Dump of STRINGTABLE #2050 (strings 32784..32799)

STRINGTABLE #2050 (strings 32784..32799)
id Chinese (Taiwan) English (United States)
32784 "修改值的資料" "Modifies the value's data"
32785 "新增一個新的索引鍵" "Adds a new key"
32786 "新增一個新的字串值" "Adds a new string value"
32787 "新增一個新的二進制值" "Adds a new binary value"
32788 "Adds a new 32-bit value" "Adds a new 32-bit value"
32789 "將純文字檔案匯入註冊表" "Imports a text file into the registry"
32790 "將註冊表導出到純文字檔案" "Exports all or part of the registry to a text file"
32791 empty empty
32792 empty empty
32793 "列印註冊表的全部或部分" "Prints all or part of the registry"
32794 "Opens Registry Editor Help" "Opens Registry Editor Help"
32795 "顯示程式資訊、版本號及版權" "Displays program information, version number and copyright"
32796 empty empty
32797 empty empty
32798 empty empty
32799 empty empty