Dump of MESSAGE #1

id English (Neutral) English (United States)
0 "Success.\n" "Success.\n"
1 "Invalid function.\n" "Invalid function.\n"
2 "File not found.\n" "File not found.\n"
3 "Path not found.\n" "Path not found.\n"
4 "Too many open files.\n" "Too many open files.\n"
5 "Access denied.\n" "Access denied.\n"
6 "Invalid handle.\n" "Invalid handle.\n"
7 "Memory trashed.\n" "Memory trashed.\n"
8 "Not enough memory.\n" "Not enough memory.\n"
9 "Invalid block.\n" "Invalid block.\n"
10 "Bad environment.\n" "Bad environment.\n"
11 "Bad format.\n" "Bad format.\n"
12 "Invalid access.\n" "Invalid access.\n"
13 "Invalid data.\n" "Invalid data.\n"
14 "Out of memory.\n" "Out of memory.\n"
15 "Invalid drive.\n" "Invalid drive.\n"
16 "Can't delete current directory.\n" "Can't delete current directory.\n"
17 "Not same device.\n" "Not same device.\n"
18 "No more files.\n" "No more files.\n"
19 "Write protected.\n" "Write protected.\n"
20 "Bad unit.\n" "Bad unit.\n"
21 "Not ready.\n" "Not ready.\n"
22 "Bad command.\n" "Bad command.\n"
23 "CRC error.\n" "CRC error.\n"
24 "Bad length.\n" "Bad length.\n"
25 "Seek error.\n" "Seek error.\n"
26 "Not DOS disk.\n" "Not DOS disk.\n"
27 "Sector not found.\n" "Sector not found.\n"
28 "Out of paper.\n" "Out of paper.\n"
29 "Write fault.\n" "Write fault.\n"
30 "Read fault.\n" "Read fault.\n"
31 "General failure.\n" "General failure.\n"
32 "Sharing violation.\n" "Sharing violation.\n"
33 "Lock violation.\n" "Lock violation.\n"
34 "Wrong disk.\n" "Wrong disk.\n"
35 "Sharing buffer exceeded.\n" "Sharing buffer exceeded.\n"
36 "End of file.\n" "End of file.\n"
37 "Disk full.\n" "Disk full.\n"
38 "Request not supported.\n" "Request not supported.\n"
39 "Remote machine not listening.\n" "Remote machine not listening.\n"
40 "Duplicate network name.\n" "Duplicate network name.\n"
41 "Bad network path.\n" "Bad network path.\n"
42 "Network busy.\n" "Network busy.\n"
43 "Device does not exist.\n" "Device does not exist.\n"
44 "Too many commands.\n" "Too many commands.\n"
45 "Adaptor hardware error.\n" "Adapter hardware error.\n"
46 "Bad network response.\n" "Bad network response.\n"
47 "Unexpected network error.\n" "Unexpected network error.\n"
48 "Bad remote adaptor.\n" "Bad remote adapter.\n"
49 "Print queue full.\n" "Print queue full.\n"
50 "No spool space.\n" "No spool space.\n"
51 "Print cancelled.\n" "Print canceled.\n"
52 "Network name deleted.\n" "Network name deleted.\n"
53 "Network access denied.\n" "Network access denied.\n"
54 "Bad device type.\n" "Bad device type.\n"
55 "Bad network name.\n" "Bad network name.\n"
56 "Too many network names.\n" "Too many network names.\n"
57 "Too many network sessions.\n" "Too many network sessions.\n"
58 "Sharing paused.\n" "Sharing paused.\n"
59 "Request not accepted.\n" "Request not accepted.\n"
60 "Redirector paused.\n" "Redirector paused.\n"
61 "File exists.\n" "File exists.\n"
62 "Cannot create.\n" "Cannot create.\n"
63 "Int24 failure.\n" "Int24 failure.\n"
64 "Out of structures.\n" "Out of structures.\n"
65 "Already assigned.\n" "Already assigned.\n"
66 "Invalid password.\n" "Invalid password.\n"
67 "Invalid parameter.\n" "Invalid parameter.\n"
68 "Net write fault.\n" "Net write fault.\n"
69 "No process slots.\n" "No process slots.\n"
70 "Too many semaphores.\n" "Too many semaphores.\n"
71 "Exclusive semaphore already owned.\n" "Exclusive semaphore already owned.\n"
72 "Semaphore is set.\n" "Semaphore is set.\n"
73 "Too many semaphore requests.\n" "Too many semaphore requests.\n"
74 "Invalid at interrupt time.\n" "Invalid at interrupt time.\n"
75 "Semaphore owner died.\n" "Semaphore owner died.\n"
76 "Semaphore user limit.\n" "Semaphore user limit.\n"
77 "Insert disk for drive %1.\n" "Insert disk for drive %1.\n"
78 "Drive locked.\n" "Drive locked.\n"
79 "Broken pipe.\n" "Broken pipe.\n"
80 "Open failed.\n" "Open failed.\n"
81 "Buffer overflow.\n" "Buffer overflow.\n"
82 "Disk full.\n" "Disk full.\n"
83 "No more search handles.\n" "No more search handles.\n"
84 "Invalid target handle.\n" "Invalid target handle.\n"
85 "Invalid IOCTL.\n" "Invalid IOCTL.\n"
86 "Invalid verify switch.\n" "Invalid verify switch.\n"
87 "Bad driver level.\n" "Bad driver level.\n"
88 "Call not implemented.\n" "Call not implemented.\n"
89 "Semaphore timeout.\n" "Semaphore timeout.\n"
90 "Insufficient buffer.\n" "Insufficient buffer.\n"
91 "Invalid name.\n" "Invalid name.\n"
92 "Invalid level.\n" "Invalid level.\n"
93 "No volume label.\n" "No volume label.\n"
94 "Module not found.\n" "Module not found.\n"
95 "Procedure not found.\n" "Procedure not found.\n"
96 "No children to wait for.\n" "No children to wait for.\n"
97 "Child process has not completed.\n" "Child process has not completed.\n"
98 "Invalid use of direct access handle.\n" "Invalid use of direct access handle.\n"
99 "Negative seek.\n" "Negative seek.\n"
100 "Seek error.\n" "Seek error.\n"
101 "Drive is a JOIN target.\n" "Drive is a JOIN target.\n"
102 "Drive is already JOINed.\n" "Drive is already JOINed.\n"
103 "Drive is already SUBSTed.\n" "Drive is already SUBSTed.\n"
104 "Drive is not JOINed.\n" "Drive is not JOINed.\n"
105 "Drive is not SUBSTed.\n" "Drive is not SUBSTed.\n"
106 "Attempt to JOIN onto a JOINed drive.\n" "Attempt to JOIN onto a JOINed drive.\n"
107 "Attempt to SUBST onto a SUBSTed drive.\n" "Attempt to SUBST onto a SUBSTed drive.\n"
108 "Attempt to JOIN to a SUBSTed drive.\n" "Attempt to JOIN to a SUBSTed drive.\n"
109 "Attempt to SUBST to a JOINed drive.\n" "Attempt to SUBST to a JOINed drive.\n"
110 "Drive is busy.\n" "Drive is busy.\n"
111 "Same drive.\n" "Same drive.\n"
112 "Not top-level directory.\n" "Not top-level directory.\n"
