Dump of STRINGTABLE #66 (strings 1040..1055)

STRINGTABLE #66 (strings 1040..1055)
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1040 "The OID you entered already exists."
1041 "Select Certificate Store"
1042 "Please select a certificate store."
1043 "Encontu pa la importación de certificaos"
1044 "The file contains objects that do not match the given criteria. Please select another file."
1045 "Ficheru a importar"
1046 "Specify the file you want to import."
1047 "Certificate Store"
1048 "Certificate stores are collections of certificates, certificate revocation lists, and certificate trust lists."
1049 "Certificáu X.509 (*.cer; *.crt)"
1050 "Personal Information Exchange (*.pfx; *.p12)"
1051 "Certificate Revocation List (*.crl)"
1052 "Certificate Trust List (*.stl)"
1053 "Microsoft Serialized Certificate Store (*.sst)"
1054 "CMS/PKCS #7 Messages (*.spc; *.p7b)"
1055 "Tolos ficheros (*.*)"