Dump of STRINGTABLE #70 (strings 1104..1119)

STRINGTABLE #70 (strings 1104..1119)
1104 "Unreadable Entry"
1105 "This value does not lie within the page range.\n
Please enter a value between %1!d! and %2!d!."
1106 "The 'from' entry cannot exceed the 'to' entry."
1107 "Margins overlap or fall outside Paper boundaries.\n
Please reenter margins."
1108 "The 'Number of copies' field cannot be empty."
1109 "This large number of copies is not supported by your printer.\n
Please enter a value between 1 and %d."
1110 "A printer error occurred."
1111 "No default printer defined."
1112 "Cannot find the printer."
1113 "Out of memory."
1114 "An error occurred."
1115 "Unknown printer driver."
1116 empty
1117 empty
1118 empty
1119 empty