Dump of STRINGTABLE #67 (strings 1056..1071)

STRINGTABLE #67 (strings 1056..1071)
id English (Neutral) English (United States)
1056 "Please select a file." "Please select a file."
1057 "The file format is not recognised. Please select another file." "The file format is not recognized. Please select another file."
1058 "Could not open " "Could not open "
1059 "Determined by the program" "Determined by the program"
1060 "Please select a store" "Please select a store"
1061 "Certificate Store Selected" "Certificate Store Selected"
1062 "Automatically determined by the program" "Automatically determined by the program"
1063 "File" "File"
1064 "Content" "Content"
1065 "Certificate" "Certificate"
1066 "Certificate Revocation List" "Certificate Revocation List"
1067 "Certificate Trust List" "Certificate Trust List"
1068 "CMS/PKCS #7 Message" "CMS/PKCS #7 Message"
1069 "Personal Information Exchange" "Personal Information Exchange"
1070 "Certificate Store" "Certificate Store"
1071 "The import was successful." "The import was successful."