Dump of STRINGTABLE #67 (strings 1056..1071)

STRINGTABLE #67 (strings 1056..1071)
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id English (Neutral) English (United States)
1056 "Serial Number" "Serial Number"
1057 "CA Version" "CA Version"
1058 "Cross CA Version" "Cross CA Version"
1059 "Serialised Signature Serial Number" "Serialized Signature Serial Number"
1060 "Principal Name" "Principal Name"
1061 "Windows Product Update" "Windows Product Update"
1062 "Enrolment Name Value Pair" "Enrollment Name Value Pair"
1063 "OS Version" "OS Version"
1064 "Enrolment CSP" "Enrollment CSP"
1065 "CRL Number" "CRL Number"
1066 "Delta CRL Indicator" "Delta CRL Indicator"
1067 "Issuing Distribution Point" "Issuing Distribution Point"
1068 "Freshest CRL" "Freshest CRL"
1069 "Name Constraints" "Name Constraints"
1070 "Policy Mappings" "Policy Mappings"
1071 "Policy Constraints" "Policy Constraints"