Dump of STRINGTABLE #76 (strings 1200..1215)

STRINGTABLE #76 (strings 1200..1215)
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id Chinese (Taiwan) English (United States)
1200 "憑證匯出精靈" "Certificate Export Wizard"
1201 "匯出格式" "Export Format"
1202 "選擇將用來儲存內容的格式。" "Choose the format in which the content will be saved."
1203 "匯出檔名" "Export Filename"
1204 "指定將會儲存內容的檔案名稱。" "Specify the name of the file in which the content will be saved."
1205 "檔案已經存在。您要取代嗎?" "The specified file already exists. Do you want to replace it?"
1206 "DER 編碼二進位 X.509 (*.cer)" "DER-Encoded Binary X.509 (*.cer)"
1207 "Base64 編碼 X.509 (*.cer)" "Base64-Encoded X.509 (*.cer)"
1208 "憑證撤銷清單 (*.crl)" "Certificate Revocation List (*.crl)"
1209 "憑證信賴清單 (*.stl)" "Certificate Trust List (*.stl)"
1210 "CMS/PKCS #7 訊息 (*.p7b)" "CMS/PKCS #7 Messages (*.p7b)"
1211 "個人資訊交換 (*.pfx)" "Personal Information Exchange (*.pfx)"
1212 "Microsoft 序列化憑證儲存處 (*.sst)" "Microsoft Serialized Certificate Store (*.sst)"
1213 "檔案格式" "File Format"
1214 "包含所有在憑證路徑中的憑證" "Include all certificates in certificate path"
1215 "匯出密鑰" "Export keys"