Dump of STRINGTABLE #2050 (strings 32784..32799)

STRINGTABLE #2050 (strings 32784..32799)
32784 "Does not automatically update"
32785 "Tiles the windows horizontally on the desktop"
32786 "Tiles the windows vertically on the desktop"
32787 "Minimizes the windows"
32788 "Maximizes the windows"
32789 "Cascades the windows diagonally on the desktop"
32790 "Brings the window front, but does not switch to it"
32791 "Displays Task Manager help topics"
32792 "Displays program information, version number, and copyright"
32793 "Exits the Task Manager application"
32794 "Shows 16-bit tasks under the associated ntvdm.exe"
32795 "Select which columns will be visible on the Process page"
32796 "Displays kernel time in the performance graphs"
32797 "A single history graph shows total CPU usage"
32798 "Each CPU has its own history graph"
32799 "Brings a task to the foreground, switch focus to that task"