Dump of MESSAGE #1

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0 "Begin request has already been made.\n"
1 "Sink has not been finalized.\n"
2 "Clock was stopped\n"
3 "Media Foundation platform is not initialized.\n"
4 "Buffer is too small.\n"
5 "Invalid request.\n"
6 "Invalid stream number.\n"
7 "Invalid media type.\n"
8 "No more input is accepted.\n"
9 "Object is not initialized.\n"
10 "Representation is not supported.\n"
11 "No more types in the list of suggested media types.\n"
12 "Unsupported service.\n"
13 "Unexpected error.\n"
14 "Nesprávny názov.\n"
15 "Invalid type.\n"
16 "Invalid file format.\n"
17 "Invalid index.\n"
18 "Invalid timestamp.\n"
19 "Unsupported scheme.\n"
20 "Unsupported bytestream type.\n"
21 "Unsupported time format.\n"
22 "Timestamp is not set for the sample.\n"
23 "No duration set for the sample.\n"
24 "Invalid stream data.\n"
25 "Realtime support is not available.\n"
26 "Unsupported rate.\n"
27 "Unsupported thinning.\n"
28 "Reversing is not supported.\n"
29 "Unsupported rate transition.\n"
30 "Rate change was preempted.\n"
31 "Object or value wasn't found.\n"
32 "Value is not available.\n"
33 "Clock is not available.\n"
34 "Begin request has already been made.\n"
35 "Multiple subscribers are not supported.\n"
36 "The timer was orphaned.\n"
37 "State transition is pending.\n"
38 "Unsupported state transition.\n"
39 "Unrecoverable error occurred.\n"
40 "Sample has too many buffers.\n"
41 "Sample is not writable.\n"
42 "Key is invalid.\n"
43 "Bad startup version.\n"
44 "Unsupported caption.\n"
45 "Invalid position.\n"
46 "Attribute is not found.\n"
47 "Property type is not allowed.\n"
48 "Property type is not supported.\n"
49 "Property is empty.\n"
50 "Property is not empty.\n"
51 "Vector property is not allowed.\n"
52 "Vector property is required.\n"
53 "Operation was cancelled.\n"
54 "Bytestream is not seekable.\n"
55 "Platform is disabled in safe mode.\n"
56 "Cannot parse bytestream.\n"
57 "Mutually exclusive flags passed to source resolver.\n"
58 "Unknown bytestream length.\n"
59 "Invalid work queue index.\n"
60 "No events available.\n"
61 "Invalid media source state transition.\n"
62 "End of media stream has been reached.\n"
63 "Shutdown() was called.\n"
64 "Media stream has no duration set.\n"
65 "Media format was recognized but is invalid.\n"
66 "Property wasn't found.\n"
67 "Property is read-only.\n"
68 "Property is not allowed.\n"
69 "Media source is not started.\n"
70 "Unsupported media format.\n"
71 "Media source is in wrong state.\n"
72 "No media streams were selected.\n"
73 "Unsupported media source characteristics.\n"
74 "Stream sink was removed.\n"
75 "Stream sinks are out of sync.\n"
76 "Media sink stream sinks set is fixed.\n"
77 "Stream sink already exists.\n"
78 "Sample allocation was canceled.\n"
79 "Sample allocator is empty.\n"
80 "Sink was already stopped.\n"
81 "Bitrate was unknown for ASF file sink.\n"
82 "No streams were selected for the sink.\n"
83 "Metadata was too long.\n"
84 "No samples were processed by the sink.\n"
85 "Sink was not provided with required headers.\n"
86 "Optional node is invalid.\n"
87 "Cannot find decryptor.\n"
88 "Codec was not found.\n"
89 "Cannot connect topology nodes.\n"
90 "Topology request is not supported.\n"
91 "Invalid topology time attributes.\n"
92 "Found loops in topology.\n"
93 "Presentation descriptor is missing.\n"
94 "Stream descriptor is missing.\n"
95 "Stream descriptor is not selected.\n"
96 "Source is missing.\n"
97 "Topology loader does not support sink activates.\n"
98 "Clock has no time source set.\n"
99 "Clock state was already set.\n"
100 "Clock is not simple\n"