113 "Directory is not empty.\n" "Directory is not empty.\n"
114 "Path is in use as a SUBST.\n" "Path is in use as a SUBST.\n"
115 "Path is in use as a JOIN.\n" "Path is in use as a JOIN.\n"
116 "Path is busy.\n" "Path is busy.\n"
117 "Already a SUBST target.\n" "Already a SUBST target.\n"
118 "System trace not specified or disallowed.\n" "System trace not specified or disallowed.\n"
119 "Event count for DosMuxSemWait incorrect.\n" "Event count for DosMuxSemWait incorrect.\n"
120 "Too many waiters for DosMuxSemWait.\n" "Too many waiters for DosMuxSemWait.\n"
121 "DosSemMuxWait list invalid.\n" "DosSemMuxWait list invalid.\n"
122 "Volume label too long.\n" "Volume label too long.\n"
123 "Too many TCBs.\n" "Too many TCBs.\n"
124 "Signal refused.\n" "Signal refused.\n"
125 "Segment discarded.\n" "Segment discarded.\n"
126 "Segment not locked.\n" "Segment not locked.\n"
127 "Bad thread ID address.\n" "Bad thread ID address.\n"
128 "Bad arguments to DosExecPgm.\n" "Bad arguments to DosExecPgm.\n"
129 "Path is invalid.\n" "Path is invalid.\n"
130 "Signal pending.\n" "Signal pending.\n"
131 "Max system-wide thread count reached.\n" "Max system-wide thread count reached.\n"
132 "Lock failed.\n" "Lock failed.\n"
133 "Resource in use.\n" "Resource in use.\n"
134 "Cancel violation.\n" "Cancel violation.\n"
135 "Atomic locks not supported.\n" "Atomic locks not supported.\n"
136 "Invalid segment number.\n" "Invalid segment number.\n"
137 "Invalid ordinal for %1.\n" "Invalid ordinal for %1.\n"
138 "File already exists.\n" "File already exists.\n"
139 "Invalid flag number.\n" "Invalid flag number.\n"
140 "Semaphore name not found.\n" "Semaphore name not found.\n"
141 "Invalid starting code segment for %1.\n" "Invalid starting code segment for %1.\n"
142 "Invalid starting stack segment for %1.\n" "Invalid starting stack segment for %1.\n"
143 "Invalid module type for %1.\n" "Invalid module type for %1.\n"
144 "Invalid EXE signature in %1.\n" "Invalid EXE signature in %1.\n"
145 "EXE %1 is marked invalid.\n" "EXE %1 is marked invalid.\n"
146 "Bad EXE format for %1.\n" "Bad EXE format for %1.\n"
147 "Iterated data exceeds 64k in %1.\n" "Iterated data exceeds 64k in %1.\n"
148 "Invalid MinAllocSize in %1.\n" "Invalid MinAllocSize in %1.\n"
149 "Dynlink from invalid ring.\n" "Dynlink from invalid ring.\n"
150 "IOPL not enabled.\n" "IOPL not enabled.\n"
151 "Invalid SEGDPL in %1.\n" "Invalid SEGDPL in %1.\n"
152 "Auto data segment exceeds 64k.\n" "Auto data segment exceeds 64k.\n"
153 "Ring 2 segment must be movable.\n" "Ring 2 segment must be movable.\n"
154 "Relocation chain exceeds segment limit in %1.\n" "Relocation chain exceeds segment limit in %1.\n"
155 "Infinite loop in relocation chain in %1.\n" "Infinite loop in relocation chain in %1.\n"
156 "Environment variable not found.\n" "Environment variable not found.\n"
157 "No signal sent.\n" "No signal sent.\n"
158 "File name is too long.\n" "File name is too long.\n"
159 "Ring 2 stack in use.\n" "Ring 2 stack in use.\n"
160 "Error in use of filename wildcards.\n" "Error in use of filename wildcards.\n"
161 "Invalid signal number.\n" "Invalid signal number.\n"
162 "Error setting signal handler.\n" "Error setting signal handler.\n"
163 "Segment locked.\n" "Segment locked.\n"
164 "Too many modules.\n" "Too many modules.\n"
165 "Nesting LoadModule calls not allowed.\n" "Nesting LoadModule calls not allowed.\n"
166 "Machine type mismatch.\n" "Machine type mismatch.\n"
167 "Bad pipe.\n" "Bad pipe.\n"
168 "Pipe busy.\n" "Pipe busy.\n"
169 "Pipe closed.\n" "Pipe closed.\n"
170 "Pipe not connected.\n" "Pipe not connected.\n"
171 "More data available.\n" "More data available.\n"
172 "Session cancelled.\n" "Session canceled.\n"
173 "Invalid extended attribute name.\n" "Invalid extended attribute name.\n"
174 "Extended attribute list inconsistent.\n" "Extended attribute list inconsistent.\n"
175 "No more data available.\n" "No more data available.\n"
176 "Cannot use Copy API.\n" "Cannot use Copy API.\n"
177 "Directory name invalid.\n" "Directory name invalid.\n"
178 "Extended attributes didn't fit.\n" "Extended attributes didn't fit.\n"
179 "Extended attribute file corrupt.\n" "Extended attribute file corrupt.\n"
180 "Extended attribute table full.\n" "Extended attribute table full.\n"
181 "Invalid extended attribute handle.\n" "Invalid extended attribute handle.\n"
182 "Extended attributes not supported.\n" "Extended attributes not supported.\n"
183 "Mutex not owned by caller.\n" "Mutex not owned by caller.\n"
184 "Too many posts to semaphore.\n" "Too many posts to semaphore.\n"
185 "Read/WriteProcessMemory partially completed.\n" "Read/WriteProcessMemory partially completed.\n"
186 "The oplock wasn't granted.\n" "The oplock wasn't granted.\n"
187 "Invalid oplock message received.\n" "Invalid oplock message received.\n"
188 "Message 0x%1 not found in file %2.\n" "Message 0x%1 not found in file %2.\n"
189 "Invalid address.\n" "Invalid address.\n"
190 "Arithmetic overflow.\n" "Arithmetic overflow.\n"
191 "Pipe connected.\n" "Pipe connected.\n"
192 "Pipe listening.\n" "Pipe listening.\n"
193 "Extended attribute access denied.\n" "Extended attribute access denied.\n"
194 "I/O operation aborted.\n" "I/O operation aborted.\n"
195 "Overlapped I/O incomplete.\n" "Overlapped I/O incomplete.\n"
196 "Overlapped I/O pending.\n" "Overlapped I/O pending.\n"
197 "No access to memory location.\n" "No access to memory location.\n"
198 "Swap error.\n" "Swap error.\n"
199 "Stack overflow.\n" "Stack overflow.\n"
200 "Invalid message.\n" "Invalid message.\n"
201 "Cannot complete.\n" "Cannot complete.\n"
