Dump of STRINGTABLE #71 (strings 1120..1135)

STRINGTABLE #71 (strings 1120..1135)
id English (Neutral) English (United States)
1120 "Moving files" "Moving files"
1121 "Publishing assembly information" "Publishing assembly information"
1122 "Unpublishing assembly information" "Unpublishing assembly information"
1123 "Patching files" "Patching files"
1124 "Updating component registration" "Updating component registration"
1125 "Publishing Qualified Components" "Publishing Qualified Components"
1126 "Publishing Product Features" "Publishing Product Features"
1127 "Publishing product information" "Publishing product information"
1128 "Registering Class servers" "Registering Class servers"
1129 "Registering COM+ Applications and Components" "Registering COM+ Applications and Components"
1130 "Registering extension servers" "Registering extension servers"
1131 "Registering fonts" "Registering fonts"
1132 "Registering MIME info" "Registering MIME info"
1133 "Registering product" "Registering product"
1134 "Registering program identifiers" "Registering program identifiers"
1135 "Registering type libraries" "Registering type libraries"