Dump of STRINGTABLE #2049 (strings 32768..32783)

STRINGTABLE #2049 (strings 32768..32783)
32768 empty
32769 empty
32770 "Quits the Registry Editor"
32771 empty
32772 "Adds keys to the favorites list"
32773 "Removes keys from the favorites list"
32774 "Shows or hides the status bar"
32775 "Changes the position of the split between two panes"
32776 "Refreshes the window"
32777 empty
32778 "Deletes the selection"
32779 "Renames the selection"
32780 empty
32781 "Copies the name of the selected key to the clipboard"
32782 "Finds a text string in a key, value or data"
32783 "Finds next occurrence of text specified in previous search"