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The following people hold copyrights on the source files comprising this dll:

Albrecht Kleine, Alex Korobka, Alex Woods, Alexandre Julliard, Andrew Eikum (for CodeWeavers), Bob Amstadt, David Faure, David Metcalfe, Josh DuBois (for CodeWeavers Inc), Ken Thomases (for CodeWeavers Inc), Lionel Ulmer, Matteo Bruni, Morten Welinder, Ove Kåven, Raphael Junqueira, Roderick Colenbrander, Tomas Carnecky, Ulrich Weigand

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wine_get_gdi_driver (not documented)

GetKeyNameText (not documented)

MapVirtualKeyEx (not documented)

VkKeyScanEx (not documented)

SetCursor (not documented)

ChangeDisplaySettingsEx (not documented)

EnumDisplayMonitors (not documented)

EnumDisplaySettingsEx (not documented)

GetMonitorInfo (not documented)

CreateWindow (not documented)

DestroyWindow (not documented)

MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx (not documented)

SetCapture (not documented)

SetLayeredWindowAttributes (not documented)

SetParent (not documented)

SetWindowRgn (not documented)

SetWindowStyle (not documented)

ShowWindow (not documented)

UpdateLayeredWindow (not documented)

WindowMessage (not documented)

WindowPosChanging (not documented)

WindowPosChanged (not documented)

wine_create_desktop (not documented)

GetPriority (not documented)

GetEndpointIDs (not documented)

GetAudioEndpoint (not documented)

GetAudioSessionManager (not documented)

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