Dump of STRINGTABLE #65 (strings 1024..1039)

STRINGTABLE #65 (strings 1024..1039)
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id English (Neutral) English (United States)
1024 "S/MIME Capabilities" "S/MIME Capabilities"
1025 "Prefer Signed Data" "Prefer Signed Data"
1026 "CPS" "CPS"
1027 "User Notice" "User Notice"
1028 "On-line Certificate Status Protocol" "On-line Certificate Status Protocol"
1029 "Certification Authority Issuer" "Certification Authority Issuer"
1030 "Certification Template Name" "Certification Template Name"
1031 "Certificate Type" "Certificate Type"
1032 "Certificate Manifold" "Certificate Manifold"
1033 "Netscape Cert Type" "Netscape Cert Type"
1034 "Netscape Base URL" "Netscape Base URL"
1035 "Netscape Revocation URL" "Netscape Revocation URL"
1036 "Netscape CA Revocation URL" "Netscape CA Revocation URL"
1037 "Netscape Cert Renewal URL" "Netscape Cert Renewal URL"
1038 "Netscape CA Policy URL" "Netscape CA Policy URL"
1039 "Netscape SSL ServerName" "Netscape SSL ServerName"