Dump of STRINGTABLE #63 (strings 992..1007)

STRINGTABLE #63 (strings 992..1007)
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1000 "CMD built-in commands are:\n
ASSOC\t\tShow or modify file extension associations\n
ATTRIB\t\tShow or change DOS file attributes\n
CALL\t\tInvoke a batch file from inside another\n
CD (CHDIR)\tChange current default directory\n
CHOICE\t\tWait for an keypress from a selectable list\n
CLS\t\tClear the console screen\n
COPY\t\tCopy file\n
CTTY\t\tChange input/output device\n
DATE\t\tShow or change the system date\n
DEL (ERASE)\tDelete a file or set of files\n
DIR\t\tList the contents of a directory\n
ECHO\t\tCopy text directly to the console output\n
ENDLOCAL\tEnd localization of environment changes in a batch file\n
FTYPE\t\tShow or modify open commands associated with file types\n
HELP\t\tShow brief help details on a topic\n
MD (MKDIR)\tCreate a subdirectory\n
MKLINK\tCreate a symbolic link\n
MORE\t\tDisplay output in pages\n
MOVE\t\tMove a file, set of files or directory tree\n
PATH\t\tSet or show the search path\n
PAUSE\t\tSuspend execution of a batch file\n
POPD\t\tRestore the directory to the last one saved with PUSHD\n
PROMPT\t\tChange the command prompt\n
PUSHD\t\tChange to a new directory, saving the current one\n
REN (RENAME)\tRename a file\n
RD (RMDIR)\tDelete a subdirectory\n
SET\t\tSet or show environment variables\n
SETLOCAL\tStart localization of environment changes in a batch file\n
START\t\tStart a program, or open a document in the associated program\n
TIME\t\tSet or show the current system time\n
TITLE\t\tSet the window title for the CMD session\n
TYPE\t\tType the contents of a text file\n
VER\t\tShow the current version of CMD\n
VOL\t\tShow the volume label of a disk device\n
XCOPY\t\tCopy source files or directory trees to a destination\n
EXIT\t\tClose down CMD\n
Enter HELP <command> for further information on any of the above commands.\n"
1001 "هل أنت متاكد ؟"
1002 "Y"
1003 "N"
1004 "File association missing for extension %1\n"
1005 "لا يوجد أمر مفتوح مقترن بنوع الملفات '%1'\n"
1006 "الكتابة فوق %1 ؟"
1007 "أكثر..."