Dump of STRINGTABLE #72 (strings 1136..1151)

STRINGTABLE #72 (strings 1136..1151)
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id English (Neutral) English (United States)
1136 "Registering user" "Registering user"
1137 "Removing duplicated files" "Removing duplicated files"
1138 "Updating environment strings" "Updating environment strings"
1139 "Removing applications" "Removing applications"
1140 "Removing files" "Removing files"
1141 "Removing folders" "Removing folders"
1142 "Removing INI files entries" "Removing INI files entries"
1143 "Removing ODBC components" "Removing ODBC components"
1144 "Removing system registry values" "Removing system registry values"
1145 "Removing shortcuts" "Removing shortcuts"
1146 "Searching for qualifying products" "Searching for qualifying products"
1147 "Registering modules" "Registering modules"
1148 "Unregistering modules" "Unregistering modules"
1149 "Initializing ODBC directories" "Initializing ODBC directories"
1150 "Starting services" "Starting services"
1151 "Stopping services" "Stopping services"