Dump of STRINGTABLE #107 (strings 1696..1711)

STRINGTABLE #107 (strings 1696..1711)
1696 empty
1697 empty
1698 empty
1699 empty
1700 "Document"
1701 "Save changes to '%s'?"
1702 "Finished searching the document."
1703 "Failed to load the RichEdit library."
1704 "You have chosen to save in plain text format, which will cause all formatting to be lost. Are you sure that you wish to do this?"
1705 "Invalid number format."
1706 "OLE storage documents are not supported."
1707 "Could not save the file."
1708 "You do not have access to save the file."
1709 "Could not open the file."
1710 "You do not have access to open the file."
1711 "Printing not implemented."