Dump of STRINGTABLE #66 (strings 1040..1055)

STRINGTABLE #66 (strings 1040..1055)
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1040 "The OID you entered already exists."
1041 "Select Certificate Store"
1042 "Please select a certificate store."
1043 "Certificate Import Wizard"
1044 "The file contains objects that do not match the given criteria. Please select another file."
1045 "File to Import"
1046 "Specify the file you want to import."
1047 "Certificate Store"
1048 "Certificate stores are collections of certificates, certificate revocation lists, and certificate trust lists."
1049 "X.509 Certificate (*.cer; *.crt)"
1050 "Personal Information Exchange (*.pfx; *.p12)"
1051 "Certificate Revocation List (*.crl)"
1052 "Certificate Trust List (*.stl)"
1053 "Microsoft Serialized Certificate Store (*.sst)"
1054 "CMS/PKCS #7 Messages (*.spc; *.p7b)"
1055 "Všetky súbory (*.*)"