Dump of STRINGTABLE #2051 (strings 32800..32815)

STRINGTABLE #2051 (strings 32800..32815)
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32800 "通知關閉選擇的工作" "Tells the selected tasks to close"
32801 "將視窗焦點轉到選擇的工作" "Switches the focus to the process of the selected task"
32802 "取消工作管理員隱藏狀態" "Restores the Task Manager from its hidden state"
32803 empty empty
32804 empty empty
32805 "將行程從系統中移除" "Removes the process from the system"
32806 "將行程及其附屬行程從系統中移除" "Removes this process and all descendants from the system"
32807 "將除錯器接到本行程" "Attaches the debugger to this process"
32808 "控制各行程使用那個處理器" "Controls which processors the process will be allowed to run on"
32809 "將行程設為即時優先等級" "Sets process to the REALTIME priority class"
32810 "將行程設為高優先級" "Sets process to the HIGH priority class"
32811 "將行程設為中等以上優先級" "Sets process to the ABOVE NORMAL priority class"
32812 "將行程設為中等優先級" "Sets process to the NORMAL priority class"
32813 "將行程設為中等以下優先級" "Sets process to the BELOW NORMAL priority class"
32814 "將行程設為低優先級" "Sets process to the LOW priority class"
32815 "控制項除錯頻道" "Controls Debug Channels"