Dump of STRINGTABLE #81 (strings 1280..1295)

STRINGTABLE #81 (strings 1280..1295)
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id Chinese (PRC) English (United States)
1280 "局域网连接" "LAN Connection"
1281 "证书由未知或不受信任的发行商颁发。" "The certificate is issued by an unknown or untrusted publisher."
1282 "证书上的日期无效。" "The date on the certificate is invalid."
1283 "证书上的名称与站点不匹配。" "The name on the certificate does not match the site."
1284 "证书至少带有一个不明安全问题。" "There is at least one unspecified security problem with this certificate."
1285 "主题" "Subject"
1286 "颁发者" "Issuer"
1287 "生效日期" "Effective Date"
1288 "截止日期" "Expiration Date"
1289 "安全协议" "Security Protocol"
1290 "签名类型" "Signature Type"
1291 "加密类型" "Encryption Type"
1292 "隐私级别" "Privacy Strength"
1293 "高" "High"
1294 "低" "Low"
1295 "bits" "bits"