202 "Invalid flags.\n" "Invalid flags.\n"
203 "Unrecognised volume.\n" "Unrecognized volume.\n"
204 "File invalid.\n" "File invalid.\n"
205 "Cannot run full-screen.\n" "Cannot run full-screen.\n"
206 "Nonexistent token.\n" "Nonexistent token.\n"
207 "Registry corrupt.\n" "Registry corrupt.\n"
208 "Invalid key.\n" "Invalid key.\n"
209 "Can't open registry key.\n" "Can't open registry key.\n"
210 "Can't read registry key.\n" "Can't read registry key.\n"
211 "Can't write registry key.\n" "Can't write registry key.\n"
212 "Registry has been recovered.\n" "Registry has been recovered.\n"
213 "Registry is corrupt.\n" "Registry is corrupt.\n"
214 "I/O to registry failed.\n" "I/O to registry failed.\n"
215 "Not registry file.\n" "Not registry file.\n"
216 "Key deleted.\n" "Key deleted.\n"
217 "No registry log space.\n" "No registry log space.\n"
218 "Registry key has subkeys.\n" "Registry key has subkeys.\n"
219 "Subkey must be volatile.\n" "Subkey must be volatile.\n"
220 "Notify change request in progress.\n" "Notify change request in progress.\n"
221 "Dependent services are running.\n" "Dependent services are running.\n"
222 "Invalid service control.\n" "Invalid service control.\n"
223 "Service request timeout.\n" "Service request timeout.\n"
224 "Cannot create service thread.\n" "Cannot create service thread.\n"
225 "Service database locked.\n" "Service database locked.\n"
226 "Service already running.\n" "Service already running.\n"
227 "Invalid service account.\n" "Invalid service account.\n"
228 "Service is disabled.\n" "Service is disabled.\n"
229 "Circular dependency.\n" "Circular dependency.\n"
230 "Service does not exist.\n" "Service does not exist.\n"
231 "Service cannot accept control message.\n" "Service cannot accept control message.\n"
232 "Service not active.\n" "Service not active.\n"
233 "Service controller connect failed.\n" "Service controller connect failed.\n"
234 "Exception in service.\n" "Exception in service.\n"
235 "Database does not exist.\n" "Database does not exist.\n"
236 "Service-specific error.\n" "Service-specific error.\n"
237 "Process aborted.\n" "Process aborted.\n"
238 "Service dependency failed.\n" "Service dependency failed.\n"
239 "Service login failed.\n" "Service login failed.\n"
240 "Service start-hang.\n" "Service start-hang.\n"
241 "Invalid service lock.\n" "Invalid service lock.\n"
242 "Service marked for delete.\n" "Service marked for delete.\n"
243 "Service exists.\n" "Service exists.\n"
244 "System running last-known-good config.\n" "System running last-known-good config.\n"
245 "Service dependency deleted.\n" "Service dependency deleted.\n"
246 "Boot already accepted as last-good config.\n" "Boot already accepted as last-good config.\n"
247 "Service not started since last boot.\n" "Service not started since last boot.\n"
248 "Duplicate service name.\n" "Duplicate service name.\n"
249 "Different service account.\n" "Different service account.\n"
250 "Driver failure cannot be detected.\n" "Driver failure cannot be detected.\n"
251 "Process abort cannot be detected.\n" "Process abort cannot be detected.\n"
252 "No recovery program for service.\n" "No recovery program for service.\n"
253 "Service not implemented by exe.\n" "Service not implemented by exe.\n"
254 "End of media.\n" "End of media.\n"
255 "Filemark detected.\n" "Filemark detected.\n"
256 "Beginning of media.\n" "Beginning of media.\n"
257 "Setmark detected.\n" "Setmark detected.\n"
258 "No data detected.\n" "No data detected.\n"
259 "Partition failure.\n" "Partition failure.\n"
260 "Invalid block length.\n" "Invalid block length.\n"
261 "Device not partitioned.\n" "Device not partitioned.\n"
262 "Unable to lock media.\n" "Unable to lock media.\n"
263 "Unable to unload media.\n" "Unable to unload media.\n"
264 "Media changed.\n" "Media changed.\n"
265 "I/O bus reset.\n" "I/O bus reset.\n"
266 "No media in drive.\n" "No media in drive.\n"
267 "No Unicode translation.\n" "No Unicode translation.\n"
268 "DLL initialisation failed.\n" "DLL initialization failed.\n"
269 "Shutdown in progress.\n" "Shutdown in progress.\n"
270 "No shutdown in progress.\n" "No shutdown in progress.\n"
271 "I/O device error.\n" "I/O device error.\n"
272 "No serial devices found.\n" "No serial devices found.\n"
273 "Shared IRQ busy.\n" "Shared IRQ busy.\n"
274 "Serial I/O completed.\n" "Serial I/O completed.\n"
275 "Serial I/O counter timeout.\n" "Serial I/O counter timeout.\n"
276 "Floppy ID address mark not found.\n" "Floppy ID address mark not found.\n"
277 "Floppy reports wrong cylinder.\n" "Floppy reports wrong cylinder.\n"
278 "Unknown floppy error.\n" "Unknown floppy error.\n"
279 "Floppy registers inconsistent.\n" "Floppy registers inconsistent.\n"
280 "Hard disk recalibrate failed.\n" "Hard disk recalibrate failed.\n"
281 "Hard disk operation failed.\n" "Hard disk operation failed.\n"
282 "Hard disk reset failed.\n" "Hard disk reset failed.\n"
283 "End of tape media.\n" "End of tape media.\n"
284 "Not enough server memory.\n" "Not enough server memory.\n"
285 "Possible deadlock.\n" "Possible deadlock.\n"
286 "Incorrect alignment.\n" "Incorrect alignment.\n"
287 "Set-power-state vetoed.\n" "Set-power-state vetoed.\n"
288 "Set-power-state failed.\n" "Set-power-state failed.\n"
289 "Too many links.\n" "Too many links.\n"
290 "Newer Windows version needed.\n" "Newer Windows version needed.\n"
291 "Wrong operating system.\n" "Wrong operating system.\n"
292 "Single-instance application.\n" "Single-instance application.\n"
293 "Real-mode application.\n" "Real-mode application.\n"
294 "Invalid DLL.\n" "Invalid DLL.\n"
