Dump of STRINGTABLE #2054 (strings 32848..32863)

STRINGTABLE #2054 (strings 32848..32863)
32848 "NP Pool"
32849 "Base Pri"
32850 "Handles"
32851 "Threads"
32852 "GDI Objects"
32853 "I/O Writes"
32854 "I/O Write Bytes"
32855 "I/O Other"
32856 "I/O Other Bytes"
32857 "Task Manager Warning"
32858 "WARNING: Changing the priority class of this process may\n
cause undesired results including system instability. Are you\n
sure you want to change the priority class?"
32859 "Unable to Change Priority"
32860 "WARNING: Terminating a process can cause undesired\n
results including loss of data and system instability. The\n
process will not be given the chance to save its state or\n
data before it is terminated. Are you sure you want to\n
terminate the process?"
32861 "Unable to Terminate Process"
32862 "WARNING: Debugging this process may result in loss of data.\n
Are you sure you wish to attach the debugger?"
32863 "Unable to Debug Process"