Dump of STRINGTABLE #1 (strings 0..15)

STRINGTABLE #1 (strings 0..15)
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0 "The specified command was carried out."
1 "Undefined external error."
2 "A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system."
3 "The driver was not enabled."
4 "The specified device is already in use. Wait until it is free, and then try again."
5 "The specified device handle is invalid."
6 "There is no driver installed on your system!"
7 "Not enough memory available for this task. Quit one or more applications to increase available memory, and then try again."
8 "This function is not supported. Use the Capabilities function to determine which functions and messages the driver supports."
9 "An error number was specified that is not defined in the system."
10 "An invalid flag was passed to a system function."
11 "An invalid parameter was passed to a system function."
12 empty
13 empty
14 empty
15 empty