295 "No associated application.\n" "No associated application.\n"
296 "DDE failure.\n" "DDE failure.\n"
297 "DLL not found.\n" "DLL not found.\n"
298 "Out of user handles.\n" "Out of user handles.\n"
299 "Message can only be used in synchronous calls.\n" "Message can only be used in synchronous calls.\n"
300 "The source element is empty.\n" "The source element is empty.\n"
301 "The destination element is full.\n" "The destination element is full.\n"
302 "The element address is invalid.\n" "The element address is invalid.\n"
303 "The magazine is not present.\n" "The magazine is not present.\n"
304 "The device needs reinitialisation.\n" "The device needs reinitialization.\n"
305 "The device requires cleaning.\n" "The device requires cleaning.\n"
306 "The device door is open.\n" "The device door is open.\n"
307 "The device is not connected.\n" "The device is not connected.\n"
308 "Element not found.\n" "Element not found.\n"
309 "No match found.\n" "No match found.\n"
310 "Property set not found.\n" "Property set not found.\n"
311 "Point not found.\n" "Point not found.\n"
312 "No running tracking service.\n" "No running tracking service.\n"
313 "No such volume ID.\n" "No such volume ID.\n"
314 "Unable to remove the file to be replaced.\n" "Unable to remove the file to be replaced.\n"
315 "Unable to move the replacement file into place.\n" "Unable to move the replacement file into place.\n"
316 "Moving the replacement file failed.\n" "Moving the replacement file failed.\n"
317 "The journal is being deleted.\n" "The journal is being deleted.\n"
318 "The journal is not active.\n" "The journal is not active.\n"
319 "Potential matching file found.\n" "Potential matching file found.\n"
320 "The journal entry was deleted.\n" "The journal entry was deleted.\n"
321 "Invalid device name.\n" "Invalid device name.\n"
322 "Connection unavailable.\n" "Connection unavailable.\n"
323 "Device already remembered.\n" "Device already remembered.\n"
324 "No network or bad path.\n" "No network or bad path.\n"
325 "Invalid network provider name.\n" "Invalid network provider name.\n"
326 "Cannot open network connection profile.\n" "Cannot open network connection profile.\n"
327 "Corrupt network connection profile.\n" "Corrupt network connection profile.\n"
328 "Not a container.\n" "Not a container.\n"
329 "Extended error.\n" "Extended error.\n"
330 "Invalid group name.\n" "Invalid group name.\n"
331 "Invalid computer name.\n" "Invalid computer name.\n"
332 "Invalid event name.\n" "Invalid event name.\n"
333 "Invalid domain name.\n" "Invalid domain name.\n"
334 "Invalid service name.\n" "Invalid service name.\n"
335 "Invalid network name.\n" "Invalid network name.\n"
336 "Invalid share name.\n" "Invalid share name.\n"
337 "Invalid password.\n" "Invalid password.\n"
338 "Invalid message name.\n" "Invalid message name.\n"
339 "Invalid message destination.\n" "Invalid message destination.\n"
340 "Session credential conflict.\n" "Session credential conflict.\n"
341 "Remote session limit exceeded.\n" "Remote session limit exceeded.\n"
342 "Duplicate domain or workgroup name.\n" "Duplicate domain or workgroup name.\n"
343 "No network.\n" "No network.\n"
344 "Operation cancelled by user.\n" "Operation canceled by user.\n"
345 "File has a user-mapped section.\n" "File has a user-mapped section.\n"
346 "Connection refused.\n" "Connection refused.\n"
347 "Connection gracefully closed.\n" "Connection gracefully closed.\n"
348 "Address already associated with transport endpoint.\n" "Address already associated with transport endpoint.\n"
349 "Address not associated with transport endpoint.\n" "Address not associated with transport endpoint.\n"
350 "Connection invalid.\n" "Connection invalid.\n"
351 "Connection is active.\n" "Connection is active.\n"
352 "Network unreachable.\n" "Network unreachable.\n"
353 "Host unreachable.\n" "Host unreachable.\n"
354 "Protocol unreachable.\n" "Protocol unreachable.\n"
355 "Port unreachable.\n" "Port unreachable.\n"
356 "Request aborted.\n" "Request aborted.\n"
357 "Connection aborted.\n" "Connection aborted.\n"
358 "Please retry operation.\n" "Please retry operation.\n"
359 "Connection count limit reached.\n" "Connection count limit reached.\n"
360 "Login time restriction.\n" "Login time restriction.\n"
361 "Login workstation restriction.\n" "Login workstation restriction.\n"
362 "Incorrect network address.\n" "Incorrect network address.\n"
363 "Service already registered.\n" "Service already registered.\n"
364 "Service not found.\n" "Service not found.\n"
365 "User not authenticated.\n" "User not authenticated.\n"
366 "User not logged on.\n" "User not logged on.\n"
367 "Continue work in progress.\n" "Continue work in progress.\n"
368 "Already initialised.\n" "Already initialized.\n"
369 "No more local devices.\n" "No more local devices.\n"
370 "The site does not exist.\n" "The site does not exist.\n"
371 "The domain controller already exists.\n" "The domain controller already exists.\n"
372 "Supported only when connected.\n" "Supported only when connected.\n"
373 "Perform operation even when nothing changed.\n" "Perform operation even when nothing changed.\n"
374 "The user profile is invalid.\n" "The user profile is invalid.\n"
375 "Not supported on Small Business Server.\n" "Not supported on Small Business Server.\n"
376 "Not all privileges assigned.\n" "Not all privileges assigned.\n"
377 "Some security IDs not mapped.\n" "Some security IDs not mapped.\n"
378 "No quotas for account.\n" "No quotas for account.\n"
379 "Local user session key.\n" "Local user session key.\n"
380 "Password too complex for LM.\n" "Password too complex for LM.\n"
