Dump of STRINGTABLE #77 (strings 1216..1231)

STRINGTABLE #77 (strings 1216..1231)
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id Chinese (Taiwan) English (United States)
1216 "是" "Yes"
1217 "否" "No"
1218 "已成功匯出。" "The export was successful."
1219 "匯出失敗。" "The export failed."
1220 "匯出私鑰" "Export Private Key"
1221 "含有私鑰的憑證可以隨附於憑證匯出。" "The certificate contains a private key which may be exported along with the certificate."
1222 "輸入密碼" "Enter Password"
1223 "您可以以密碼保護私鑰。" "You may password-protect a private key."
1224 "密碼不匹配。" "The passwords do not match."
1225 "註記:用於這個憑證的私鑰無法開啟。" "Note: The private key for this certificate could not be opened."
1226 "註記:用於這個憑證的私鑰不可匯出。" "Note: The private key for this certificate is not exportable."
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