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STRINGTABLE #1 (strings 0..15)
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0 "CALL <batchfilename> is used within a batch file to execute commands from\n
another batch file. When the batch file exits, control returns to the file\n
which called it. The CALL command may supply parameters to the called\n
Changes to default directory, environment variables etc made within a\n
called procedure are inherited by the caller.\n"
1 "CD <directory> is the short version of CHDIR. It changes the current\n
default directory.\n"
2 "CHDIR <directory> changes the current default directory.\n"
3 "CLS 清空主控臺螢幕。\n"
4 "COPY <檔名> 複製檔案。\n"
5 "CTTY 變更輸入/輸出裝置。\n"
6 "DATE 顯示或變更系統日期。\n"
7 "DEL <檔名> 刪除檔案或一組檔案。\n"
8 "DIR 列出目錄的內容。\n"
9 "ECHO <string> displays <string> on the current terminal device.\n
ECHO ON causes all subsequent commands in a batch file to be displayed on\n
the terminal device before they are executed.\n
ECHO OFF reverses the effect of a previous ECHO ON (ECHO is OFF by\n
default). The ECHO OFF command can be prevented from displaying by\n
preceding it with an @ sign.\n"
10 "ERASE <檔名> 刪除一個檔案或一組檔案。\n"
11 "The FOR command is used to execute a command for each of a set of files.\n
Usage: FOR %variable IN (set) DO command\n
The % sign must be doubled when using FOR in a batch file.\n"
12 "The GOTO command transfers execution to another statement within a batch\n
The label which is the target of a GOTO may be up to 255 characters long\n
but may not include spaces (this is different from other operating\n
systems). If two or more identical labels exist in a batch file the first\n
one will always be executed. Attempting to GOTO a nonexistent label\n
terminates the batch file execution.\n
GOTO has no effect when used interactively.\n"
13 "HELP <命令> 顯示關於某一主題的簡明細節。\n
HELP 不加引數時將顯示 CMD 所有的內建命令。\n"
14 "IF 用於有條件地執行命令。\n
語法:IF [NOT] EXIST 檔名 命令\n
IF [NOT] 字串一==字串二 命令\n
15 "LABEL 用於設定磁碟卷冊標貼。\n
語法:LABEL [裝置代號:]\n
您可以利用 VOL 命令來顯示磁碟卷冊標貼。\n"