381 "Unknown revision.\n" "Unknown revision.\n"
382 "Incompatible revision levels.\n" "Incompatible revision levels.\n"
383 "Invalid owner.\n" "Invalid owner.\n"
384 "Invalid primary group.\n" "Invalid primary group.\n"
385 "No impersonation token.\n" "No impersonation token.\n"
386 "Can't disable mandatory group.\n" "Can't disable mandatory group.\n"
387 "No logon servers available.\n" "No logon servers available.\n"
388 "No such logon session.\n" "No such logon session.\n"
389 "No such privilege.\n" "No such privilege.\n"
390 "Privilege not held.\n" "Privilege not held.\n"
391 "Invalid account name.\n" "Invalid account name.\n"
392 "User already exists.\n" "User already exists.\n"
393 "No such user.\n" "No such user.\n"
394 "Group already exists.\n" "Group already exists.\n"
395 "No such group.\n" "No such group.\n"
396 "User already in group.\n" "User already in group.\n"
397 "User not in group.\n" "User not in group.\n"
398 "Can't delete last admin user.\n" "Can't delete last admin user.\n"
399 "Wrong password.\n" "Wrong password.\n"
400 "Ill-formed password.\n" "Ill-formed password.\n"
401 "Password restriction.\n" "Password restriction.\n"
402 "Logon failure.\n" "Logon failure.\n"
403 "Account restriction.\n" "Account restriction.\n"
404 "Invalid logon hours.\n" "Invalid logon hours.\n"
405 "Invalid workstation.\n" "Invalid workstation.\n"
406 "Password expired.\n" "Password expired.\n"
407 "Account disabled.\n" "Account disabled.\n"
408 "No security ID mapped.\n" "No security ID mapped.\n"
409 "Too many LUIDs requested.\n" "Too many LUIDs requested.\n"
410 "LUIDs exhausted.\n" "LUIDs exhausted.\n"
411 "Invalid sub authority.\n" "Invalid sub authority.\n"
412 "Invalid ACL.\n" "Invalid ACL.\n"
413 "Invalid SID.\n" "Invalid SID.\n"
414 "Invalid security descriptor.\n" "Invalid security descriptor.\n"
415 "Bad inherited ACL.\n" "Bad inherited ACL.\n"
416 "Server disabled.\n" "Server disabled.\n"
417 "Server not disabled.\n" "Server not disabled.\n"
418 "Invalid ID authority.\n" "Invalid ID authority.\n"
419 "Allotted space exceeded.\n" "Allotted space exceeded.\n"
420 "Invalid group attributes.\n" "Invalid group attributes.\n"
421 "Bad impersonation level.\n" "Bad impersonation level.\n"
422 "Can't open anonymous security token.\n" "Can't open anonymous security token.\n"
423 "Bad validation class.\n" "Bad validation class.\n"
424 "Bad token type.\n" "Bad token type.\n"
425 "No security on object.\n" "No security on object.\n"
426 "Can't access domain information.\n" "Can't access domain information.\n"
427 "Invalid server state.\n" "Invalid server state.\n"
428 "Invalid domain state.\n" "Invalid domain state.\n"
429 "Invalid domain role.\n" "Invalid domain role.\n"
430 "No such domain.\n" "No such domain.\n"
431 "Domain already exists.\n" "Domain already exists.\n"
432 "Domain limit exceeded.\n" "Domain limit exceeded.\n"
433 "Internal database corruption.\n" "Internal database corruption.\n"
434 "Internal error.\n" "Internal error.\n"
435 "Generic access types not mapped.\n" "Generic access types not mapped.\n"
436 "Bad descriptor format.\n" "Bad descriptor format.\n"
437 "Not a logon process.\n" "Not a logon process.\n"
438 "Logon session ID exists.\n" "Logon session ID exists.\n"
439 "Unknown authentication package.\n" "Unknown authentication package.\n"
440 "Bad logon session state.\n" "Bad logon session state.\n"
441 "Logon session ID collision.\n" "Logon session ID collision.\n"
442 "Invalid logon type.\n" "Invalid logon type.\n"
443 "Cannot impersonate.\n" "Cannot impersonate.\n"
444 "Invalid transaction state.\n" "Invalid transaction state.\n"
445 "Security DB commit failure.\n" "Security DB commit failure.\n"
446 "Account is built-in.\n" "Account is built-in.\n"
447 "Group is built-in.\n" "Group is built-in.\n"
448 "User is built-in.\n" "User is built-in.\n"
449 "Group is primary for user.\n" "Group is primary for user.\n"
450 "Token already in use.\n" "Token already in use.\n"
451 "No such local group.\n" "No such local group.\n"
452 "User not in local group.\n" "User not in local group.\n"
453 "User already in local group.\n" "User already in local group.\n"
454 "Local group already exists.\n" "Local group already exists.\n"
455 "Logon type not granted.\n" "Logon type not granted.\n"
456 "Too many secrets.\n" "Too many secrets.\n"
457 "Secret too long.\n" "Secret too long.\n"
458 "Internal security DB error.\n" "Internal security DB error.\n"
459 "Too many context IDs.\n" "Too many context IDs.\n"
460 "Logon type not granted.\n" "Logon type not granted.\n"
461 "Cross-encrypted NT password required.\n" "Cross-encrypted NT password required.\n"
462 "No such member.\n" "No such member.\n"
463 "Invalid member.\n" "Invalid member.\n"
464 "Too many SIDs.\n" "Too many SIDs.\n"
465 "Cross-encrypted LM password required.\n" "Cross-encrypted LM password required.\n"
466 "No inheritable components.\n" "No inheritable components.\n"
467 "File or directory corrupt.\n" "File or directory corrupt.\n"
468 "Disk is corrupt.\n" "Disk is corrupt.\n"
469 "No user session key.\n" "No user session key.\n"
470 "Licence quota exceeded.\n" "License quota exceeded.\n"
471 "Wrong target name.\n" "Wrong target name.\n"
472 "Mutual authentication failed.\n" "Mutual authentication failed.\n"
473 "Time skew between client and server.\n" "Time skew between client and server.\n"
474 "Invalid window handle.\n" "Invalid window handle.\n"
475 "Invalid menu handle.\n" "Invalid menu handle.\n"
476 "Invalid cursor handle.\n" "Invalid cursor handle.\n"
477 "Invalid accelerator table handle.\n" "Invalid accelerator table handle.\n"
478 "Invalid hook handle.\n" "Invalid hook handle.\n"
