Dump of STRINGTABLE #19 (strings 288..303)

STRINGTABLE #19 (strings 288..303)
288 "The specified device is now being closed. Wait a few seconds, and then try again."
289 "The specified alias is already being used in this application. Use a unique alias."
290 "The specified parameter is invalid for this command."
291 "The device driver is already in use. To share it, use the 'shareable' parameter with each 'open' command."
292 "The specified command requires an alias, file, driver, or device name. Please supply one."
293 "The specified value for the time format is invalid. Refer to the MCI documentation for valid formats."
294 "A closing double-quotation mark is missing from the parameter value. Please supply one."
295 "A parameter or value was specified twice. Only specify it once."
296 "The specified file cannot be played on the specified MCI device. The file may be corrupt, or not in the correct format."
297 "A null parameter block was passed to MCI."
298 "Cannot save an unnamed file. Supply a filename."
299 "You must specify an alias when using the 'new' parameter."
300 "Cannot use the 'notify' flag with auto-opened devices."
301 "Cannot use a filename with the specified device."
302 "Cannot carry out the commands in the order specified. Correct the command sequence, and then try again."
303 "Cannot carry out the specified command on an auto-opened device. Wait until the device is closed, and then try again."