Dump of STRINGTABLE #6 (strings 80..95)

STRINGTABLE #6 (strings 80..95)
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id Chinese (PRC) English (United States)
80 "其它" "Other"
81 "服务器不可用" "Server Down"
82 "本地错误" "Local Error"
83 "编码错误" "Encoding Error"
84 "解码错误" "Decoding Error"
85 "超时" "Timeout"
86 "未知认证" "Auth Unknown"
87 "筛选器错误" "Filter Error"
88 "用户已取消" "User Canceled"
89 "参数错误" "Parameter Error"
90 "内存不足" "No Memory"
91 "无法连接到 LDAP 服务器" "Can't connect to the LDAP server"
92 "该版本的 LDAP 协议不支持该操作" "Operation not supported by this version of the LDAP protocol"
93 "消息中找不到指定的控制" "Specified control was not found in message"
94 "消息中无结果" "No result present in message"
95 "返回了更多结果" "More results returned"