479 "Invalid DWP handle.\n" "Invalid DWP handle.\n"
480 "Can't create top-level child window.\n" "Can't create top-level child window.\n"
481 "Can't find window class.\n" "Can't find window class.\n"
482 "Window owned by another thread.\n" "Window owned by another thread.\n"
483 "Hotkey already registered.\n" "Hotkey already registered.\n"
484 "Class already exists.\n" "Class already exists.\n"
485 "Class does not exist.\n" "Class does not exist.\n"
486 "Class has open windows.\n" "Class has open windows.\n"
487 "Invalid index.\n" "Invalid index.\n"
488 "Invalid icon handle.\n" "Invalid icon handle.\n"
489 "Private dialog index.\n" "Private dialog index.\n"
490 "List box ID not found.\n" "List box ID not found.\n"
491 "No wildcard characters.\n" "No wildcard characters.\n"
492 "Clipboard not open.\n" "Clipboard not open.\n"
493 "Hotkey not registered.\n" "Hotkey not registered.\n"
494 "Not a dialog window.\n" "Not a dialog window.\n"
495 "Control ID not found.\n" "Control ID not found.\n"
496 "Invalid combo box message.\n" "Invalid combo box message.\n"
497 "Not a combo box window.\n" "Not a combo box window.\n"
498 "Invalid edit height.\n" "Invalid edit height.\n"
499 "DC not found.\n" "DC not found.\n"
500 "Invalid hook filter.\n" "Invalid hook filter.\n"
501 "Invalid filter procedure.\n" "Invalid filter procedure.\n"
502 "Hook procedure needs module handle.\n" "Hook procedure needs module handle.\n"
503 "Global-only hook procedure.\n" "Global-only hook procedure.\n"
504 "Journal hook already set.\n" "Journal hook already set.\n"
505 "Hook procedure not installed.\n" "Hook procedure not installed.\n"
506 "Invalid list box message.\n" "Invalid list box message.\n"
507 "Invalid LB_SETCOUNT sent.\n" "Invalid LB_SETCOUNT sent.\n"
508 "No tab stops on this list box.\n" "No tab stops on this list box.\n"
509 "Can't destroy object owned by another thread.\n" "Can't destroy object owned by another thread.\n"
510 "Child window menus not allowed.\n" "Child window menus not allowed.\n"
511 "Window has no system menu.\n" "Window has no system menu.\n"
512 "Invalid message box style.\n" "Invalid message box style.\n"
513 "Invalid SPI parameter.\n" "Invalid SPI parameter.\n"
514 "Screen already locked.\n" "Screen already locked.\n"
515 "Window handles have different parents.\n" "Window handles have different parents.\n"
516 "Not a child window.\n" "Not a child window.\n"
517 "Invalid GW command.\n" "Invalid GW command.\n"
518 "Invalid thread ID.\n" "Invalid thread ID.\n"
519 "Not an MDI child window.\n" "Not an MDI child window.\n"
520 "Popup menu already active.\n" "Popup menu already active.\n"
521 "No scrollbars.\n" "No scrollbars.\n"
522 "Invalid scrollbar range.\n" "Invalid scrollbar range.\n"
523 "Invalid ShowWin command.\n" "Invalid ShowWin command.\n"
524 "No system resources.\n" "No system resources.\n"
525 "No non-paged system resources.\n" "No non-paged system resources.\n"
526 "No paged system resources.\n" "No paged system resources.\n"
527 "No working set quota.\n" "No working set quota.\n"
528 "No page file quota.\n" "No page file quota.\n"
529 "Exceeded commitment limit.\n" "Exceeded commitment limit.\n"
530 "Menu item not found.\n" "Menu item not found.\n"
531 "Invalid keyboard handle.\n" "Invalid keyboard handle.\n"
532 "Hook type not allowed.\n" "Hook type not allowed.\n"
533 "Interactive window station required.\n" "Interactive window station required.\n"
534 "Timeout.\n" "Timeout.\n"
535 "Invalid monitor handle.\n" "Invalid monitor handle.\n"
536 "Event log file corrupt.\n" "Event log file corrupt.\n"
537 "Event log can't start.\n" "Event log can't start.\n"
538 "Event log file full.\n" "Event log file full.\n"
539 "Event log file changed.\n" "Event log file changed.\n"
540 "Installer service failed.\n" "Installer service failed.\n"
541 "Installation aborted by user.\n" "Installation aborted by user.\n"
542 "Installation failure.\n" "Installation failure.\n"
543 "Installation suspended.\n" "Installation suspended.\n"
544 "Unknown product.\n" "Unknown product.\n"
545 "Unknown feature.\n" "Unknown feature.\n"
546 "Unknown component.\n" "Unknown component.\n"
547 "Unknown property.\n" "Unknown property.\n"
548 "Invalid handle state.\n" "Invalid handle state.\n"
549 "Bad configuration.\n" "Bad configuration.\n"
550 "Index is missing.\n" "Index is missing.\n"
551 "Installation source is missing.\n" "Installation source is missing.\n"
552 "Wrong installation package version.\n" "Wrong installation package version.\n"
553 "Product uninstalled.\n" "Product uninstalled.\n"
554 "Invalid query syntax.\n" "Invalid query syntax.\n"
555 "Invalid field.\n" "Invalid field.\n"
556 "Device removed.\n" "Device removed.\n"
557 "Installation already running.\n" "Installation already running.\n"
558 "Installation package failed to open.\n" "Installation package failed to open.\n"
559 "Installation package is invalid.\n" "Installation package is invalid.\n"
560 "Installer user interface failed.\n" "Installer user interface failed.\n"
561 "Failed to open installation log file.\n" "Failed to open installation log file.\n"
562 "Installation language not supported.\n" "Installation language not supported.\n"
563 "Installation transform failed to apply.\n" "Installation transform failed to apply.\n"
564 "Installation package rejected.\n" "Installation package rejected.\n"
565 "Function could not be called.\n" "Function could not be called.\n"
566 "Function failed.\n" "Function failed.\n"
567 "Invalid table.\n" "Invalid table.\n"
568 "Data type mismatch.\n" "Data type mismatch.\n"
569 "Unsupported type.\n" "Unsupported type.\n"
