Dump of STRINGTABLE #3 (strings 32..47)

STRINGTABLE #3 (strings 32..47)
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32 "TYPE <filename> copies <filename> to the console device (or elsewhere if\n
redirected). No check is made that the file is readable text.\n"
33 "VERIFY is used to set, clear or test the verify flag. Valid forms are:\n
VERIFY ON\tSet the flag.\n
VERIFY OFF\tClear the flag.\n
VERIFY\t\tDisplays ON or OFF as appropriate.\n
The verify flag has no function in Wine.\n"
34 "VER displays the version of cmd you are running.\n"
35 "VOL shows the volume label of a disk device.\n"
36 "ENDLOCAL ends localization of environment changes in a batch file which\n
were introduced by a preceding SETLOCAL.\n"
37 "SETLOCAL starts localisation of environment changes in a batch file.\n
Environment changes done after a SETLOCAL are local to the batch file, and\n
are preserved until the next ENDLOCAL is encountered (or at the end of the\n
file, whichever comes first), at which point the previous environment\n
settings are restored.\n"
38 "PUSHD <directory> saves the current directory onto a stack, and then\n
changes the current directory to the supplied one.\n"
39 "POPD changes current directory to the last one saved with PUSHD.\n"
40 "ASSOC shows or modifies file extension associations.\n
Syntax: ASSOC [.ext[=[fileType]]]\n
ASSOC without parameters displays current file associations.\n
If used with only a file extension, displays the current association.\n
Specifying no file type after the equal sign removes the current\n
association, if any.\n"
41 empty
42 "FTYPE shows or modifies open commands associated with file types.\n
Syntax: FTYPE [fileType[=[openCommand]]]\n
Without parameters, shows the file types for which open command strings are\n
currently defined.\n
If used with only a file type, displays the associated open command string,\n
if any.\n
Specifying no open command after the equal sign removes the command string\n
associated to the specified file type.\n"
43 "MORE displays output of files or piped input in pages.\n"
44 "CHOICE displays a text and waits, until the User presses an allowed Key\n
from a selectable list.\n
CHOICE is mainly used to build a menu selection in a batch file.\n"
45 "Create a symbolic link.\n
Syntax: MKLINK [options] link_name target\n
/d Create a directory symbolic link.\n
/h Create a hard link.\n
/j Create a directory junction.\n
link_name is the name of the new symbolic link.\n
target is the path that link_name points to.\n"
46 "EXIT terminates the current command session and returns to the operating\n
system or shell from which you invoked cmd.\n"
47 empty