Dump of STRINGTABLE #18 (strings 272..287)

STRINGTABLE #18 (strings 272..287)
272 "There is a problem with the device driver. Check with the device manufacturer about obtaining a new driver."
273 "The specified command requires a parameter. Please supply one."
274 "The MCI device you are using does not support the specified command."
275 "Cannot find the specified file. Make sure the path and filename are correct."
276 "The device driver is not ready."
277 "A problem occurred in initializing MCI. Try restarting Windows."
278 "There is a problem with the device driver. The driver has closed. Cannot access error."
279 "Cannot use 'all' as the device name with the specified command."
280 "Errors occurred in more than one device. Specify each command and device separately to determine which devices caused the error."
281 "Cannot determine the device type from the given filename extension."
282 "The specified parameter is out of range for the specified command."
283 empty
284 "The specified parameters cannot be used together."
285 empty
286 "Cannot save the specified file. Make sure you have enough disk space or are still connected to the network."
287 "Cannot find the specified device. Make sure it is installed and that the device name is spelled correctly."