Dump of STRINGTABLE #2049 (strings 32768..32783)

STRINGTABLE #2049 (strings 32768..32783)
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32768 empty
32769 empty
32770 empty
32771 "Runs a new program"
32772 empty
32773 "Task Manager remains in front of all other windows unless minimised"
32774 "Task Manager is minimised when a SwitchTo operation is performed"
32775 "Hide the Task Manager when it is minimised"
32776 "Force Task Manager to update now, regardless of Update Speed setting"
32777 empty
32778 "Displays tasks by using large icons"
32779 "Displays tasks by using small icons"
32780 "Displays information about each task"
32781 "Updates the display twice per second"
32782 "Updates the display every two seconds"
32783 "Updates the display every four seconds"