Dump of STRINGTABLE #70 (strings 1104..1119)

STRINGTABLE #70 (strings 1104..1119)
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id German (Neutral) English (United States)
1104 "Bekomme CRL" "Get CRL"
1105 "Anfrage ablehnen" "Revoke Request"
1106 "Wartende Abfrage" "Query Pending"
1107 "Zertifikatsvertrauensliste" "Certificate Trust List"
1108 "Archivierter Schlüsselzertifikatshash" "Archived Key Certificate Hash"
1109 "Private Schlüsselbenutzungsdauer" "Private Key Usage Period"
1110 "Client-Informationen" "Client Information"
1111 "Server-Authentifizierung" "Server Authentication"
1112 "Client-Authentifizierung" "Client Authentication"
1113 "Codesignatur" "Code Signing"
1114 "Sichere E-Mail" "Secure Email"
1115 "Zeitstempel" "Time Stamping"
1116 "Microsoft Vertrauenslistensignatur" "Microsoft Trust List Signing"
1117 "Microsoft Zeitstempel" "Microsoft Time Stamping"
1118 "IP-Sicherheitsendsystem" "IP security end system"
1119 "IP-Sicherheitstunnelabschluss" "IP security tunnel termination"