Dump of STRINGTABLE #2 (strings 16..31)

STRINGTABLE #2 (strings 16..31)
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16 "MD <名稱> 是 MKDIR 的縮寫版本。它會建立子目錄。\n"
17 "MKDIR <名稱> 建立子目錄。\n"
18 "MOVE relocates a file or directory to a new point within the file system.\n
If the item being moved is a directory then all the files and\n
subdirectories below the item are moved as well.\n
MOVE fails if the old and new locations are on different DOS drive letters.\n"
19 "PATH displays or changes the cmd search path.\n
Entering PATH will display the current PATH setting (initially taken from\n
the registry). To change the setting follow the PATH command with the new\n
It is also possible to modify the PATH by using the PATH environment\n
variable, for example:\n
PATH %PATH%;c:\temp\n"
20 "PAUSE displays a message on the screen asking the user to press a key.\n
It is mainly useful in batch files to allow the user to read the output of\n
a previous command before it scrolls off the screen.\n"
21 "PROMPT sets the command-line prompt.\n
The string following the PROMPT command (and the space immediately after)\n
appears at the beginning of the line when cmd is waiting for input.\n
The following character strings have the special meaning shown:\n
$$ Dollar sign $_ Linefeed $b Pipe sign (|)\n
$d Current date $e Escape $g > sign\n
$l < sign $n Current drive $p Current path\n
$q Equal sign $t Current time $v cmd version\n
Note that entering the PROMPT command without a prompt-string resets the\n
prompt to the default, which is the current directory (which includes the\n
current drive letter) followed by a greater-than (>) sign.\n
(like a command PROMPT $p$g).\n
The prompt can also be changed by altering the PROMPT environment variable,\n
so the command 'SET PROMPT=text' has the same effect as 'PROMPT text'.\n"
22 "A command line beginning with REM (followed by a space) performs no action,\n
and can therefore be used as a comment in a batch file.\n"
23 "REN <檔名> 是 RENAME 的簡短版本。它會重新命名檔案。\n"
24 "RENAME <檔名> 重新命名檔案。\n"
25 "RD <directory> is the short version of RMDIR. It deletes a directory.\n"
26 "RMDIR <directory> deletes a directory.\n"
27 "SET displays or changes the cmd environment variables.\n
SET without parameters shows all of the current environment.\n
To create or modify an environment variable the syntax is:\n
SET <variable>=<value>\n
where <variable> and <value> are character strings. There must be no space\n
before the equals sign, nor can the variable name have embedded spaces.\n
Under Wine, the environment of the underlying operating system is included\n
into the Win32 environment, there will generally therefore be many more\n
values than in a native Win32 implementation. Note that it is not possible\n
to affect the operating system environment from within cmd.\n"
28 "SHIFT is used in a batch file to remove one parameter from the head of the\n
list, so parameter 2 becomes parameter 1 and so on. It has no effect if\n
called from the command line.\n"
29 "Start a program, or open a document in the program normally used for files\n
with that suffix.\n
start [options] program_filename [...]\n
start [options] document_filename\n
"title" Specifies the title of the child windows.\n
/d directory Start the program in the specified directory.\n
/b Don't create a new console for the program.\n
/i Start the program with fresh environment variables.\n
/min Start the program minimized.\n
/max Start the program maximized.\n
/low Start the program in the idle priority class.\n
/normal Start the program in the normal priority class.\n
/high Start the program in the high priority class.\n
/realtime Start the program in the realtime priority class.\n
/abovenormal Start the program in the abovenormal priority class.\n
/belownormal Start the program in the belownormal priority class.\n
/node n Start the program on the specified NUMA node.\n
/affinity mask Start the program with the specified affinity mask.\n
/wait Wait for the started program to finish, then exit with its\n
exit code.\n
/unix Use a Unix filename and start the file like Windows\n
/ProgIDOpen Open a document using the specified progID.\n
/? Display this help and exit.\n"
30 "TIME 設定或顯示目前的系統時間。\n"
31 "TITLE <字串> 設定 cmd 視窗的視窗標題。\n"