Dump of STRINGTABLE #17 (strings 256..271)

STRINGTABLE #17 (strings 256..271)
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256 empty
257 "Invalid MCI device ID. Use the ID returned when opening the MCI device."
258 empty
259 "The driver cannot recognize the specified command parameter."
260 empty
261 "The driver cannot recognize the specified command."
262 "There is a problem with your media device. Make sure it is working correctly or contact the device manufacturer."
263 "The specified device is not open or is not recognized by MCI."
264 "Nema dovoljno raspoložive memorije za ovaj zadatak. Izađite iz jedne ili više aplikacija kako bi ste povećali raspoloživu memoriju i pokušajte ponovno."
265 "The device name is already being used as an alias by this application. Use a unique alias."
266 "There is an undetectable problem in loading the specified device driver."
267 "No command was specified."
268 "The output string was too large to fit in the return buffer. Increase the size of the buffer."
269 "The specified command requires a character-string parameter. Please provide one."
270 "The specified integer is invalid for this command."
271 "The device driver returned an invalid return type. Check with the device manufacturer about obtaining a new driver."