Dump of STRINGTABLE #77 (strings 1216..1231)

STRINGTABLE #77 (strings 1216..1231)
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id English (Neutral) English (United States)
1216 "None" "None"
1217 empty empty
1218 "Information Not Available" "Information Not Available"
1219 "Authority Info Access" "Authority Info Access"
1220 "Access Method=" "Access Method="
1221 "OCSP" "OCSP"
1222 "CA Issuers" "CA Issuers"
1223 "Unknown Access Method" "Unknown Access Method"
1224 "Alternative Name" "Alternative Name"
1225 "CRL Distribution Point" "CRL Distribution Point"
1226 "Distribution Point Name" "Distribution Point Name"
1227 "Full Name" "Full Name"
1228 "RDN Name" "RDN Name"
1229 "CRL Reason=" "CRL Reason="
1230 "CRL Issuer" "CRL Issuer"
1231 "Key Compromise" "Key Compromise"