Dump of STRINGTABLE #315 (strings 5024..5039)

STRINGTABLE #315 (strings 5024..5039)
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id Chinese (PRC) English (United States)
5024 "待编码的 URI 包含无效字符" "URI to be encoded contains invalid characters"
5025 "待解码的 URI 不正确" "URI to be decoded is incorrect"
5026 "分数位数的数字超出范围" "Number of fraction digits is out of range"
5027 "精度超出范围" "Precision is out of range"
5028 empty empty
5029 "数组的长度必须为一个有限正整数" "Array length must be a finite positive integer"
5030 empty empty
5031 "期望得到 Array 对象" "Array object expected"
5032 empty empty
5033 empty empty
5034 empty empty
5035 empty empty
5036 "无法在此对象上更改属性描述符中的“writable”属性为“true”" "'writable' attribute on the property descriptor cannot be set to 'true' on this object"
5037 empty empty
5038 empty empty
5039 empty empty