Dump of STRINGTABLE #71 (strings 1120..1135)

STRINGTABLE #71 (strings 1120..1135)
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id Swedish (Neutral) English (United States)
1120 "Flyttar filer" "Moving files"
1121 "Publicerar assembleringsinformation" "Publishing assembly information"
1122 "Avpublicerar assembleringsinformation" "Unpublishing assembly information"
1123 "Patchar filer" "Patching files"
1124 "Uppdaterar komponentregistrering" "Updating component registration"
1125 "Publicerar kvalificerade komponenter" "Publishing Qualified Components"
1126 "Publicerar produktfunktioner" "Publishing Product Features"
1127 "Publicerar produktinformation" "Publishing product information"
1128 "Registrerar klasservrar" "Registering Class servers"
1129 "Registrerar COM+-program och komponenter" "Registering COM+ Applications and Components"
1130 "Registrerar tilläggsservrar" "Registering extension servers"
1131 "Registrerar typsnitt" "Registering fonts"
1132 "Registrerar MIME-information" "Registering MIME info"
1133 "Registrerar produkt" "Registering product"
1134 "Registrerar programidentifierare" "Registering program identifiers"
1135 "Registrerar typbibliotek" "Registering type libraries"