Dump of STRINGTABLE #5 (strings 64..79)

STRINGTABLE #5 (strings 64..79)
64 "The MIDI header was not prepared. Use the Prepare function to prepare the header, and then try again."
65 "Cannot perform this operation while media data is still playing. Reset the device, or wait until the data is finished playing."
66 "A MIDI map was not found. There may be a problem with the driver, or the MIDIMAP.CFG file may be corrupt or missing."
67 "The port is transmitting data to the device. Wait until the data has been transmitted, and then try again."
68 "The current MIDI Mapper setup refers to a MIDI device that is not installed on the system."
69 "The current MIDI setup is damaged. Copy the original MIDIMAP.CFG file to the Windows SYSTEM directory, and then try again."
70 empty
71 empty
72 empty
73 empty
74 empty
75 empty
76 empty
77 empty
78 empty
79 empty