Dump of STRINGTABLE #8 (strings 112..127)

STRINGTABLE #8 (strings 112..127)
112 "Y"
113 "N"
114 "A"
115 "F"
116 "D"
117 "XCOPY - Copies source files or directory trees to a destination.\n
XCOPY source [destination] [/I] [/S] [/Q] [/F] [/L] [/W] [/T] [/N] [/U]\n
\t [/R] [/H] [/C] [/P] [/A] [/M] [/E] [/D] [/Y] [/-Y]\n
[/I] Assume directory if destination does not exist and copying two or\n
\tmore files.\n
[/S] Copy directories and subdirectories.\n
[/E] Copy directories and subdirectories, including any empty ones.\n
[/Q] Do not list names during copy; that is, be quiet.\n
[/F] Show full source and destination names during copy.\n
[/L] Simulate operation, showing names which would be copied.\n
[/W] Prompts before beginning the copy operation.\n
[/T] Creates empty directory structure but does not copy files.\n
[/Y] Suppress prompting when overwriting files.\n
[/-Y] Enable prompting when overwriting files.\n
[/P] Prompts on each source file before copying.\n
[/N] Copy using short names.\n
[/U] Copy only files which already exist in destination.\n
[/R] Overwrite any read-only files.\n
[/H] Include hidden and system files in the copy.\n
[/C] Continue even if an error occurs during the copy.\n
[/A] Only copy files with archive attribute set.\n
[/M] Only copy files with archive attribute set, removes the\n
\tarchive attribute.\n
[/K] Copy file attributes; without this, attributes are not preserved.\n
[/D | /D:m-d-y] Copy new files or those modified after the supplied date.\n
\t\tIf no date is supplied, only copy if destination is older\n
\t\tthan source.\n
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