Dump of STRINGTABLE #63 (strings 992..1007)

STRINGTABLE #63 (strings 992..1007)
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1000 "Wine DLL Registration Utility\n
Provides DLL registration services.\n
1001 "Usage:\n
regsvr32 [/u] [/s] [/n] [/i[:cmdline]] DllName\n
[/u] Unregister a server.\n
[/s] Silent mode (no messages will be displayed).\n
[/i] Call DllInstall, passing an optional [cmdline].\n
\tWhen used with [/u] DllInstall is called in uninstall mode.\n
[/n] Do not call DllRegisterServer. This option must be used with [/i].\n
1002 "regsvr32: Invalid or unrecognized switch [%1]\n
1003 "regsvr32: Failed to load DLL '%1'\n"
1004 "regsvr32: '%1!S!' not implemented in DLL '%2'\n"
1005 "regsvr32: Failed to register DLL '%1'\n"
1006 "regsvr32: Successfully registered DLL '%1'\n"
1007 "regsvr32: Failed to unregister DLL '%1'\n"