Dump of STRINGTABLE #189 (strings 3008..3023)

STRINGTABLE #189 (strings 3008..3023)
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3008 "regedit: Unhandled action.\n"
3009 "regedit: Out of memory! (%1!S!, line %2!u!)\n"
3010 "regedit: Invalid hexadecimal value.\n"
3011 "regedit: Unable to convert hexadecimal data. An invalid value was encountered at '%1'.\n"
3012 "regedit: Unrecognized escape sequence [\%1!c!]\n"
3013 "regedit: Unsupported registry data type [0x%1!x!]\n"
3014 "regedit: Unexpected end of line in '%1'.\n"
3015 "regedit: The line '%1' was not recognized.\n"
3016 "regedit: Unable to add the registry value '%1' to '%2'.\n"
3017 "regedit: Unable to open the registry key '%1'.\n"
3018 "regedit: Unsupported registry data type [0x%1!x!] encountered in '%2'.\n"
3019 "regedit: The registry value '%1' will be exported as binary data.\n"
3020 "regedit: Invalid system key [%1]\n"
3021 "regedit: Unable to export '%1'. The specified registry key was not found.\n"
3022 "regedit: Unable to delete the registry key '%1'.\n"
3023 "نوع غير معروف"