needs splitting
  • A single mail contained multiple patch files.
  • The patch contains unrelated changes that should be sent as separate patches.
  • The patch is simply too large for review, you need to find a way to split it.
Test failure
  • You didn't run 'make test' before submitting.
  • The patch requires a Wine fix but doesn't use todo_wine.
  • The patch fixes a failure but doesn't remove the corresponding todo_wine.
  • The testbot detected new failures on Windows.