570 "Creation failed.\n" "Creation failed.\n"
571 "Temporary directory not writable.\n" "Temporary directory not writable.\n"
572 "Installation platform not supported.\n" "Installation platform not supported.\n"
573 "Installer not used.\n" "Installer not used.\n"
574 "Failed to open the patch package.\n" "Failed to open the patch package.\n"
575 "Invalid patch package.\n" "Invalid patch package.\n"
576 "Unsupported patch package.\n" "Unsupported patch package.\n"
577 "Another version is installed.\n" "Another version is installed.\n"
578 "Invalid command line.\n" "Invalid command line.\n"
579 "Remote installation not allowed.\n" "Remote installation not allowed.\n"
580 "Reboot initiated after successful install.\n" "Reboot initiated after successful install.\n"
581 "Invalid string binding.\n" "Invalid string binding.\n"
582 "Wrong kind of binding.\n" "Wrong kind of binding.\n"
583 "Invalid binding.\n" "Invalid binding.\n"
584 "RPC protocol sequence not supported.\n" "RPC protocol sequence not supported.\n"
585 "Invalid RPC protocol sequence.\n" "Invalid RPC protocol sequence.\n"
586 "Invalid string UUID.\n" "Invalid string UUID.\n"
587 "Invalid endpoint format.\n" "Invalid endpoint format.\n"
588 "Invalid network address.\n" "Invalid network address.\n"
589 "No endpoint found.\n" "No endpoint found.\n"
590 "Invalid timeout value.\n" "Invalid timeout value.\n"
591 "Object UUID not found.\n" "Object UUID not found.\n"
592 "UUID already registered.\n" "UUID already registered.\n"
593 "UUID type already registered.\n" "UUID type already registered.\n"
594 "Server already listening.\n" "Server already listening.\n"
595 "No protocol sequences registered.\n" "No protocol sequences registered.\n"
596 "RPC server not listening.\n" "RPC server not listening.\n"
597 "Unknown manager type.\n" "Unknown manager type.\n"
598 "Unknown interface.\n" "Unknown interface.\n"
599 "No bindings.\n" "No bindings.\n"
600 "No protocol sequences.\n" "No protocol sequences.\n"
601 "Can't create endpoint.\n" "Can't create endpoint.\n"
602 "Out of resources.\n" "Out of resources.\n"
603 "RPC server unavailable.\n" "RPC server unavailable.\n"
604 "RPC server too busy.\n" "RPC server too busy.\n"
605 "Invalid network options.\n" "Invalid network options.\n"
606 "No RPC call active.\n" "No RPC call active.\n"
607 "RPC call failed.\n" "RPC call failed.\n"
608 "RPC call failed and didn't execute.\n" "RPC call failed and didn't execute.\n"
609 "RPC protocol error.\n" "RPC protocol error.\n"
610 "Unsupported transfer syntax.\n" "Unsupported transfer syntax.\n"
611 "Unsupported type.\n" "Unsupported type.\n"
612 "Invalid tag.\n" "Invalid tag.\n"
613 "Invalid array bounds.\n" "Invalid array bounds.\n"
614 "No entry name.\n" "No entry name.\n"
615 "Invalid name syntax.\n" "Invalid name syntax.\n"
616 "Unsupported name syntax.\n" "Unsupported name syntax.\n"
617 "No network address.\n" "No network address.\n"
618 "Duplicate endpoint.\n" "Duplicate endpoint.\n"
619 "Unknown authentication type.\n" "Unknown authentication type.\n"
620 "Maximum calls too low.\n" "Maximum calls too low.\n"
621 "String too long.\n" "String too long.\n"
622 "Protocol sequence not found.\n" "Protocol sequence not found.\n"
623 "Procedure number out of range.\n" "Procedure number out of range.\n"
624 "Binding has no authentication data.\n" "Binding has no authentication data.\n"
625 "Unknown authentication service.\n" "Unknown authentication service.\n"
626 "Unknown authentication level.\n" "Unknown authentication level.\n"
627 "Invalid authentication identity.\n" "Invalid authentication identity.\n"
628 "Unknown authorisation service.\n" "Unknown authorization service.\n"
629 "Invalid entry.\n" "Invalid entry.\n"
630 "Can't perform operation.\n" "Can't perform operation.\n"
631 "Endpoints not registered.\n" "Endpoints not registered.\n"
632 "Nothing to export.\n" "Nothing to export.\n"
633 "Incomplete name.\n" "Incomplete name.\n"
634 "Invalid version option.\n" "Invalid version option.\n"
635 "No more members.\n" "No more members.\n"
636 "Not all objects unexported.\n" "Not all objects unexported.\n"
637 "Interface not found.\n" "Interface not found.\n"
638 "Entry already exists.\n" "Entry already exists.\n"
639 "Entry not found.\n" "Entry not found.\n"
640 "Name service unavailable.\n" "Name service unavailable.\n"
641 "Invalid network address family.\n" "Invalid network address family.\n"
642 "Operation not supported.\n" "Operation not supported.\n"
643 "No security context available.\n" "No security context available.\n"
644 "RPCInternal error.\n" "RPCInternal error.\n"
645 "RPC divide-by-zero.\n" "RPC divide-by-zero.\n"
646 "Address error.\n" "Address error.\n"
647 "Floating-point divide-by-zero.\n" "Floating-point divide-by-zero.\n"
648 "Floating-point underflow.\n" "Floating-point underflow.\n"
649 "Floating-point overflow.\n" "Floating-point overflow.\n"
650 "No more entries.\n" "No more entries.\n"
651 "Character translation table open failed.\n" "Character translation table open failed.\n"
652 "Character translation table file too small.\n" "Character translation table file too small.\n"
653 "Null context handle.\n" "Null context handle.\n"
654 "Context handle damaged.\n" "Context handle damaged.\n"
655 "Binding handle mismatch.\n" "Binding handle mismatch.\n"
656 "Cannot get call handle.\n" "Cannot get call handle.\n"
657 "Null reference pointer.\n" "Null reference pointer.\n"
658 "Enumeration value out of range.\n" "Enumeration value out of range.\n"
659 "Byte count too small.\n" "Byte count too small.\n"
660 "Bad stub data.\n" "Bad stub data.\n"
661 "Invalid user buffer.\n" "Invalid user buffer.\n"
