Dump of STRINGTABLE #1 (strings 0..15)

STRINGTABLE #1 (strings 0..15)
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0 empty
1 empty
2 empty
3 empty
4 "The specified installation package could not be opened. Please check the file path and try again."
5 "%s путања није пронађена"
6 empty
7 empty
8 empty
9 "Убаците диск %s"
10 "Windows Installer %s\n
msiexec command {required parameter} [optional parameter]\n
Install a product:\n
\t/i {package|product_code} [property]\n
\t/package {package|product_code} [property]\n
\t/a package [property]\n
Repair an installation:\n
\t/f[p|o|e|d|c|a|u|m|s|v] {package|product_code}\n
Uninstall a product:\n
\t/uninstall {package|product_code} [property]\n
\t/x {package|product_code} [property]\n
Advertise a product:\n
\t/j[u|m] package [/t transform] [/g languageid]\n
Apply a patch:\n
\t/p patch_package [property]\n
\t/p patch_package /a package [property]\n
Log and user interface modifiers for the above commands:\n
\t/l[*][i|w|e|a|r|u|c|m|o|p|v|][+|!] log_file\n
Register the MSI Service:\n
Unregister the MSI Service:\n
Display this help:\n
11 "унесите која фасцикла садржи %s"
12 "недостаје инсталација"
13 "недостаје мрежна јединица"
14 "могућност од:"
15 "изаберите која фасцикла садржи %s"