Dump of STRINGTABLE #64 (strings 1008..1023)

STRINGTABLE #64 (strings 1008..1023)
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id English (Neutral) English (United States)
1008 "Subject Key Identifier" "Subject Key Identifier"
1009 "CRL Reason Code" "CRL Reason Code"
1010 "CRL Distribution Points" "CRL Distribution Points"
1011 "Enhanced Key Usage" "Enhanced Key Usage"
1012 "Authority Information Access" "Authority Information Access"
1013 "Certificate Extensions" "Certificate Extensions"
1014 "Next Update Location" "Next Update Location"
1015 "Yes or No Trust" "Yes or No Trust"
1016 "Email Address" "Email Address"
1017 "Unstructured Name" "Unstructured Name"
1018 "Content Type" "Content Type"
1019 "Message Digest" "Message Digest"
1020 "Signing Time" "Signing Time"
1021 "Counter Sign" "Counter Sign"
1022 "Challenge Password" "Challenge Password"
1023 "Unstructured Address" "Unstructured Address"