662 "Unrecognised media.\n" "Unrecognized media.\n"
663 "No trust secret.\n" "No trust secret.\n"
664 "No trust SAM account.\n" "No trust SAM account.\n"
665 "Trusted domain failure.\n" "Trusted domain failure.\n"
666 "Trusted relationship failure.\n" "Trusted relationship failure.\n"
667 "Trust logon failure.\n" "Trust logon failure.\n"
668 "RPC call already in progress.\n" "RPC call already in progress.\n"
669 "NETLOGON is not started.\n" "NETLOGON is not started.\n"
670 "Account expired.\n" "Account expired.\n"
671 "Redirector has open handles.\n" "Redirector has open handles.\n"
672 "Printer driver already installed.\n" "Printer driver already installed.\n"
673 "Unknown port.\n" "Unknown port.\n"
674 "Unknown printer driver.\n" "Unknown printer driver.\n"
675 "Unknown print processor.\n" "Unknown print processor.\n"
676 "Invalid separator file.\n" "Invalid separator file.\n"
677 "Invalid priority.\n" "Invalid priority.\n"
678 "Invalid printer name.\n" "Invalid printer name.\n"
679 "Printer already exists.\n" "Printer already exists.\n"
680 "Invalid printer command.\n" "Invalid printer command.\n"
681 "Invalid data type.\n" "Invalid data type.\n"
682 "Invalid environment.\n" "Invalid environment.\n"
683 "No more bindings.\n" "No more bindings.\n"
684 "Can't log on with inter-domain trust account.\n" "Can't log on with inter-domain trust account.\n"
685 "Can't log on with workstation trust account.\n" "Can't log on with workstation trust account.\n"
686 "Can't log on with server trust account.\n" "Can't log on with server trust account.\n"
687 "Domain trust information inconsistent.\n" "Domain trust information inconsistent.\n"
688 "Server has open handles.\n" "Server has open handles.\n"
689 "Resource data not found.\n" "Resource data not found.\n"
690 "Resource type not found.\n" "Resource type not found.\n"
691 "Resource name not found.\n" "Resource name not found.\n"
692 "Resource language not found.\n" "Resource language not found.\n"
693 "Not enough quota.\n" "Not enough quota.\n"
694 "No interfaces.\n" "No interfaces.\n"
695 "RPC call cancelled.\n" "RPC call canceled.\n"
696 "Binding incomplete.\n" "Binding incomplete.\n"
697 "RPC comm failure.\n" "RPC comm failure.\n"
698 "Unsupported authorisation level.\n" "Unsupported authorization level.\n"
699 "No principal name registered.\n" "No principal name registered.\n"
700 "Not an RPC error.\n" "Not an RPC error.\n"
701 "UUID is local only.\n" "UUID is local only.\n"
702 "Security package error.\n" "Security package error.\n"
703 "Thread not cancelled.\n" "Thread not canceled.\n"
704 "Invalid handle operation.\n" "Invalid handle operation.\n"
705 "Wrong serialising package version.\n" "Wrong serializing package version.\n"
706 "Wrong stub version.\n" "Wrong stub version.\n"
707 "Invalid pipe object.\n" "Invalid pipe object.\n"
708 "Wrong pipe order.\n" "Wrong pipe order.\n"
709 "Wrong pipe version.\n" "Wrong pipe version.\n"
710 "Group member not found.\n" "Group member not found.\n"
711 "Can't create endpoint mapper DB.\n" "Can't create endpoint mapper DB.\n"
712 "Invalid object.\n" "Invalid object.\n"
713 "Invalid time.\n" "Invalid time.\n"
714 "Invalid form name.\n" "Invalid form name.\n"
715 "Invalid form size.\n" "Invalid form size.\n"
716 "Already awaiting printer handle.\n" "Already awaiting printer handle.\n"
717 "Printer deleted.\n" "Printer deleted.\n"
718 "Invalid printer state.\n" "Invalid printer state.\n"
719 "User must change password.\n" "User must change password.\n"
720 "Domain controller not found.\n" "Domain controller not found.\n"
721 "Account locked out.\n" "Account locked out.\n"
722 "Invalid pixel format.\n" "Invalid pixel format.\n"
723 "Invalid driver.\n" "Invalid driver.\n"
724 "Invalid object resolver set.\n" "Invalid object resolver set.\n"
725 "Incomplete RPC send.\n" "Incomplete RPC send.\n"
726 "Invalid asynchronous RPC handle.\n" "Invalid asynchronous RPC handle.\n"
727 "Invalid asynchronous RPC call.\n" "Invalid asynchronous RPC call.\n"
728 "RPC pipe closed.\n" "RPC pipe closed.\n"
729 "Discipline error on RPC pipe.\n" "Discipline error on RPC pipe.\n"
730 "No data on RPC pipe.\n" "No data on RPC pipe.\n"
731 "No site name available.\n" "No site name available.\n"
732 "The file cannot be accessed.\n" "The file cannot be accessed.\n"
733 "The filename cannot be resolved.\n" "The filename cannot be resolved.\n"
734 "RPC entry type mismatch.\n" "RPC entry type mismatch.\n"
735 "Not all objects could be exported.\n" "Not all objects could be exported.\n"
736 "The interface could not be exported.\n" "The interface could not be exported.\n"
737 "The profile could not be added.\n" "The profile could not be added.\n"
738 "The profile element could not be added.\n" "The profile element could not be added.\n"
739 "The profile element could not be removed.\n" "The profile element could not be removed.\n"
740 "The group element could not be added.\n" "The group element could not be added.\n"
741 "The group element could not be removed.\n" "The group element could not be removed.\n"
742 "The username could not be found.\n" "The username could not be found.\n"
743 "This network connection does not exist.\n" "This network connection does not exist.\n"
744 "Connection reset by peer.\n" "Connection reset by peer.\n"
745 "Connection refused.\n" "Connection refused.\n"
746 "Not implemented.\n" "Not implemented.\n"
747 "Call failed.\n" "Call failed.\n"
748 "No Signature found in file.\n" "No Signature found in file.\n"
749 "Invalid call.\n" "Invalid call.\n"
750 "Resource is not currently available.\n" "Resource is not currently available.\n"