Dump of STRINGTABLE #126 (strings 2000..2015)

STRINGTABLE #126 (strings 2000..2015)
2000 "uninstaller: The application with GUID '%1' was not found\n"
2001 "uninstaller: The option '--remove' must be followed by an application GUID\n"
2002 "uninstaller: Invalid option [%1]\n"
2003 "Wine Application Uninstaller\n
Uninstall applications from the current Wine prefix.\n
2004 "Usage:\n
uninstaller [options]\n
--help\t Display this information.\n
--list\t List all applications installed in this Wine prefix.\n
--remove {GUID} Uninstall the specified application.\n
\t\t Use '--list' to determine the application GUID.\n
[no option] Launch the graphical version of this program.\n
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