Forwards: 1

Variables: 0

Stubs: 40

Functions: 55

Exports-Total: 96

Implemented-Total: 56 (58%)

Documented-Total: 0 (0%)


The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

André Hentschel, Hans Leidekker (for CodeWeavers)

Note: This list may not be complete. For a complete listing, see the git commit logs and the File "AUTHORS" in the Wine source tree.


bpf_dump (stub)

bpf_filter (stub)

bpf_image (stub)

bpf_validate (stub)

endservent (stub)

eproto_db (stub)

getservent (stub)

install_bpf_program (stub)

pcap_activate (not documented)

pcap_breakloop (not documented)

pcap_can_set_rfmon (not documented)

pcap_close (not documented)

pcap_compile (not documented)

pcap_compile_nopcap (stub)

pcap_create (not documented)

pcap_createsrcstr (stub)

pcap_datalink (not documented)

pcap_datalink_name_to_val (not documented)

pcap_datalink_val_to_description (not documented)

pcap_datalink_val_to_name (not documented)

pcap_dispatch (not documented)

pcap_dump (not documented)

pcap_dump_close (stub)

pcap_dump_file (stub)

pcap_dump_flush (stub)

pcap_dump_ftell (stub)

pcap_dump_open (not documented)

pcap_file (stub)

pcap_fileno (stub)

pcap_findalldevs (not documented)

pcap_findalldevs_ex (not documented)

pcap_free_datalinks (not documented)

pcap_free_tstamp_types (not documented)

pcap_freealldevs (not documented)

pcap_freecode (not documented)

pcap_get_airpcap_handle (not documented)

pcap_get_tstamp_precision (not documented)

pcap_geterr (not documented)

pcap_getevent (stub)

pcap_getnonblock (not documented)

pcap_is_swapped (stub)

pcap_lib_version (not documented)

pcap_list_datalinks (not documented)

pcap_list_tstamp_types (not documented)

pcap_live_dump (stub)

pcap_live_dump_ended (stub)

pcap_lookupdev (not documented)

pcap_lookupnet (not documented)

pcap_loop (not documented)

pcap_major_version (not documented)

pcap_minor_version (not documented)

pcap_next (not documented)

pcap_next_etherent (stub)

pcap_next_ex (not documented)

pcap_offline_filter (stub)

pcap_offline_read (stub)

pcap_open (not documented)

pcap_open_dead (stub)

pcap_open_live (not documented)

pcap_open_offline (stub)

pcap_parsesrcstr (not documented)

pcap_perror (stub)

pcap_read (stub)

pcap_remoteact_accept (stub)

pcap_remoteact_cleanup (stub)

pcap_remoteact_close (stub)

pcap_remoteact_list (stub)

pcap_sendpacket (not documented)

pcap_sendqueue_alloc (stub)

pcap_sendqueue_destroy (stub)

pcap_sendqueue_queue (stub)

pcap_sendqueue_transmit (stub)

pcap_set_buffer_size (not documented)

pcap_set_datalink (not documented)

pcap_set_promisc (not documented)

pcap_set_rfmon (not documented)

pcap_set_snaplen (not documented)

pcap_set_timeout (not documented)

pcap_set_tstamp_precision (not documented)

pcap_set_tstamp_type (not documented)

pcap_setbuff (not documented)

pcap_setfilter (not documented)

pcap_setmintocopy (stub)

pcap_setmode (stub)

pcap_setnonblock (not documented)

pcap_setsampling (stub)

pcap_setuserbuffer (stub)

pcap_snapshot (not documented)

pcap_stats (not documented)

pcap_stats_ex (stub)

pcap_statustostr (not documented)

pcap_strerror (forward to strerror in msvcrt)

pcap_tstamp_type_name_to_val (not documented)

pcap_tstamp_type_val_to_description (not documented)

pcap_tstamp_type_val_to_name (not documented)

wsockinit (not documented)

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